The Mission Order

The Mission Order

By Augusto A. Kho

for Bureau of Jail, Penology & Management (BJMP)

Balungao, Pangasinan; May 21, 2019 (Tue); 9:06 a.m.

Rewritten: Rosales; May 26, 2019 (Sunday); 3:52pm


Sometime ago, the Lord said to me, “Go!” And I did not go.


ORMOC TRAGEDY. Debris, from the forest carried by the flash flood, is piled-up on houses, November 9, 1991, in Ormoc City. Powerful typhoon Thelma caused a nearby dam to burst sending floodwaters rampaging here when it struck central Philippines, November 5, 1991. Photo by Jose Duran/AFP


Within the next three days after Ormoc flashflood hits Ormoc City on November 9, 1991, the Lord said to me, “GO! “ And yet I didn’t go!


My disobedience and later my disobedience drastically changed my whole life since then.



On the TV

There were thousands of mutilated bodies were pulled out from the debris and piles of thick mud. The Ormoc Flashflood tragedy killed over 10,000 people in just few minutes. That is how the nature’s wrath can do to a mankind when men who are supposed to be the vanguard of God’s creation fails to do his job.


I found myself crying on the floor of our living room – interceding, repenting for the sins of our nation when suddenly I heard the Lord saying, “”Go !” And I didn’t go.




Go to the mayor

Go to the mayor!” That was the clear, direct command from God. And he was referring then to our mayor, Remigio Yu. Yu was the longest sitting mayor in the whole Philippines, even longer when President Marcos ruled as a president to this nation.



A warning

Go to the mayor,” with this direct command or order, a warning followed, He said, “Otherwise, I will send you a flashflood in Rosales like in Ormoc.” When I heard that, the more I cringed in prayer with my face literally touching the floor. And God was deadly serious.



Ormoc tragedy, a plague?

Scientists called the Ormoc tragedy, an “act of nature” due to degradation of environment. Other calls it an “act of God.”


Whether it is an act of nature or as an act of God, it is therefore immaterial because anything that happens in our surrounding is ordained by God.


El Nino or drought, whatever we call them is an act of God. It is called “plague” in Revelation 11:16, 22:18 which is derived in Greek word, “plege” (pronounced “play-gay”) meaning, “a blow, a stripe, a wound, a public calamity.


When men don’t listen to God in the likes of Pharaoh, our Lord Almighty with send His acts of nature.


God seriously dealt with Pharaoh not with chariots or horses but the wrath of nature, the Ten Plagues. So, it is today in various forms of natural calamities.


The Bible regards plague as “divine judgment” which is derived from the Hebrew word “maggephah” other than other definitions such as “blow, slaughter, pestilence, fatal stroke, defeat” according to Exodus 9:14. It is God’s final offensive strike to people and the government when His words are blatantly violated like in truth, justice and righteousness.


Lady of Sorrows?

In the New Testament time, the word “plague” or “calamity” is interpreted in English word, “sorrow” which means “birth pangs” or “intolerable anguish, in reference of the dire calamities pre cede the Advent of Christ.” “Sorrow” in Greek “odin” is a signs or mark of the End Times as warned by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 24:8 that says, “All these are the beginning of sorrows.


Other religious affiliation attributes “sorrows” from the “Lady of Sorrows” referring to the female gender when it is in fact should be regarded to a male gender. Jesus Christ is the “Man of Sorrows” as prophesied by Isaiah 53:3 that says, “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows.”


It is the Man of Sorrows who intercedes and not the Lady of Sorrows.


So in the event of national calamity or sorrow, the Man of Sorrows “ intercedes” for our behalf (Romans 8:34).



Mission Order

That was the direct order of God during that time of intercession of mourning to the Ormoc victims.

That was my Mission Order that I strongly objected and failed to do (immediately). And that Mission Order is followed by a warning which is a plague or calamity. Take note of that and mark it.


My defense

We always become defensive when the Lord command us to do something to do “Why, should I go to him? I am a pastor. I am not working with the government,” was my quickly reply to the Lord showing great defiance.


Then God answered back saying, “Änd the government shall be upon His shoulder,” quoting from the Book of Isaiah (9:7).


That very moment, God dawned in me that He commissioned the Church to be responsible to the government. When a government becomes corrupt, then the Church could have failed to fulfill her mandate to minister righteousness in the government.


Government in Hebrew “mamlakah”(man-law-kaw) or “basiliea” in Greek means “kingdom, dominion, reign, sovereignty, dominion, royal, estate, country (realm).” It is derived from the root word, “malak”” meaning “to be or become king or queen; to counsel, to advise, to consider; to ascend to the throne, to induct into royalty, to take counsel,”(Strong).


And that Government refers to the Government of God and all the governments in these realms, seen or unseen. And that government is the Government that soon Jesus Christ will reign and rule. And that is the reason why Christ was born showing His entire generations (Matthew 1:1-17).


Matthew 1:23, “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. “




According to Matthew Hoffman, MD, the shoulder is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body. The shoulder joint is formed where the humerus (upper arm bone) fits into the scapula (shoulder blade), like a ball and socket.

David using a sling shot killed Goliath. David must be
accurate in his hand movements connecting from his shoulder. And the maschiah or Ha'Mashiach (meaning, "The Messiah") to set free Israel from the taunting of Goliath must be put to an end and that rested on the shoulder of responsibility from this young lad, David.

Will you be the messiah in your generation? Or will you be afraid to take the responsibility as many Christian do and merely remain as spectators?

Shoulder in Hebrew “shekem” means “shoulder, back, should-blade, back (in general); it is from the neck (between the shulders) as the place of burden; consent, portion.”


Shekem” is derived from the root word, “shakam” meaning “to rise or start early; make an early start; early (as an adverb); to incline the shoulder to a burden) ; to load up (to a man or a beast)” according to Strong. SINO ANG TAMAD GUMISING NG UMAGA DITO? Then you are not the shoulder because you lack sense of responsibility.


Only few are shoulders who yields themselves to serve and respond to the important and urgent needs of this nation.


Just few would like to be responsible and carry the burden. Unlike Christ as a beast of burden carried the burdens of sins not belonging to His yet Isaiah 53:4, “Surely he has borne our sufferings and carried our sorrows.””


Therefore, shoulder speaks of responsibility. Being a shoulder, a place of burden, a place to cry on is the very character of Christ.



His Name

“”And the government shall be upon his shoulder and His name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace,”(Isaiah 9:6)


Name in Hebrew “shem” is “name, reputation, fame, glory, designation, memorial or monument, mark, character, position.”



Christ as Head

Christ is the head and not the shoulder (1 cor. 11:3; Eph. 4:;15, 23).


The shoulder is part of the member of the Body of Christ which is the CHURCH (1 Cor. 12:12; 12:18-27; Eph. 4:25, 30).


In other words, it is the responsibility of the Church to act as a shoulder and have a burden for the Government, whether it is corrupt or not.


Shoulder speaks of responsibility and when the Church fails to address the government today, the Church fails to do Her Duty to the Husband or King to proclaim His Name and reclaim what is legally His as His dominion (Kingdom) and subjects.



The Mayor

It took me six-troubling months to obey the Lord’s command. Prior in obeying Him, I’ve been struggling within myself which includes fear, low self-esteem, to name a few as the culprit to defy Him. In fact, I find His direct orders kept taunting me during those months that I nearly committed suicide just to evade His WORDS that repeatedly ingrained in my brain.


When I finally gave up and decided to obey Him, I finally went to the mayor one day and the conversation between myself and to the mayor’s bodyguard (who was then an active member of the Philippine National Police or PNP who also serves as a doorman before you can talk to this government official) goes like this:


  • PNP : Who are you, what do you want?

  • Peps : My name is Pamboy (that’s my nickname), a resident here in Rosales. Can I personally talk to the mayor?


The bodyguard-policeman closed the door and he went inside the mayor’s office and then he came back to me and said:


  • PNP : The mayor does not want to see you.

  • Peps: Can you tell to the honorable mayor that my mom’s name is Sionie and he knows her very well.


The bodyguard-policeman closed the door and he went inside the mayor’s office and then he came back to me and said:


The bodyguard-policeman again closed the door and he went inside the mayor’s office and then he came back to me and said:


  • PNP: Sorry, he can’t let you in.

  • Peps: My name Pastor Augusto A. Kho of Christ the Living Stone Fellowship in the heart of the town. It is important that I could talk to him personally.


Again, the bodyguard-policeman closed the door and he went inside the mayor’s office and then he came back to me and said:


  • PNP: He said “NO!”

  • Peps: (I was speechless. Then I turned my back from the door and walked away while saying this: “Lord, I tried but he doesn’t want to talk to me.” but the Lord right there and then suddenly spoke to me and said, “Tell to the Mayor that I did send you to him. And I have something to tell him through you”). So I went back to the bodyguard -policeman and I STRONGLY said, “Tell to the Mayor that God sent me to him. And God wants to tell something to him through me


The bodyguard-policeman immediately left the door opened and went inside the room of the honorable mayor and told him exactly my full instruction. Then he came back to me saying:


  • PNP: You can go straight to the room of the honorable mayor Sir.


And when I got inside the mayor’s room, he stood up and said:


  • Mayor : “What is God’s Word for me?”

  • Peps : “There was a vision that appeared that you were sitting in a big conference table. Then someone from among you stood up and walked behind you and pulled a knife and then he stabbed you from behind.

  • Mayor : How did you know what is happening to my personal and political life?

  • Peps : The Lord told me.




There were many other things that I don’t like to mention in print which I said to this honorable mayor that I earned grace and respect from his eyes. But I also prophesied as God has spoken that he must run again on that following election though on the natural his political career had nosedived already, losing his political machinery and political affiliation. And also he was about to have had a head-on collision to one of District 6 toughest political figure. Though he intended not to run yet because of Word that I spoke to him, he ran again that following election. He won with a landslide victory displacing his toughest political nemesis.


Politician may not want to see you but when you have a direct order from God then that is your Mission Order. When you will not obey Him as He instructed you, beware! You might God nemesis.



Question is

Your fellow inmate testified a while ago that
“Ask and it shall be given” and he encouraged you to pray earnestly for your liberty.


Everyone of you here definitely wanted to go and be reunited with his family. There is nothing wrong asking God in prayer. He wants that as it is written in the Scriptures (Jeremiah 33:3, Matthew 7:7-10), but the question is this:


Have you received His Mission Order that God wants you out on this prison wall? Once you have heard Him giving you a mission order, no jail warden nor even your prosecutors from Court of Justice can veto on such a divine order.


My suggestion is this – listen from Him. Listen to His Mission Order and your life will be supernaturally changed that you can never imagine nor comprehend.


God bless you!





Willing shoulder

Six months later after much war inside of me considered the call or the mission order. I finally became a willing shoulder that all does not want to carry. I am a willing victim, a guinea pig.


I went to the mayor …later on to the policemen … the other corridors of power … governors … congressmen … the colonels and generals … media … Malacanan … Congress … Senate …


Why, it was my Mission Order, a direct order of God, my call.

What about you? What is your call? What is your
”Mission Order.” When God gives you a mission order, you will be released next week, IT SHALL BE DONE!


Ask Him your mission order.




  • The Mission Order:

Go to the mayor … Otherwise I will send you a flashflood in Rosales..”

is associated with warning of a plague.


From that time on, such small obedience ushered me to other ministries to the government not just in Local Government Units (LGU’s) but also in Academe and Department of Education (DECS); Philippine National Police (PNP); Legislative Bodies like in Sangguniang Bayan, Sanguniang Panlalawigan, Malacanan (three times) House of Representatives on several occasions, Senate, etc).


  • Flood as Calamity or Plague


It was 4:00 A.M. when I was about to sleep then during that time when I closed my eyes then suddenly the Word of God said, “The Flood.!” Immediately, I jumped out from the bed and took my bible and just I repeat, I JUST opened my Bible and went to Genesis 1:2 that says,


And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. “


The word “water” in Hebrew “mayim” means “water, urine, danger, violence, transitory things, juice, wasting, flood.”


But literally, God is saying He will send a FLOOD, a literal one and that will be very devastating.

So from 4:00 – 6 :00 AM, I sent text message of the LORD’s WARNING about FLOOD to over 600 people in Pangasinan until I was drawn into sleep.


My phone rung at past 9:00 AM, Pastor Lauro Caoile of Natividad was on the other line calling for help. He said his family and himself just climbed on a tree due to the rushing flood.


A pastor from Tayug called up. He said in just 5 minutes, the waters rose from knee-deep to neck-deep right at the center of the town.


That was on October 9, 2009, when Typhoon Pepeng struck Pangasinan, eighteen (18) years later when I heard him saying, “Otherwise I will send you a flashflood like that from Ormoc.”


When God send a plague or calamity, He can cancel it, or delay it. We don’t know His mind but natural catastrophes is His cleansing agent for sure. He did that during Noah’s time when He sent a Great Flood.


God gives you a Mission Order, there are SIGNS that follows like that of Noah’s Flood, Brimstone of Sodom, Ten Plagues in Moses’ time or the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, a national calamity of war in 70 A.D. as Christ prophesied.