The Seven Churches in Asia

 The Seven Churches in Asia

by Augusto A Kho

June 08, 2017 (Thursday)

10:58 PM.



The Seven Churches in Asia was seen in a vision by John, the Beloved, who was the only (original) disciples of Jesus Christ who have not been martyred but he was placed on an ex

ile in the Island of Patmos, off Asia Minor (Turkey) which is geographically located at the Aegean (Greek) Sea.


Here in Patmos where John seen the destiny of the Church as revealed to him by God in a vision.


By tomorrow, June 09, 2017, twen

ty eight (28) Filipinos from Intercessors from the Philippines (IFP) including this writer will be journeying this cities in Asia Minor for prophetic prayer of declaration headed by Pastor Daniel A Balais.



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The Seven Churches

The Island of Patmos is located in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor (modern Turkey). This is where John wrote the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse which contains a message for the seven churches in Asia.


Revelation 1:9-10

"I, John, your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and kingdom and perseverance which are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and I heard behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet."


If John was a partaker in "tribulation" and saw in a vision the future events of the 7 Churches in the "Lord's Day" would that mean that the Church will experience also the Tribulation Period?


Shall we be a part of this tribulation?


If the answer is yes, is it the Church of Jesus Christ like you and me are ready to be martyred in this Last Days?



In his early 2017 letter, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj writes:


2017 is the year of the "70" - a turning around year. A turninng around for prophetic events - especially prophesied by Zechariah will begin to takes place in Israel from 2017 onwards. A turning around for the captivity of Israel and the dividing of Jerusalem.


2017, may probably be the last year we ma see Jerusalem and Israel undivided!


... Let us stand with her in intercession walk the land as Abraham and Moses did.



According to Sadhu, the Lord asked him to bring Christians from other parts of the globe to have a prayer walk around the Sinai Peninsula exactly how God lead the Israelites until they gathered at Mt. Sinai to meet with God. From Cairo, the pilgrims will study Egypt's end-time role visiting the Pyramid and to have a prayer walk around Sinai Peninsula and to gather at Mount Sinai for 3-Day Conference then to ascent to Mount Sinai. What follows after that is a 6- Day Conference in Jerusalem and a visit to Mt. Carmel to re-establish the old altar set up made by Elijah in fulfilment of Malachi 4:5-6.


The said pilgrimage prayer-conference-tour is to prepare the people of God for a significant change and shifting in government.


Are we nearing End Times?









Prelude : Seven Churches of Asia

By Mark R. Fairchild

Vanilla Room, 3rd Floor

Movenpick Hotel and Resorts

June 10, 2017 (Saturday); 9:00 P.M.



My parents are not Christians. And I took a degree in Biology and also of another course in Genetics.


In 1997 as I was making research on Genetics and Archaeology, I came to realized that all these things could have not existed without Someone out there who is a Creator. So I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and gave my life to him.


That changed my direction. I went to seminary and took Theology and another Ph. D. I m at present a Professor and Chair of Department of Bible and religion in Huntington University in Indiana for 30 years. And I have done much research for over 20 years on Archaeological Studies about things in Turkey.


Once you get outside from the Gospel, Acts, Epistles, and Rev. all of them took place in Turkey. Why is it all going to Turkey. I call my daughters and told them to learn about French. I took them to France then we went to Turkey. It blew me away.


People does not realized that Turkey is the Cradle fo Christianity. When you go out of the Gospels, they are many of them that took place in Turkey. Paul, etc. chiefly Turkey, Revelation again in Turkey.


1 and 2nd Peter talks about on Turkey, 1 and 2nd John are Turkey. & of Ecumenical Councils are in Turkey. Just came back from Nice, much in Turkey why in Turkey. And that why it brought me in Turkey? And I am excited.



This is the map of Turkey-

Egypt, Israel and Turkey. Right now you are here in Smyrna, Izmir, Before Constantinople or Istanbul now travelling to 7 churches.


Some asking me in Antioch, first Christian called first. That is in Turkey. Tarsus where Paul came from is in Turkey. Amazing land.


Here is Turkey- (he he he). Turkey the bird...


Photographs ... Amphitheatre... Ephesus... Book of Revelation


1st Century, Apostle John, migrated to Turkey became an elder, 2nd John, became leader in turkey, became resident in Ephesus. He was buried there. That is authentic. That time, there was emperor, 80 AD, an emperor named as first Roman proclaimed himself first as living God._____.

They are being deified (made as god) when they are died. The Greek believe becomes heroes when they die and then they become gods.



Left Photo: Dr. Mark Fairchild, American archaeologist at ruins of Smyrna, Izmir Province,

Turkey. Right Photo: The book which is written by Dr. Mark Fairchild on his archaeological works





Emperor, Herod, became god when he died. This emperor, in particular, the Senate, Tunisian can address with him the title, "Our lord and our God..." And that title belongs to Jesus.


Now, we see Domitian wanted him to be addressed as God.

Christians and Jews were initially exempted from Emperor -worship. Reason, because Jews is theistic. Atheistic has over 1,000 of gods. They are in prospect of finding a new god. That is why Paul in Athens seen an unseen god. the look for a god that they are not aware of.


All the people and among the Romans and Greeks except the Jews, so they knew a lot of trouble in Jews.


Are you aware of Augustus? Christian emerged in 1st century, followers of the Jews, Jesus was the Jews, the early apostles are Jews


So the Christian movement is called as Jewish sect in the eyes of the Romans. As time progressed in the 1st century, more and more pagans and non-Jewish, uncircumcised and they have joined the faith.


As we noticed, statistics changed. We see more and more Jews rejects Christianity. In fact, they persecuted the Christians. More and more non-Jewish now joined the faith.


In 60's and 70's AD, Christianity is not longer a Jewish phenomenon. That is when Domitian came to this idea to resent this privilege from Christians and demanding Christians to worship him.


Then early on Christians accepted that Christians are non- Jews. Most people become Christians no longer become Jews. They would say, “No you Christians, you worship the living God...


Now the 7 churches Asia Minor, they handled the pressures as if they were different. Smyrna are commended as being faithful to Christ. Tomorrow we visit Pergamum.... Do you have any question?




Questions and Answers:

Q: Have you been to these places?

A: Yes, Those pictures I have taken myself.



Those are the 7 churches. How Christianity begun to take seed in Western Turkey? Why Paul said he made a school here... in Thyatira... This is what excites me in Turkey. Scholars and tours groups do not come to Turkey. Nobody else.


Turkey now is opening to the west. As a result there are more and more archaeological works. The more archaeologists, the more it confirms the history of Christianity as true. The Bible? Many people here does not believe in the Bible. They call it myths. The research about Turkey is amazingly interesting.


Q: Do government welcomes this project?

A: There is money here (he he he)). If they close themselves to the west just like other Arabic countries, that is bad economy Otherwise they will become very poor because they could not open themselves to the world.


I was invited by Turkish Embassy in WA D.C. I studies Turkey's past and her present. Turkey is a key country. If we wanted peace in West and Muslims. Turkey is most secular compared to others. Turkey is part of EU. Turkey is the key. If it establishes a good relationship, then the people will prosper, more people will come here, and some Arabic countries will come here and they would ask, "What happened to Turkey?"


I have shown to them (Turkish officials) 300 sights and they never knew those sight . They would say, "This is where I lived, I dont know and why you know?."


I said, "You are sitting on a goldmine. Tourism!”


Wahhh....Nobody comes to Turkey. The archaeological places, the mosaics,.. I kept coming back here... I like sharing Turkey....I would like to tell about this deep Christianity. The WORD becomes FLESH. Especially those people coming from Israel.


Q: How about Noah' Ark, ay relics or finds?

A: You see my pictures in Mt. Ararat’s sope I never climbed there yet. It is a snow-capped mountain.


1 Peters 1:1 were addressed to places in Asia Minor specifically Turkey which are as follow : "Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia. 1 Peter 1;1, "Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia."


Peter have written his epistle to the towns at the Northern part of the Roman Province in Turkey as his time. The Central Park of Turkey is in East Ankara. They are lots of exciting things are being discovered in Turkey...


Gobeklitepe is a pre-historic site dating from roughly 12,000 years ago, near Sanliurfa, Turkey. Read all about Gobeklitepe on this dedicated site.


Gobeklitepe is a pre-historic site dating from roughly 12,000 years ago, near Sanliurfa, Turkey. Read all about Gobeklitepe on this dedicated site. It was reported by Nat Geo.

What is their structures?.... What is this structures?... Advanced civilizations in Turkey?

I am amazed how they constructed on these technologies. This place will become covered with dams... And this will be another cities...


Hassan Caves in Euphrates River, they will soon build a dam there as well. As Turkey progresses these precious archaeological treasures will be covered down.



Question by Peps: How this archaeological finds from Turkey would complement the End Time Church?


Answer: Well, many those who do not believe must believe because it is being back up by Science. It means that Christ 's existence is scientifically proven through artefacts. And it should advance the world's evangelization.


Question by Peps: Anybody from the Philippines archaeological group has signified their interest in your work?


Answer: Nothing so far. But I am inviting you and your son, Isaac to join me archaeological study tour at the end of this year in Israel and Jordan. And another archaeological tour and study again in Turkey by 2018.


Question by Peps : Any idea what is the significance of Turkey President Ermogan asking to presiding Chair of ASEAN President Duterte to consider Turkey's application for ASEAN membership?

Answer: Did he? ....


Peps: Would it possible that God is placing the Philippines in the global map for the coming of the End Times?


Answer: Possible.


Question by Peps: Don't you know the spiritual significance of 70th Year of Israel this 2017 and how the Philippines plays a role here? By the time, Israel was granted by the United Nations (UN) the right to exist as a nation in November, 1947 this year 2017, Israel is celebrating her Jubilee on her 70th year.



Answer: What I know is that Philippines is Christian nation.


Peps Explanation: Carlos P. Romulo, Gen. Sec. of UN then gave his vote to Israel on November 1947, thus fulfilled Isaiah 66:8, "Can a nation be born at once? Thus gave birth to Israel as a nation. Born in Hebrew "yalad" means "to travail a child" also means "to act as a midwife."


Philippines acted as midwife in 1947 to give birth to Israel. And Israel now celebrating her 70th Year.


What's then the spiritual significance especially NOW that a group of Filipinos are enacting what took place from Egypt - Mt. Sinai - Israel and the Promise Land - and NOW the prophetic destiny of the 7 Churches in Asia?


Answer: I did not know that ? It is amazing!



Dr. Fairchild will be joining us as well in the entire trip to the Seven Churches of Asia.