By Augusto A Kho

Friends of Christ, YMCA, Dagupan City

September 4, 2017 (Monay); 9:15 A.M.

Updated: September 07, 2017 (Thursday); 1:07 A.M.



Explore. Conquer. Exploit. Convert



The acronym is E.C.E.C.


That is what I observed the history of the world and the things to come in the near end.


I once said, "The past is the future of the end." Learning from history and what King Solomon said, nothing happens new under the sun (Ecclesiastes. 1:9) Things just come over and over again, and history repeats by itself which is contrary to what Santayana once said, "Those who never learned from history is doomed to repeat it."

And man, though endowed with reason compared to the beasts has never learned his lesson yet.


When Hellenistic Alexander the Great, explored the world, he started conquering and conquering until his vast empire extended as far as Egypt in Africa to India, Anatolia, Galatia and the east. He exploited the wealth of these conquered kingdoms and those acquired territories have been converted in one way or another into Hellenistic culture.



Philippines is so tiny island laying in the Pacific Region compared to the vast land surface of China spreading nearly almost half of the globe and United States of America. Yet both China and USA are here in the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea. Why?

Shall we be conquered again and become a foreign territory just like the Spain did?



The king of Spain explored the world looking for spices. Magellan, was one among the king’s Portuguese navigators on board the ship Victoria and he and his men explored the Pacific and had a shipwrecked in the vast ocean. Until Victoria has been drifted along Homonhon Island thus he called this nation, Islas de Lazarus. It has been said that the Philippines was conquered by the cross and not by the sword. Not only Spain did colonize the nation but they converted the animistic Filipinos as Catholic Christians. Then later they exploited if not “looted” our gold. Later Filipinos were treated as “indios” (uneducated), second-class citizens. Until the Filipinos became slaves for 300 years by her colonizer. Spain later sold the Filipinos to the American for $2-Million under the Treaty of Paris.


This is exploration, conquest, exploitation, and conversion. The same is true to this very day.

What these superpowers doing in our backyard?


Is it because Philippines is one of the richest country in terms of gold and black gold (Petroleum oil)?


The Recto Bank (Reed Bank) is said to be containing a vast resource of oil amounting to $1-Trillion dollars that will last for a century while Mindanao supplies over 65% of it high graded rich minerals particularly gold and copper according to USGS (United States Geographical Survey). That is why Philippines dubbed as No. 1 gold producer in Asia and 3rd biggest in the world.


Why majority of Filipinos are poor then? Ask the oligarchs, aristocrats and the bureaucrats (powerful political dynasties and government officials).



Once this nation will fall to the hands of the foreigners, these vast reserves of wealth will be automatically exploited and you see colonialism (a term coined or evolved from Imperialism) that will spread like fire in the whole country thus destroying our ethnicity as our distinct culture.



The acronym "E.C.E.C." came to my mind while driving from Calasiao to Dagupan on the way to our prayer meeting venue here at 8:25 A.M.


Looking back to the past (history), Alexander the Great became ill and afflicted with cold until he died. Another empire rose up in the name of Neo Rama (also called Constantinople or Byzantine). The Roman Empire is divided into two parts : the western and the eastern Rome.


When Constantine the Great became the Roman Emperor, he moved the Rome as the capital of the Roman Empire to Constantinople which is now called Istanbul. A new era has come, the Byzantine Period. Constantine took the wealth of the world an transferred them to Byzantium and once of them is a Serpentine Column from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi in Greece and adorned it to Hippodrome (horses' way), a sort of agora and a theatre that can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators.

Constantine extended his empire and declared Christianity as the official religion of Rome and converted many heathen temples into Christian churches. That is why even the bust of Medussa can be seen in the ancient Christian church of Hagia Sophia, the 4th largest in the whole world.


Thus when he died, Emperor Theodosius replaced him, also a Christian emperor that ended the persecution against the Christians. In fact, even the obelisk of Luxor was transported to Constantinople and it was erected at the Hippodrome during his reign which simply means the Egypt paid tribute or tax to the present emperor.


When the Turks came into power, then it begins the Ottoman Empire. They started conquering and conquering and conquering. And they exploited the riches including artifacts and pieces of arts from the museums and converted many Christian churches or edifices in Asia Minor into mosques.


Hippodrome, that bears a Greek name is converted to At Ahmed Square (named after Sultan Ahmed). Sultan Ahmed or Ahmet who was so rich was responsible for financing another great mosque which was built in Mecca which now sits Mohammedism according to M. E. (2017).

That is when E.C.E.C. comes in. Explore. Conquer. Exploit. Convert.


Now that North Korea recently fired a missile to the Pacific shows her military muscle that can equal those superpowers with the same mighty military force.


Will this be a sign of another war after WW II? Will this be among the many signs as once warnednby Christ in Matthew Chapter 24 saying that nations will be against nations, kingdom against kingdom, famine, pestilences and earthquakes on divers places yet only the beginning of sorrows (tribulation)?


Will Philippines with the lowest military budget in the region (SEA) will fall to the hands of the powerful, well-budgeted conquering nations who took prey for the small, timid and the weak?


The Islamic Caliphate is here to stay. Recent news said the leader of the Maute Group in Marawi is still alive. What we once knew as "dead" can only resurface because we are not dealing with the flesh but with the spirit?


Will Philippines falls to the hands of the caliphate? BBL is now a priority bill in the Congress, and the present administration strongly support the said Islamic inspired bill. Can we reverse that?


How about the shift of Federalism to justify the unconstitutional BBL? And of course, federalism broadens the power of the political dynasties already existing, will that to exploit more of our gold?


Revelation speaks of EXPLOITATION and buying and selling with the mark of the beasts? It is indeed a war on gold, food, clean water, petroleum oil and whatever scarce remaining resources we’ve got. Will it be pseudo-peace as St. Paul warned?


Remember the Joint -Exploration on Spratlys by GMA-China? Philippines spent $5-M for the said exploration while China provided the technology to find oil reserves on that much contested area. When traces of black-gold or petroleum oil were found, did China shared to the Philippines the sought find? Have they not left us without a trace and then they came back and taken Bajo de Masinloc, off of Zambales? Why? It is a large fishing ground. Very rich in marine resources. Who controls that now? Philippines or China?


And Supreme Court (SC) declared the said joint-exploration of Philippines and China as UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Is it not former AFP Chief Esperon went to Kuala Lumpur many years back to signed the so called “Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD), together with its Muslim major proponent, Iqbal and the Prime Minister of Malaysia? There again, the SC declared that again as “UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


Yet former President GMA is an economist. She is also a Harvard student, a classmate of former US President Bill Clinton.

The ways of men are different from the ways of God.


MOA-AD didn’t make it. Here comes again into another form yet the players are the same. They are Iqbal and Murad. That is the so-called “Bangsamoro Basic Law” or BBL. Is it true that the draft of BBL is almost exactly the same like that from Kosovo?

And how true that Kosovo conflict in Yugoslavia and Serbia is politically inspired to take control of Kosovo’s rich mineral reserves estimated at $1-Billion according to USGS? And the only way to do that is to create a sort of a “rebel group” posing a disgruntled minority or ethnic group to seek withdrawal from Serbia and Yugoslavia? And how true that to create another state CIA was allegedly aided a secessionist group called “KLA or “Kosovo Liberation Army? And Britain, NATO and UN were also major players too?


And how true that Abu-Sayyaf is US-backed, if not CIA-back “terrorist group” to maintain US military presence in the Philippine for geopolitical reason and to go after the Philippine gold?


Why Kosovos case and Mindanao’s Muslim secessionist group Abu-Sayyaf and the political conflict in Mindanao have many things in common?


China after it explored the Spratlys' vast wealth of OIL now conquered over 10 islets, shoals and reefs allegedly under the economic zone of the Philippines which includes Recto Bank, Panganiban Reef, Bajo de Masinloc to name a few. And here comes a news from the headline allegedly criticizing DFA Secretary as if he is siding with China? And that the said minister is branded as “traitor of the month?” Or he has been converted by the Chinese? Will it in preparation to exploit our gold especially now that President Duterte is lawyering with the Marcoses for the return of around 7,000 tons of gold deposited from around 700 foreign banks as the former First Lady said from a recent TV interview? And how much this gold now in prevailing global market? Was it said a whooping $290-Billion or $390 –Billion?


Explore. Conquer. Exploit. Convert.


Will Duterte Administration will repeat the history together with DFA Secretary Alan Cayetano as published by the daily papers that joint exploration with China in the Spratlys are now being studied?


And SC Justice will be impeached? WHY? Should the Chief Justice will be impeached, who will balance the wrong from the right? Will this be a repeat of the fate of former justice chief Corona?

Is political motivated? Are we heading into the Dark Ages?”



Where is the Church? What is the Church is doing now? What are the things must be done for the church to participate in this end-time futuristic, global events? Are we ready "to meet thy God" as the Baptists asked?


It is worth noting the word "Nika". This word originated from Byzantium during the "horse-racing" competition held at the Hippodrome during the reign of Emperor Justinian when suddenly from there a riot erupted, then it became rebellion, thus threatening the present empire.


Philip, one of the twelve apostle has a Greek name which means "lovers of horses" (John 1:44).


Horse. is a wild beast yet if tamed will become domesticated and useful and becomes a ride meant for a king.


Philip, the apostle was known to be one among those who preached in Phrygia including John the Beloved and Timothy. Philip later met his death there (where we recently visited his burial site on the top of a hill). He was said to be martyred in defense of the Christian faith.


There is also a deacon named Philip in Acts 6:5 and later became an evangelist (Acts 21:8,9).


From those names which includes King Philip of Spain is where the Philippines derived her name. Would Philippines can be named as "lovers of competing, conquering horses?"


Can the Philippines as a nation competes like a conquering horse to the major global players in the likes of USA and China in terms of conquest? Yes we have the gold and other wealth of the world, yet will this be a "thorn in our flesh?" considering the superpowers flexing their military muscles before our very noses?


Going back to the ancient Constantinople or Byzantine right there at the Hippodrome. Horses were lined up with colorful adornments while the two competing groups between the coloured black and coloured green starting chanting - "Nika, Nika, Nika!"


The word "Nika" has been hailed from the crowd which means "conquer" that has been addressed to competing horse racers. But the horse racing competition suddenly turned into riots, so severe that it became uncontrollably turned into a rebellion against the present emperor. Thus the word "Nika" which also means "Nike" or "Nikao" is not merely means "to conquer" but

"to triumph" as well.


We as Christian intercessors must hail these words - conquer, conquer, conquer.

We as Christian intercessors must hail these words - Triumph, triumph, triumph.


We need to conquer darkness through intercession. We need to triumph in Christ when impending dangers beset our nation which unveil the eyes our leaders and our people.


This word "Nika" or "Nike" is all mentioned in the 7 Churches of Asia in the End-Times though many of these churches were rebuked sharply by the Lord in the like of Pergamon Church when Christ said, "where Satan lives."


To the Church of Thyatira Jesus said, "And he who overcomes (nikao i.e. conquer, victorious of Christ, prevail) and keep My works until the end, to him I will ver power over the nations - He shall rule them with a rod of iron, They shall be dashed to pieces like a potters' vessels," (Rev. 2:26-27).


What is His works that we need to keep it to the end? Will it be preaching? Or teaching? Or healing? Or prayer?


How much prayer we can do? Can we reverse God's judgment? How many intercessors we needed to do that?


It takes just one!


Ezekiel 22:30 says, "And I sought for a man among them that should up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: BUT I FOUND NONE."