Travelogue- pamukkale


Travelogue- pamukkale

By Augusto A. Kho

Heliopolis, Pamukkale, Turkey

June 12- 13, 2017 (Monday & Tuesday)

Updated: July 11, 2017 (Tuesday); 1:30 P.M.





Peps: We arrived in Pamukkale at early evening probably around 8 yet you see the sun shining bright still. Pamukkale is a place where there is flourishing numbers of spring resorts practically everywhere. Our buses stopped for a very brief stopover, mostly to take some snap shots. On our right is gigantic, luminous ice-coloured mountainous terrain but as our tourist guide Emile Meltem said, there is no snow in Turkey.




7:50 A.M.


While we were on the breakfast dining table, two of our diners shared that 6.2 earthquake hits coast of Izmir when we left while we were heading northeast of Turkey called, Pamukkale.


Is it our prayers in Smyrna or Izmir have awakened the ancient gods? Will there be an end time church rising on the Last Days from Izmir?


I am always excited God’s revelations should the Lord speaks while taking down notes on this sight-seeing, study-tour.