It’s about you!

It’s about you!

By Augusto A. Kho

July 23, 2018 (Monday); 10:08 pm

Mc Donalds Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan

Edited: July 23, 2018 (Tuesday); 1:30 pm



It is not about them, it is about you.








When God put a heavy burden in my heart and instructed me to extend monetary help to a pastor I immediately resisted and said, “Why me again? Why not the other people?” God replied and said, “Shall you the one who give or will you be the one who asks for help?” So when asks us to do something, it is not about them, it ‘s about you!”


When Peter saw him, he said, "Lord, what about him?"

  • John 21:21 (ISV)



Why we keep on comparing? Why we keep on finger-pointing? Why we are more interested in other’s business more than God’s divine business in our personal lives?


In John 21:18-19, Jesus revealed to Peter in what manner he would die for His sake. When Peter noticed someone was following them like a stalker, in effect Peter was evasive to his divine calling and purpose and he started finger-pointing to John the Beloved instead (John 21:20) that says: :


When Peter saw him, he said, "Lord, what about him?" John 21:21 (ISV)



Peter, a backslidden state

When a Christian backslid, he likely tend to pulls others also like a magnet to justify his action. The same goes with Peter when he called Christ’s disciples to go back to fishing. Peter’s convincing power brought the disciples in the likes Thomas, Nathaniel, James and John and two more unnamed disciples to the fishing trade. And all of the magnificent seven have gone back fishing overnight until dawn but they caught nothing. By dawn they approached the shore where Christ stood by and asked them if they caught nothing. They answered Him “No!” Until the Lord instructed them to throw the net on the right hand side of the boat.


Hearing instruction from God is necessary for a fruition result. A man who loved God can discern more of Him than anybody else. So John the Beloved recognized it was Christ indeed who was on the shore although all of them did not recognize Him. It’s not just about feeling, but a discerning spirit that revealed that to John. How about us? What compels us to do something or to obey, a mere emotional outburst or something from the Spirit becomes our driving-force?


When Jesus instructed them to throw their nets back on the sea, it is re-enactment when God called Peter in Luke 5:4 and it is the same miracle-working power of God’s word once it is heard and simply obeyed.


As usual, Peter hastily dressed himself up because he was totally naked and immediately jumped into the sea only to soak himself wet. This headlong man had the usual behaviour of doing something without giving much of a deep thought. Compulsive as we call it. Are we like him? I am like Peter who is very panicky and rushing.


These once fishermen turned disciples who were heading back to their old profession instead of pursuing their divine call caught literally nothing even though they fished all night. Yet Christ proved Himself again that He was the Provider. Jesus is the God of the sea. And He is the God of the fishes too. Sometimes it is not about fishing that matters but it is about God, the source of all fishing ground in the whole world that we should rely on completely.


Unlike in Luke 5:6 when Christ first called Peter and instructed him to throw his net unto the sea until he pulled the net with a miraculous bountiful catch that made the net torn apart, this time it (their net) never been broken apart and took a spoil of 153 large fishes (John 21:11). Why these fishes were being counted? Who count these fishes? Perhaps, Matthew the tax collector was there as well. He must be good in numbers. But Christ is the God of numbers. Even our hairs are numbered according to Him (Matthew 10:30). Therefore we can never outnumber God in terms of exploits.


In John 21:15-17, Christ asked Peter these questions three times, “Do you love me more than these?” refering to the bountiful fishes they caught. Christ is reminding Peter how he denied Him three (3) times prior to His arrest by the band of Roman soldiers (Matthew 26:34). Is he being reminded by the Lord for being unfaithful or the Lord Christ is trying to comfort him, you and me that no matter how many times we deny Him, He can’t turn His back from us?


Like Peter, we denied Christ in many occasions but Christ never gone weary calling us back to Him in the same way He called up Peter back to his calling and purpose.


Christ did not merely calling back Peter. He wanted Peter to be the head-sheep, to lead the flock should He leaves them so He could return back to the Father in heaven.


Feed my sheep (lamb),” Christ reiterated three (3) times to Peter. From being a disciple, Peter is being promoted as a bishop I presumed.


In John 21:18-19, Jesus revealed to Peter in what manner he would die for His sake. When Peter noticed someone was following them like a stalker, in effect Peter was evasive to his divine calling and purpose and he started finger-pointing to John the Beloved instead (John 21:20) that says: :


When Peter saw him, he said, "Lord, what about him?" (John 21:21)



Why we keep on comparing? Why we keep on finger-pointing? Why we are more interested in other’s business more than God’s divine business in our personal lives?




Why not others, why me or you when God can call someone else and not us?


Peter asked the Christ, “Lord, what about him?”


The word “what” in Greek “tis” is an “interrogative pronoun that refers to “who, why, which and what?


Webster define “interrogative” as “to question formally and systematically.” For me, it is evasive statement to excuse and exempt oneself to get involved with something. Evasive people are often irresponsible if not is someone who is afraid of responsibility and accountability.




When Cain killed his brother Abel, the ground cried out for his blood. God asked Cain what he have done and yet this man who murdered his brother was so evasive that he asked God with these words, “Am I my brother's keeper? “ (Genesis 4:9).




When Pharaoh’s taskmasters severely beaten and maltreated the Israelites because Moses intervened in their behalf, Moses ranted on God and said, “Why have you sent me here?” (Exodus 5:22).




Why would God allow misfortune, persecution or losses in our personal lives when He has the tremendous power for us to succeed and take life prettily easy and comfortable?


How could you be a warrior a battle? How could you resurrect to life without tasting death?


David also no matter he was called a “champion” who was branded as a “man after God’s own heart” have gone through a lot of life’s ordeal. He too was heard ranting God in his troubled life and said:



Why do you stand far away, LORD? Why do you hide in times of distress? “ - Psalm 10:1/ ISV



Have we questioned God in many instances or sometimes blaming Him for whatever thing that has been done in our lives? Why did you do that Lord? Why did allow this pain to break my heart apart? Why not them, we me? Such an interrogatory questions that seems to exempts our own selves from the issue when God’s main business is no less than us.

In heard Him once saying this, “
Peps, your ministry is not my business. My business is you!And He said that when I was near-dead.


So the moment we started comparing ourselves with someone, we may as well think it over and over and over and over again. Why? God may be teaching us something or ushering to another dimension that we have experienced before. Because it’s you and it’s about you is God main agenda in this life.




Why me?

In just one day, there are three different pastors who texted me one after one another seeking my prayer to their senior pastor who was about to be blind. Then they would texted me again for a follow-up prayer. I could sense something else other than prayer. Sensing I might extend more than a prayer like financial help. I was then walking on the worship hall that time and I felt I was being pressured. I felt revolting inside until I lost control and yelled out loud ranting God, “Ako na naman (Why me?). Ako na naman (Why me again)? Bakit ako na naman (Why me again) . Can’t you find someone else?”


The Lord said to me right there and then while I stood still in the middle of the hall these words, “Peps you choose – will you be the one giving help or will you be the one who will seek help from others?”


In fact the Lord said in Filipino which sounds more stronger, “Mamili ka. Ikaw ang mag bibigay o ikaw ang hihingi?” Of course I have had to choose the former.




A blind church

Right there and then I texted the pastors who sought my prayers and some other pastors who lives in the area where this senior pastors was about to blind and informed them that I will be meeting with them in a local fast-food there in two days time.


Two days later after my text message, around 15 of them came in. Since I hosted the meeting I had to pay the bill by myself amounting to around P 2,500.00 and I opened these words to them:


The Lord told me that a blind pastor is a blind church.” My audience somehow slightly reacted showing disapproval.



Pastor Greg (not his real name) is losing his left eye due to severe cataract ailment. His right eye is also now being affected as well. He might be losing both his eyes if he can not undergo immediate eye operation that will only cost him P25,000 – P30,000.00 in a government hospital.


Should he gone blind the Lord told me that “a blind pastor like him will be like a blind church “ if you have failed to extend help for him. I regret for hosting this conservative meal because I would like to save more money as much as possible. But I have with my P 8,000.00 which is one month of my church salary. The Lord told me to give this sacrificially to Pastor Greg as seed money to save his eyes. Should you like to help, I appeal to you to exactly do what I have done…”

Then I left them by themselves to resolve the issue.


Just 5 days later, I heard that Pastor Greg have been already admitted in the semi-government hospital for the scheduled eye operation. The local pastors in his area was able to fetch up over P 20,000.00 more for the expenses he needed.


Two months later, he texted me back and his text message reads, “I can text you now… I am recuperating rapidly. Thank you for your help. Now I can see again...”


Wow! I felt so heavenly knowing well that I have made his blind eyes to see.



Blind eyes to see

What a relief and what a profound joy that etched across my being to help someone in need although at times I am bleeding inside (financially speaking).

That was not the first time. There’s a lot more of stories I can share in our sacrificial giving as a church if not my personal experience in terms of ministry of help and giving.


Then the Lord said, “You made his blind eyes to see.” And I remember what our dear Lord said, “Whatever you’ve done to the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.”



Diagnosed with cancer

A year later, I was diagnosed with cancer. St. Luke’s Hospital scheduled me to various specialists in the next two months.


The hospital found out later that I was suffering instead from kidney infection and the source of the frequent and prolong pain I have had is due from kidney stones.


The fastest and most innovative and less painful treatment recommended to me is not through laser-treatment but through sound-waves treatment called lithotripsy. And this treatment is only available in three or four hospitals in this country including St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City with a whooping cost of P 120,000.00.



I never told that to my wife neither to my son about the said treatment in order for them to be worried-free. On the day of my scheduled treatment, while I was waiting on the treatment room, the nurse-secretary asked me if I have a cash of P 15,000.00. I told her I got only P 7,000.00 cash on hand. She said, “I am sorry we cannot proceed to your treatment because you lack P 15,000.00 more.”


That left me speechless for a while and the patients and hospital personnel looked on me and their eyes were bit inquisitive. And they looked at me from head down because I am obviously Chinese-looking wealthy guy yet I lack the needed P 15,000.00. Honestly, I felt my blood simmered that flooded all throughout my being and I felt numbed all over because of intense embarrassment. From there I ranted God and said:


I’ve been working in an airline and never such like this happened. When I got sick, my company absorbed my $500.00 medical expenses per day. And You, I’ve been working for You all these years and you would just let me go through this – in a very embarrassing situation…” I should have huffed the Lord more when I heard HIM saying these words:


Peps, you’ve been planting all throughout these years. Now, I want you to reap what you have sown…” That left me again speechless until I couldn’t believe I was speaking to the Lord and He was listening and talking to me as well right there and then where I was standing in that hospital.



It is also from there that I immediately panicked and I didn’t realize much that I texted my wife and telling her what I have gone through. That was the only time that my wife and son came to know my real situation. My wife told me to ask our mother church in Mandaluyong City to give me a loan of P 15,000.00 so I could be treated that very day. Why should I? Should I asked for a loan I myself would have to pay it myself?



And if I should follow my wife, what about the Lord’s instruction and promise that He wanted me to reap what I have sown these years.



While profoundly contemplating, when my cell phone rung. A pastor from Ilo-Ilo City called me up and he said, “Your wife texted me and she asked me to pray for you ….you’re in a hospital now but you were not able to pay to needed bill that cancelled your scheduled treatment? What’s your full name I would send you P 2,000.00. It is just a small amount but it can help you a little.”

I was embarrassed. Asking money or donation is not my cup of tea and I would rather ask God for provision. But he insisted so I gave me my full name so he could send his help. Right after talking to him when the phone rang again.


A Christian friend was also informed about my situation. . He asked how much was the total cost of the treatment. Then he said, “I will send you the money immediately…”



Then came another call. Then one after another – my phone kept on ringing. I have spoken to few people whom I didn’t know have a deep concern on me.


So I was re-scheduled for the next coming week. To my dismay, the scheduled treatment had to be cancelled again because the doctor have to go to USA for a week. I have gone wildly angry over the phone that I threatened the hospital staff that I will file a complaint to Department of Health (DoH). Then I hang the phone. Then suddenly the Lord spoke to me right there inside the mall in Urdaneta City with a slight anger in His voice saying:


God : Why did you threaten them?

Peps : Because they keep on postponing the scheduled treatment

God : Why do you need to do that?

Peps : Because I could bear the pain anymore

God : But I am the one causing the delay and postponement

Peps : Why?

God : Because I have not done with you yet

Peps : Done with what?

God : How much money do you have now in the bank?

Peps : P 380,000.00

God : I want to give you over a million

Peps : (Stunned in disbelief)


Then the phone rang. A friend called up with these conversation over the phone right after the Lord hang up:


Friend : How are you?

Peps : Am fine. How about you?

Friend: : We’re all fine here. By the way, I heard that you’ve been scheduled for a supposed

treatment but cancelled?

Peps : (Again, I have to re-tell the story)

Friend : That is too bad considering you have a money problem for you kidney stones treatment and to your son as well? Do you have money for his tuition fee? I send you something.

Peps : (ahh…ahh. I was speechless)

Friend : Where is Isaac staying should be stays in Manila for his schooling

Peps : We don’t know yet

Friend : Why not look for a condo for him?

Peps : (Laughs)… You must be joking?

Friend : Am I?

Peps : Silence

Friend : I saw a new constructed condominium near PATTS where Isaac will be enrolled later.

I will send you money to buy a condo so he could stay there.

Peps : Shock in disbelief. Am I dreaming. Speechless again.


In just a matter of 3-7 days, this friend sent P1.4-Million to our personal bank account that prior to my kidney stones treatment our savings for merely one (1) month soared to P1.7- Million. The P 2,000.00 seed money soared to P 1.7-M in just 30 days is completely amazing.



And on my 3rd rescheduled treatment it was cancelled again. While the delay for treatment kept on counting, the more financial help kept coming in. Some I know them personally, while others were stranger to me.


Nelids then was busy transacting with the condo unit sales person until the documentation was finalized and the title was given to us paying or spending P1.4-Million for the condo unit. Only then, just after that day we received the condo title, when I finally got the much re-scheduled lithotripsy treatment.



It’s about you

Then it reminds me of what God has told me saying, :You’ve sown for years, I want you to reap what you sown.” And I remember exactly how the Lord led me to sacrificially offered my one month church allowance of P 8,000.00 to a pastor who nearly gone blind, while I ranted God at first saying, “Why me again?”


That is how God works. So remember when God will ask you to do something, don’t point your finger to someone else’s when He calls you for the tasks. It is not about them. It is about you!





Fountain Breeze Condominium

That condo in Fountain Breeze, Sucat, Paranaque City have been ours for over 8-9 years when Isaac was still in his junior college year.