When the end begins

When the end begins

By Augusto A. Kho

MRT Taft- Shaw Blvd

October 10, 2019 (Thu);11:11 a.m.



When will the end begin?



While on board at MRT bound from Taft to Shaw Blvd, the thought of Jojo kept me asking why? Of all many people in this world of around 7-Billion, why him? So I asked myself why he passed away at that young of age 45 when he is just in his prime life and in the height of his medical career as radiologist. These thoughts came to me as the words, “When will the end begin?” came to my mind.


There is no end without a beginning. And there is no beginning without an end. The question is when will the end begin?



From the beginning

I know him from the beginning when he was still in Manang Vicky’s womb. He was a fragile child on that day he was born. A little bit sickly for he has a weak heart. When he cries everyone started panicking. He turns purple-blue when he cries till he could hardly grasp his breath as if he’s dead. There are times I will accompany his mother going to various doctors to let them see his heart condition. So grew up being pampered a bit.


He is a good Samaritan at his tender age. He takes astray cats along the road then bring them home. He personally determine what their names should be and feeds them personally. When one of his cat, he brought it on the backyard and personally gave the cat a formal funeral service ended with a prayer. In fact, on that funeral service, he brought his friends with him. He was around 6 or 7 years old then.


I remember him accepting the Lord Jesus Christ when he was still in his grade school years. He gave his life for Christ ahead than his sister Anna. He attends the Church Service regularly when I started working full time in the ministry when I left my airline work behind in exchanged of that divine call.


Even at young age he displayed his leadership skills. He was often seen along with his friends while he was acting as their leader. He often give them a good treat and goes home practically spending all his money for his friends.


He plays like a hero then like perhaps a superman. And there is a hero in us that we need to tap to know who we are. His strong advocacy can be seen from there.


That was the beginning of his formative years.



In between

There is no beginning without an end. Every end must first have a beginning.


Between the beginning and end of one’s life are events, places, people and time that can takes place to fulfil one’s destiny.


Somehow and somewhere you met him there from the beginning and end of his life journey for a reason. What could be the reason?


When his older sister Anna transferred to Baguio City to pursue her college degree, he was also brought there so the two siblings can be together while his mom goes to and from Pangasinan to Baguio bringing them loads of food and stuffs. Ate Mely have been their yaya since then up to now.


He still attends worship service somewhere in Trinidad in Benguet under Kuya Jun Alonzo since he was in college.


I also met Mae during his college days (who later became his wife and got two children – Hannah and Harry). Time passes by so fast until he graduated from college and took his residency until he became a radiologist.


In fact you have heard him advocated for the rights of medical employees and among interns in terms of salaries, benefits and others.The hero in him remained.


From being a doctor he turned politician. As a Vice Mayor in his hometown, he got plenty of plans for his townmates like putting up an affordable hospital especially for the poor and provide employment to those who need jobs, to name a few.


His gentle and kind spirit remained the same all these years. His passion to help never subsided especially among the marginalized-poor. Often I hear some poor patients who were being treated in a hospital where he works with were also recipients of his unquestionable generosity. There are times he was financially drained because he gave given all what he had.


Not until of course you heard him he breathed his last. Unexpected. He was too young to die when he was just in the prime of his career and life. And what about his immediate family – Mae, Hannah and Harry?


You questioned why. And I questioned why. And we all question why?


In this world, there are too many questions that are left unanswered. Only God knows.


When your end begun, what is in your life that your worth-keeping? Would that be worth-remembering and worth-sharing? Then that is what makes life a good legacy?


These are some of the events, people and/or circumstances that revolved in his life. These are some of those IN BETWEEN that took place in his life from his beginning to end.


But the question is this? Is there any beginning by the time your end comes? Is there such a thing when the end begins?


When Jojo passed away, is it his life end begun?



When the end begins

When life begins, there must be always an end.


The end begins only when you die. Physical death is the portal of yet another beginning and that is eternity.


Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live,” (John 11:25).


shall he live,” (Greek) “zao” (dzah-o) means “to pass life” (among the living, not from the dead),” – Thayer.


When Christ said, “I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and end”

(Revelation 1:8), then the end (of your earthly life) begins in eternity (heaven or hell.” That is when the end begins.


When the end begins, the eternity comes. The question is where your end begins, will it be eternity heaven or eternity hell. Jesus said:

I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live,” (John 11:25).