“Bringing many sons to glory” - Palawan 6 Bishops and Christian Leaders Conference

Bringing many sons to glory

Palawan 6 Bishops and Christian Leaders Conference

Legend Hotel; November 26-28, 2018

Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Edited: December 5, 2018 (Wednesday); 12:29 A.M.


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Palawan 6,” Legend Hotel, Puerto Princesa City




Wyden King

5:05 pm

1 John 4:7, “Beloved let us love one another...anyone who does not love does not know God for God is love.”


Can we continue to respect each and love each other despite of our indifferences? Oftentimes we do not love our enemies. It is not struggle to love our enemies. This is the time to nurture our relationships in the body of Christ and develop relationships and love one another.


There might be doctrinal indifferences or political indifferences and yet we still be one in fulfilling God’s agenda.

Welcome. Good afternoon.




Kuya Dan Balais

This is our 6th Summit.


Let us thank Wyden and Antonia and the Abraham’s Holding. They also hosted the Tagaytay City Conference recently.


Why we have this Palawan 6? This is not just our desire but a response to the call of God. Even for our 490 years. A call to keep the love and unity among spiritual leaders in pursuit of our nation’s destiny.


1898 is when the Biblical Christianity came to the Philippines.


This is the logo design by our staff. This is being called an islands-nation, a nation of coconuts (That what the logo means).


Mia Jones from Indonesia please stand up. New Zealand friend is here...That is where you can sleep in the session. Bishop Leo brought his pillow to sleep during the session (laughs).

Unity binds us together. Ecclesiastes 4:12, “and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”


Also the pleading of Apostle’s Paul in Ephesians 4:1-3, “I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” We went to Turkey for the past consecutive two years and we went to a place called Tyrannus where Paul said these verse.



Beseech Greek parakaleo i.e. call, entrat, implore, desire; appeal i earnest; invite.


Walk worthy in Greek peripateo axios” i.e. love by the standard required of the Lord ; It is like the standard of measurement of 12 inches for one foot or 100 cm to a meter.


There is a standard of Christian behaviour and character that Paul is appealing to the church of Ephesians.


The word “endeavour in Greek “spoudazo” means to use speed that is to make effort; to be prompts or earnest diligence, labour.We go out of our way to preserve the unity. The attitudes needed to preserve the unity of the spirit


Ephesians 4:2

  • Humility gives birth to gentleness

  • Gentleness gives birth to patience

  • Patience gives birth to forbearing love.


It is fitting that your speakers will be talking with father’s love. And that is humility, gentleness, patience, forbearing love.


I need to humble myself before my fears.


There are threats to unity:

  1. Individual differences, personalities ministry gifts and callings,. Pastor is different to prophets.

  2. Regionalism and language diversities

  3. Differences in value systems and cultures

  4. Denominationalism, theology and doctrines

  5. Politics and personal preferences.

  6. Communication chaos and misunderstanding


But Paul gave us the answer the word “bond” or “ligament.


The study of ligaments is known desmology, Greek means “desmo” “i.e. bond. Bone-ligaments is what connect the bones together.


JB Philip’s NT Translator talks about the, “Prisoner of Peace.” It is written by paragraph-form.. Bond according to Philips is translated as “bond of peace” i.e. “prisoners of peace. Especially now that we are fighting through social media until our hate surfaces when Ephesians 4:1-6 will be put into test.


Even fundamental has bases of unity (Ephesians 4:1-6)

  1. One body

  2. One spirit

  3. One hope

  4. One Lord

  5. One faith

  6. One faith

  7. One God and Father



We will pray tomorrow for Palawan and they wanted to divide this into three provinces in order to Islamize these islands.


This vision is born – the unravelling of our 490 year of Jubilee Season. March 9, 2009, prophetic conference of Cindy Jacobs I was then the Secretariat of PJM.


From March 16, 1521 to March 16, 2010+ 490 years biblically counting


The Holy Spirit said “Bilangin mo kung kailan nag umpisa pumunta rito ang mga Kastila” (in Tagalog). God spoke in 490 years when I was on the stage then. Even the Catholics do not know that. we are entering in our Jubilee.


During that time we in IFP was in 20 years praying then. Nothing seemed to change but we did not know it that we are entering into a season. Principle is in Daniel 9:24.


So we went to Cebu where the first cross was planted. Philippines was then called Islas de Lazarus. That is what this political party is called “Bangon Pilipinas.”


In 2010 Bro Eddie’s dedication the Philippines to the Lord so he run for presidency but he lost.


We invited Sadhu. I read his books, we saw his life. When Eddie run for presidency, we have been divided.



We fight each other in the internet. There are some theological and political debates. So I would answer that. I said to the Lord “If we cannot unite this nation, better take my life Lord.”


The vision of a bamboo split


3 Day National Prayer and Fasting

April 21-23, 2010. Rizal Memorial Baseball Auditorium, 20,000 people prayed 6am-6pm. Wyden sponsored 2 pastors from each province.


So we did this united repentance, reconciliation and foot washing. IFP pushed this hard.


Now Bishop Tendero became the head of the world’s evangelicals. Tendero is the head, he is a Filipino. Pastor Paul Chaste was there.


Greg Tingson run for General Assembly and changed the Divine Province into Almighty God in the 1987 Constitution and he debated with Blas Ople, one of the brightest senator.


Diwa Gunigundo was able to release billions of pesos with Biblical verses that says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”


Robert Misst said “forgiveness is not enough. He asked me what we have done after the foot wash. Bloodshed will come when we are divided.


Love must be fervent. Cold love is as good as no love at all. “Love must be fervent” said a tiny still voice of God. (1 Peter 4:7-8).


From there we started the Breakfast Fellowship then followed by Palawan 1 formerly called “PCEC-PJM Summit” then Wyden volunteered again The Legend in Palawan.


Puerto Princesa means “City of the Living God.”


Pleroma Greek meaning “fullness” can comes only once. Kairos (Greek: opportunity) can come 2-3 times. We are on the last arrow.


Robert Misst saw this vision that “we are having the last arrow.” We need to contend the destiny of this nation. FP and Palawan convenors are determined for the destiny of the nation.


Let us also welcome the CJ Sereno just to fellowship with us.



Jonathan Nate

He is a good father to us. I would to introduce to you Richard Jones….




Richard Jones

Father Heart Ministries




It is truly fabulous to join you here in Palawan. It is privilege to be with you here. I don’t know if I could live with what Wyden introduced me to you. I felt like a boy....



I am just asking what we should talk about this evening. To me it is the right time, but the Spirit of the Father will tell us what to say and how to say.


I wanted to ask Frank to prophesy on me what I would say. But he did prophesy. Pastor Dan told it already. Actually it was told by Misst already.

What happened after the feet washing? What now? I am humbled what have gone through that end up to feet washing?


Can we love one another that it will come to witnessing as a witness to them?


Have you repeated the same way again. Have you learned from Bible College? Do you know what I mean? That is....


Criticizing the preacher? I saw the same thing in my heart. I went to my home church ... That I could be the assistant pastor and I would love to support him and I will live by faith. His name is Tony. I have this stabbing knife. Tony have good preaching gift. But he is old and I am good and I am gifted. He will retire in couple of years and so I will take over on his place. That is ungodly spiritual ambition. I went to Tony and he said asked the elders. So I was interviewed by the elders and they said, “What is your motive?” I told them, “This is the calling of God and it is God calling in my life.” They said, “We don’t believe this is the will of God?” I made an appointment to meet with the elders, and I was so mad.


I said, “Who are you who can hear the voice of God other that I do? You don’t appreciate me and you are threatened by me so I withdrawing my church membership,” I said to them. They were blinded by the devil and I need to open their eyes and they need me to pastor the church. I did arrange that meeting. I was walking form lodging to the classroom and I have readied my eyes on them..


Richard, Richard....This is not mine. What is your planning is not me...” The Lord said.


But everyone knows my gifting, my calling...

Then God said, Richard this is not my will.. My will for you is to repent and to ask forgiveness of your ungodly ambition and repent. Ask them to forgive you and not the other way around.”


That was I did. What came later is foot-washing. This energy that came inside of me, and the stirring that what I call it orphan heartedness... having a heart that does know that is I had a father and it does have a heart that is true identity and ask to ask to find a new way.... I have no name because I don’t have a father and to drag a name that is for my myself...That is the craving that I have for my life... I feel that I am not important.. I have this low esteem. I have to create my own ministry and have to go my own way...


I am a bullet ... I got to find a new value and find a new worth that I am the beloved...


Father spoke to my about the story of Esau and Jacob. The one that is highlighted when Esau was born and Jacob was grasping the heel of Eau and he was grasping to Esau’s heel and he was competing. I wanted to be born first and need to merge first and just before that it speaks out the wrestling and the babies are wrestling inside the womb and they are grasping. The same wrestling and grasping as in the heart of Jacob.


Just like anyone else just like the heart of Jacob who will use everything that he can, in and out to do everything just like his brother. He wanted to be in the top of position. He was after for something else. “I will give you my inheritance if you love me now.” “ And I competing?” and that includes his inheritance. Jacob started manipulating. I could see this in my heart. I am manipulated. I coerced. I maneuver. I am just like a master chess playing... so that all the board are leaning on my favour. I can see the same wrestling inside of me and to create a name for myself... and to build a ministry that others can recognize....



There is a subtle thing which is very competing and comparing. What is my heart is looking is something else... Just like what Jacob is looking for...In the lives of Jacob and Esau and they experienced favouritism and rejection. Isaac loved Esau. Rebecca loved Jacob. What Jacob would like to be after? The love and the affection of his father ? Jacob wanted to be loved in the same way that his father loved Esau.



There is longing in Jacob’s heart, that is deeper than family. A longing the came from heaven and longing that flows from the throne of God, longing that longs from the very heart of God... that we will be loved just like the first born son....



There is hunger and there is thirst for love and true identity. And when we will live as orphans we looks for that and then we run for the orphanage and then we live in an orphanage and we are trying to search for value and identity whether it is true for achievement or reputation, or for sporting abilities. We are longing for love and no one can fulfil that and no human being can fulfil that love...



The love that we are talking about, that when we talk about the love of God and we are thinking for the most loving people that we know, and the people who loved us – the parents –grandparents, it can be a coach or a teacher, , pastors or youth pastor – we think that these people are the one who have shown to us love and kindness – and they have tears, time to us – perhaps that is the love of God to us – we bring these experiences and stir them together and we believe that is love and then we tend to project that as is the love of God.




When we come to this question what comes after the feet-washing; then we tend to look unto our own ability, what is it that I have to do? What should I change my behaviour? That is incomplete, un-entered dead-end. We don’t have the capacity and the ability to love as God loves. The heavenly father does not want us to love the way we want – he wanted us to love the way he loves us because He is the source of love. Only Him can pour the substance of His life.



I have this book that I am reading – the exploration of love – “Surrender to love.” If you continue your relationship with us, do you find loving people that you don’t love before?


If not, then you know not about love. We have exchanged the dynamic relationship with God with theology.


1 John 4:7, “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.” God is love and He who lives in love lives in God then God lives in him....


Christianity is not about what we know. Christianity is becoming about love. We are created in God’s image. We are created in God’s image. Sometimes we say we know. Psalm 8:4 says, “Who is a man that ye are mindful of him and you created him lower than the angel..”


You have made us lower than Elohim. God is the only facet of his personality. 1 John 4:7 says ”For love is of God.” If you will bite him and you will get the mouthful of love. We misinterpret that even. We thought that is holiness. Is it exposure of sin?


The light of God is the love of God. Love is patient and kind. Effort is something that I am pretending that I am not....


The love of the father will change everything for us. Utter change it. It transformed our relationship with our children. It transformed our marriage. Our love is too self-centred and self-serving but the Love of God is other than that...


When we talk about the love of God – how to explain that – much bigger than what we think of. Sentimentality is love without responsibility.


I watched the Lady Gaga. I cried and I was happy. Sentimentality but without love. The love of God will lay His life to you. If you have the opportunity to look into the eyes of Jesus and through the eyes of the Father,,,, eyes that it totally different from others, an eye that totally focuses on you, too focused on caring for you...this is what is light. God is light...


Christianity is not about theology./ Christianity is not about self-effort or doing what you can according to your own strength. Christianity is not about ministry. Ministry will cease one day.


Children are true inheritance. Our relationship with God is eternal inheritance and yet ministry is not. Ministry is just a temporary convenience. It is all about love that matters. It is about becoming in love.


John 17:22, “And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one.”


John 17:23-26, “I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me: for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them



What comes after the feet washing?


The father is the source of love while the son is the action of that love and the exact representation of His being.



What Adam experienced in the garden is like a son. What is the relationship of Adam to God in the Garden? It is the love of a son from the Father.



Luke 3:38, “ the son of Enosh, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God...”



John 17: , “ That I myself must be in them.””


A lady can truly understand how it is to be a bride of Christ. But I am not gay and I could not truly fathom much how it is to be a bride. I just had a minor heart surgery and I had a thought whether I could still preach. The Lord said to me, Richard give me your heart and take me my heart.”



What comes after the feet washing?


The Lord said, “My love is like a teacup and not that of Niagara Falls. Love is at on his knees. Love is in Philippians 2:6 , You attitude is the like that of Jesus ...but emptied himself....”



John 14:18, “I will not leave you as orphan, I will come to you...” See love is coming to you, i.e. “emptying up.” We will come to the end of ourselves and the end of our ability. The love of God will demolish denominational differences and the love of God will demolish our political differences. And Jesus is constantly focusing us to the Father.





Ramon Orosa



(Peps: I saw the billionaire Ramon Orosa being escorted by someone seemed to be a personal attendant. I had a chance on 2014 to be seated with him on a Business Class for straight 9 hours from Tel Aviv to Bangkok. He said he pastured for many years but never experienced fully yet the love of the heavenly Father. When everything gone wrong including family breakdown and P2-billion business loses, from there that he cringed the true love of the Father. He sought it and he received it. I often heard him saying the word “Papa” to the heavenly Father as if he is a merely 2-year toddler where in fact he is over 70 years old during that time. From then till we changed flight in Bangkok, I heard him spoke the “Father-heart of God”).



Leo Alconga

Devotional Speaker

It is my joy and honour to introduce to you as our speaker. I have just known him for just a few years. Just 30 years. He’s been a board of PJM and PCEC. He’s been in the pastorate of 30 years. HE is chairman of VCF. Something “Every Nation”. His passion is to disciple the nation. Their main ministry is in colleges and universities.




Manny Carlos

Ministry through the Trinity



I am not a morning person unlike the Lord Jesus Christ who always wakes up early in the morning to pray. Now that I woke up early, I feel that I am very spiritual person.



I was in Korea for the Doctoral Program and when we have an immersion in the world’s largest Presbyterian Church. We had before with Leo Alconga and Ed Villanueva and Dan Balais when we are still being invited by Robert Wagner. They are a Buddhist nation from zero to 35% Christians today. S. Korea is the 11th largest world’s economies. Am amazed of their prayerfulness and the hope of what God can in that nation. When you certainly go there and pray there as Korean style- I wonder, our church not a spiritual church. And it dawned on me as a Filipino Church is we would to dawn our prayers into a worship. When the Filipino church will worship God as if it touches the heart of God?


I am often being asked by others, “How come you were able to pastor the church in 30 years?”


ATS Board Gener asked me to talk to the Board when I am an atheist drop-out. One of the most important things I learned from Theology ... I know that I am more confident not that of a head knowledge but is how the way I have learned to walk with God. That is what I am immersed right now.


My professors were able to give a definition of ministry that stuck on me and I used that now to enable me to focus the remaining decade or so in serving God. When I gave my life to Christ I thought I will be in the business or in the government. When I realized that it sustained in me in the ministry is the call of God. If you do not now the calling of God it is very easy to quit. The ministry is challenging me. What ministry that can sustain us?


Ministry according to that professor.... does not only sustain us but it will set us free. The ministry that we entered into is the ministry that we entered to God through the Son trough the Spirit. The centre of gravity is on the Trinitarian God more than us who is called to co-labour with Christ. I have learned if you take Theological studies, as if I am speaking, i don’t know even know what the books I am reading like a Medicine Books, a language that is foreign to me..


There is a Trinitarian emphasis on the study of theology. Understanding of Theology and that is the grammar of the Christian faith says one professor that makes Christianity unique. The name of God is the Father but they say the name of God is Trinity.


The point on this is not the grammar but the understanding that is to have relationship with the Trinity.


John 17:21, “As you father are in me and am in you, may they also be with us.”


What is the most amazing I learned is about the Greek word of Church among the ancient fathers is the relationship of the father, son and spirit is the word Perichoresis, which is the circular dance of the trinity, a compound word of perimeter, a description of a Greek wedding dance. As they turn and dance so fast, as if no longer three but just one circle.


Choresis is the word choreography came from.


In Korea I have learned, “Boom, boom.”


One of the pastors of our church is from the dance group, Maneuver, that they would dance and they just enjoy not just in smooth motion but in synchronization. That is how choresis comes in. The Father, the Son and the Spirit is in that co-relation. That is the amazing thing from God what God called us into.


Jesus when restating Peter and asked these question three times, “Peter do you love me?” See the importance of relationship in the ministry. He said, “Feed my sheep.” He called us into relationship that way he called Peter into the relationship.



Three parts of our calling to ministry

  1. The ministry of the Lord Jesus.


Acts 1:1/ NIV, “All that Jesus began to do and to teach.” In one sense of that statement is that Christ work is finished and in oe another statement the work of God is not yet finished..ministry, Jesus earthly ministry is essentially about our joining Christ in His ministry and not His joining us in ours.


What struck me in Korea is this, “The churches is burning us out.” They said they are tried. Ministry is tiresome. It is burning out. The faulty understanding of the ministry. What he said “I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against the church.” We cannot produce a convert but we can make disciples! That is what we are called to do. If we understand that, then that is the energy that what Paul said. Whose energy is the energy of Jesus Christ?


  1. The ministry to the Father.


A Grade 12 student committed suicide. She is from our church, a student of Science High School, an achiever why would she ever take her life away from her? If the ministry that we entered is the ministry of what Jesus Christ is then it is the ministry that He entered to His Father as well.


John 5:17-19, “MY Father is still working and I also am working. Very truly, I tell you the Son can do nothing on his own but only what he sees the father is doing; for whatever the Father does, the Son does likewise.”


Remember when Jesus healed on Sabbath and they questioned Him? You see the Lord is the Lord of the Sabbath.


When Lazarus got sick and finally died, He stayed behind instead of coming earlier. And Mary was crying, “If you have been here, my brother could have not died...” Jesus prayed to the Father to make Lazarus alive. Jesus wanted to demonstrate the love and the power of the Father to them. John 5:320, “The Father loves the son and shows him all that he himself is doing.” Many of us are being loved by the Father that is why God is showing His power on us. What struck me in Korea is this – this one recurring prayer – the unification of South and North Korea. I asked myself and my pastors, “What summed out in our prayer what that should be – the prayer that should capture is for the healing of our nation?” Every time we worship there is healing – politically, economically, ...



  1. Through the Holy Spirit. Discerning the Father’s will leads us to the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in the ministry. For only through the Holy Spirit ca we discover what the Father is doing. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor...” even while Jesus is on the cross, it is Holy Spirit still empowered Him. If Christ wanted to be empowered with the Spirit what more to us? Acts 10:38, “He anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power.” Romans said, “Those who have led to the Spirit are the sons of God.” Essentially the metaphor described a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit characterized by surrender and abandonment to the Holy Spirit. A continuing surrender and submission. 2 Corinthians 13:14/ NIV, “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit is with us.”

Prayer Time

Wrestling in prayers

Colossians 4:3a, “Withal praying also for us..”



Damien’s prophetic words:

You have a powerful and prophetic word to the Philippines. That powerful word is imparting in me that will come to the Philippines. That will be soon... the spirit of corruption and abject poverty will end up... you are about to be released by the Spirit... such a renewed and revival that will penetrate in the government... enough is enough for the suffering of my little onse the Lord says.



The Philippines will enjoy such a degree of prosperity that has never experienced before. God wanted the Filipino people to be humbled before Him. Revival will capture Philippines. The prayer of the nation has been heard by God. The son of perdition will be bound forever. The exciting time is if you are a Filipino. An exciting time is the season of blessing and experiencing the personal encounter with Jesus... the encounter revelation of Jesus....corruption will fall. Christ will do the unity. Filipinos get ready, fasten your seat belt.




9:00 am- 6:00 pm


The most serious thing that we will do tonight is the basketball. Yesterday, since the shirt is also the notepad, the light blue one – use them. 7-9 am is our breakfast....




Ptr. Joshua



Conflict is not something that you must run away from but it is a time to grow – Richard


What comes after the feet washing but the love of God. It begins and ends from his heart – Richard.


How can be one? Not by own strength. The love of God will demolish all theological and denominational indifferences – Richard




Richard Jones



Frank is a humble person who always comes as a person to come forward to ask for prayer. And yet he has a large ministry. He is a boy from Auckland, he is the father of two children – Luke and Ruth. He does who knows him in the Father heart of Ministry ....






Called the The little boy from New Zealand


I was struck with Brother Dan’ story .You have to understand from where you have come from. There is a great significance from the feet washing.


Just recently I have the opportunity to speak to the land. You need to hear the voice of the land. I have to represent the indigenous people. I am struck with the lady who was leading us to what she praying for – it is about the death of someone from the land – “most people think that reconciliation is horizontal. That is now what we are doing today. “ The reconciliation that God wanted us to teach about is the heart of the Father. The reason why it struck me is because I have not yet truly had reconciliation. The thing of reconciling parallel is to have horizontal. There is a need for us to listen to the land and to its rhythm . I begin to hear about the journey in New Zealand.


One of the question that Richard asked on feet washing – if we look for the question of the big question is found in how He is dealing with us. He is dealing with us on the things that has not reconciled yet. What you have to say and how to say it?


I would speak to you the way the indigenous how to speak it.


There is a picture that struck me... the illustration on the New Zealand about the Hobbit’s, The Movie, about this dragon – and about this bowman. The picture given is that the Filipino people are seeing Jesus and all of them have their own last arrow.


This is your last arrow. And each one of you is holding one.


I will be speaking to you about this....


I was talking to a group of people on a place that is much bigger than this – doctors, lawyers, teachers.... and I am just truck driver. They were thinking that I am just joking and they talked about my personality.


In order to fulfil this role I said “I need you!.” I felt there is a contraction in my stomach and held on my chair and lifted myself up and started to groan. My thought was ... I begun to lift my lips, am trying to say a word....but I cannot say anything. Days later, when I come to the meeting I could not opened my lips and I could not control anything else. I cant walk. I can’t talk. And I can’t do anything. At the end of the days, my friend told me to walk and to talk. I can’t.


He begun to come to the aisle which means he will give me the spear. “Whatever God is leading you go.. I don’t know what is happening to you Frank but whatever God wants you to do, we will do...Frank, we don’t what is happening, where you will go, we will go!”


I’ve been struck with the feet washing that in the Jewish culture is the most lowest, degrading situation. It’s significance is in the labouring of yourself, and humbling of yourself. It is also the invitation of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet – it is not about being clean. “Unless I washed you feet you have no part,Jesus said.


You have to spend the last arrow in the feet washing. And I would tell you why.


Just recently, the heavenly Father said to me, “Lie down.”


What will I do with that? When you lie down, what will you do ? Nothing.” He spoke and said “Lie down.” I looked again.



I realized that I have misconception when it comes to JOURNEY. It about speaking the Pacific Navigation. There is one fix point in heaven and one fix point is in you. Between two points is the horizon.. What happens is that the horizon will come to you but you have to practice in different perspective.


I am on the journey. Every place where I count to the journey of the father is that I will find myself – be physically, or financially.


If you would come to end of yourself then that is when you find yourself. You go to the hospital and the doctor will say “be still!”.


(Peps: To be in still is the most pitiful experience I had ever had. I had this transient ischemic attack (TIA), a stress-related that nearly paralyzed half of my body. I was then 40 years old. When I was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Room, I was told to be in still for many hours laying down on a stretcher, my body was completely at rest and only my eyes moving transfixed on the hospital’s ceiling. It was indeed very humbling when you want to move and stand on your feet and do your own business and YET you are told not to do so. I was then on my 7th year in the full-time ministry and I was kinda busy myself doing this and that – trying to impressed the Lord how faithful I can be in His vineyard forgetting it is not about the ministry but it is more about relationship with Him. After 8 hours merely looking barely on the ceiling I was transferred to another room. On such a very desperate state, the Lord spoke to me very, very clearly and He said, “Peps, I am not interested in your ministry not matter how grand would that be. My ministry is YOU!” That is why I can relate to Frank when the Lord told him to lie down as if he’s dead).


Then what will you do? STOP!


I’ve been to 19 nations and I have seen more and talked to thousands, of thousands of people. The thing is when you rely on yourself you will be emotionally burnt out.


What I am chasing finally comes. The direction is life will always comes from the above. John 3:16. The Holy Spirit is given to us by the Son. God wanted to give to us the kingdom... Every good and perfect gift comes from above, comes from the Father and there is no shifting shadow,” (James 1:17).


There is this little orphan boy... (referring to himself).


-I have this Belgian friend who has this lung cancer. He tried everything – 24 hours prayer and fasting and changed his diet and he gave up. Then the Father told him, “I will heal you.



God told me that “If you will be healed then you will tell it is because of healing. When you fast you will tell because of fasting..”


Samoans know everything. My father is a Samoan. The journey for me is not about, not about my independence or my trying hard. My journey for me is about the Father....He is the father of 10 children. When I was 5, I would stand five meters on the door of the house. My mom would wait for my father to come home. When his face is good I would run for him. When his face is bad I would ran to my mother.


When my father would come home... my father doesn’t speak English much, my job then when I came to primary school and that I am good in English I become the spokesperson for the family- I speak in behalf of my family to the office, to the hospital, to pay mortgages. When I was 12 I have earn money and have to take care of the finances. When I was 16 we had this domestic problems at home,.


When I was 16, the children kept on jumping on me, I played rugby. I would put my arms my dad around him and squeeze him and I would say, “Dad no more!”



When I would say, “Who did this to me?” And the face of my father will come to the picture. My friend told me that I am not a son of him and he was not a father to me... He said “you are losing your capacity to be a son to your father.”

I am spokesperson for the family, and a family provider to them up to this very day. I am the most, strongest person in the house. Then he (my father) left. I was breastfeeding once. It was just done once. We have family photos on the wall of the house and my brother looks like this (badly looks)...


We don’t like to have two mothers. We just wanted to have YOU.


I can’t be your mother and I can’t be your father. I just don’t know me. He is good to everybody else. My biggest struggle as a Christian is how is my father? You must always ask the question is that who fathered you? When I was 5 I do different things, until UNTIL, then the father have shown to me... God said, “The things Frank is your ability to do things...”


Your know Frank you don’t truly trust me” God said while I was in Canada. “How could you say that?” Then He spoke to me, “You don’t truly trust me and you trust me only on around 11 o clock.” I said “I don’t even have a clock.”

God said, “There are two of you,” I said “I am just one...” I said. The eleven oclock is there. After 11 o clock is the new you. I have to do it myself and yet you do it yourself. You think that your old you is more better than the new you. You looked at your old you from your father” God said.


You know the whole story? This is your last chance?


If God doesn’t He is still God. When we come to the end of ourselves, then He will come to us. He will not leave you when you have to leave it yourself. “I always come to you,” as the Father said.



Will He comes to me when He was not become a Father to me? In New Zealand we popularized this – “Do it yourself!”


What I am saying to me, that He is teaching me on the circumstances that He is bringing me to the end of myself.



Isaiah 14:24, “Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.” The biggest transition is not how we surrender everything about ourselves, it is about Him.



Unity is about simplicity of surrendering yourself to Him. Unless you are my father whom I have known, I will result to my own, I said. God deals with the nation as He deals with me.



Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house. I am learning to be a son only when I learning to be about the father.


I lost 8 houses and I lost my dad and mom in three years time. The Lord has been speaking to me, “Frank I will rescue you.” We lost the business, we lost the house and we lost everything. Then I lost my father and he died.


I said to the Lord “I thought you said you will rescue me.” God said “ I did not say I will rescue you from your circumstances...NO! I didn’t I am rescuing you from you...” “I am rescuing you from you...I’ve been following you from you.” He is jealous from you. Love is like a hurricane...” He is jealous!


Weakness is the power of sons. John 15:6, “Apart from you can do nothing.” I will tell you about my experience. APART FROM HIM, NOTHING.



David seemed to change the destiny of the nation by storm. Moses introduced the stick. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abendgeo – they don’t have a stick – but they stood.


One day he said, “Frank, what will you do to change the world?” He said to me, In just three days, one name (Jesus) and the whole realm changed”. He was laying down there. He was defeated. The only way- He (Christ) lied down.


(Peps: That is the reason why God told Frank “to lie down,” for him to die to himself as an old him, old Frank. That’s the reason also that God allowed me to had an attack when I was 40 years old, during the 7th year of my full-time ministry, and let me know that it should be Him and not me who does the work. When you die of yourself, Christ rises in you).



As long that the Man has one son- as long that the son will lie down …. It is not the strategy. He brought me to my knees. I was so desperate and I looked at the men of the Bible. Learn from Isaiah ... Learn from David was told to be in still, he said, “Oh my soul? And why are thou disquieted within me, my hope in God, for I yet to praise Him…” (Psalm 43:5).



Paul have learned to risked from the Lord and ceased himself. I died for Christ” “I have been crucified with Christ. (Galatians 2:20). He was a practical boy. They have learned how to surrender and yield and to live in Jesus. Nevertheless not my will, the Son cannot do nothing.


How about Jeremiah, the prophet?


Are you big enough? Are you strong enough? Will you come for me? The thing is reconciling this nation to God. Bring back the power of sons.


Filipinos are well known internationally as being too resourceful and ingenious. Have you held back anything?





Richard Jones

British guy

11:00 am



What you desire to speak to us is what you desire for us.


Probably about 10-15 years ago and I was given a book by Robert Clinton, he interviewed several hundreds of Christian leaders looking on similarities of their lives journey. Robert Clinton identified of 6 seasons in the lives of each leader, each with 10 years long, not exclusive, average of season for 10 years:


  1. Sovereign foundations. Even foundations that we laid even before we knew Him. Then as a Cub Scout, I have learned the power of bribery. If you know how to bribe your tent will win as the best tent. I can see the Father is showing to me in the broken way God is showing me the leadership ability that will inspires people that will emerge from me as a child. Robert Clinton identified that the Lord is building in our lives even when we are still children.

  2. Discipleship Season. Either we come to faith in Christ or come to relationship with God or growing up in Christian Family. Somehow we become serious without relationship with God and our desire to know him.

  3. Ministry beginnings. People begun to identify the gifting in our lives. And they begin to given us opportunities to spread our wings. Most Christian leaders never go further than that. We reached out a CEILINGS and we feel that we cannot go further. Most of the time, ministry that flows our own abilities, that flows from our resources and strength. The next season is most difficult – 10 years long.

  4. Wilderness season. What characterizes this season is the breaking of our strength, it is cycles of testing, the one described by Frank as the end of our ability, trhe end of our resources and strength. Howard, I first met him in a classroom in New Zealand, what we asked to us is to tell about yourselves to tell about something unique...He said, “I am a self-made millionaires on 5 occasions and been beaten with presidents..” We became close. One time we were talking, then I was picking dried leaves on the ground and I said to him, “This is what the Lord is saying is we will be like this is broken,” There is the beauty of death. Death is not about death in the Father. Death is about the resurrection. Death is the beginning of what He is about to do. The death of Christ and the life of Christ. It is not the death of who you are but the death of not you are. It is the death of an orphan. He will bring us to this place of beautiful reaping. Jesus is prototype. Jesus leads us in the way of weakness. In the Greek of the OT the word “ros to take hold of being God on himself “who made himself of no reputation.” He even embraced death – the death of common criminal – an agonizing death. It is the journey of weakness.


What father is calling us a lifestyle - to embrace weakness and uncertainty. What we are talking about is about obedience, doing what you do not want to to do like Abednego, Shadrach - . the major emphasis on various Discipleship it is all about our opinions, following is what God is saying.


Unless your life is defined by obedience then you are not a son but a servant. Discipleship is finished. Biblically discipleship is over.


One question asked, “Are you a simply follower of Jesus or disciple of Jesus?”


When I talked being a child, son, what discipleship looks like?

Acts 21:4 is when the words “and finding disciples is being talked about. Paul did not use the word disciple in his epistles. What Paul used is the language of “family,it speaks of intimacy. What is the breaking of our strengths and to return our intimacy with God in life is not about the ministry. Life is about the relationship. It is the teacher-student relationship. In Acts 2: becomes available since the Eden time, the spirit of sonship, the spirit where you “: cry Abba Father,” (Romans 8:15),. Revelations is like building blocks that is like teacher-student relationships.


What Jesus makes available to us in Acts 2 from the cross onwards is the intimate relationship. This is what He left on earth, as ministry that is flowing with eternity. It is an utter surrender of his life. It flow not from obedience but it flows from love.


Obedience is when your children hate what you wanted them to do but they did. (Peps: Love is doing not from obedience but came from the heart). God after own’s heart. The longer we are married the little we have words. Why? We have come to ONENESS.


Man would live his father and mother and become one in Genesis speak about unity. It speaks of the mystery of union. What God is looking for is not about our obedience he looks for intimacy, a union.



John 5:19, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise



What he is looking for is sonship and intimacy. He is looking for the heart of David to walk in his life. Life is not about to create your own ministry like Richard Jones Ministry”. When we are orphans, we create our own ministry. Why? Because we don’t have inheritance so we create one for us.


The fruitfulness of Richard Jones Ministry is zero. Apart from me you are nothing. Jesus don’t have his own ministry. He said “This is not mine. It is my Father who is doing His word...”


Ive been investing on a bank that has gone bankrupt. The Richard Jones Ministry. I have food that you do not know nothing about. My food is to do the will of the father to and to finish His work.” (John 4:24)


To work with Papa and not to establish our own business but to walk with Father’s business.


We look at this last arrow to the nations – it is about us joining in Him. Not about the Philippines but about last arrows to the nations.



Jesus in the NT is He is walking with His Father. What flows from Him is what His father is doing. When he had feet washing is not about Him but about His Father is doing.



What we see is Christ walking in communion with the Father. You can lay your hand to a woman who was in the sex trade yet you will say, “I will not condemn you.”


I was in Canada a few years ago regarding our ministry –



I felt that the Father told me to do another ministry and (God wanted me) put my head on his chest and he put his hands around me and I could hear his heartbeat... Ba ba.. ba... ba...” Then my heart is beating BABABABAB... As Frank embraced me, tangible love came to me begun to fall, something miraculous happened. In just one heart-beat, my heart beat synchronized with his heart beat. And God said “This is what I dream of to you. That my heart is synchronized with you. That you can see what I can see. That you will speak what I speak...”



We will come what we talked last night. The Divine Relationship. I was in the ministry with the thought I will become closer to God. So He would say, “well done, thou faithful servant” so that I can earn his appreciation.


The greatest revelation in the NT is not that Jesus is God – but that He is God- the greatest revelation is that the mighty God is our Abba Father.


I am receiving the Spirit of God is about the power of the power. Power is the currency of the orphans. The power of love is the currency of the sons and daughters.


When I went to Bible College, you could study what you want about Jesus. Christology, etc (wala me nakuha), There is no Bible College on earth that has a course that God as a Father.



The Father is greater than I,” Jesus said. There is a wave of revelation that is growing. A wave that does not flow without strength. It is a wave that flows from weakness, a wave that flows from surrender, a wave that flows from brokenness and submission.


Richard, you don’t have the preaching gift that you need,” the church elders said.


I went on the day and bend down on that night till 5am tossing on the bed, and I could not sleep,. Then we went to the local mall together with the children and I had this little speech. James said, “I would like to tell you the truth, “ I called the number of James. “I just wanted you to tell the truth... “ That is what I learned from college is you must preach what you know in perspective.” .That double-edged sword. Jesus is extreme. Jesus made people mad that they wanted to kill him. He was free to say.


Will you let go everything that you have learned,” James said.



It took me a while about that. Ten months later, we went to Netherlands. James said, “Can you just speak in 15 minutes..”


James said – When I was still walking in the early ministry- And Jack Winter, my spiritual father would like me to join-“. He knew Winter as his spiritual father. And Winter said, I am very, very proud father.” . And James said, “I am a proud as a son father.”



Whatever I have come into, I could not say very much because the love of God is as big as God himself. He wanted to bring bigger into my hand. He wont let it go of what I think I know – if He let go what knowledge I have – then let it go!. Ministry is a temporary inconvenience. It is the restoration of our heart relationship, heart to heart. God is love. He who lives in love lives in God.


It is not about what you know. It is about who you are in love with.


He is an adventure. He loves adventure. He is in love with His children. To live as sons and daughters, even Jesus is the Son to the heavenly Father.



We love- because He first loved us. The beginning point is not about our love to Himthe starting place is His love to us. We should keep coming back to that love. Everything flows from there. God is telling us and challenging us – you may have done plenty – will you let it go? What you think is not? Will you let it go to what you think you understand and die and lie down?



God: What do you really want? What is your heart is truly looking for? Jesus said, The kingdom of God belongs to these little children. Will you come this afternoon with the heart of a child or as a little boy?



Richard Jones




What is the most impacting thing that came to your life?


The word has life. The word can change the atmosphere. The word can even bring death.


What is the most impacting thing that God has ever said to you?


Malachi is 4,000 of silence. The message of bringing back the hearts of the fathers to their children and bringing back the hearts of the children to their fathers?


This is the destiny-changing he had said. That the word that was with God. The Word that He spoke is the Son. After the 4,000 years of silence, he talked about Jesus the eternal son.


In Hebrews 1:1-2, “ God spoke to us through the prophets but in this last day He spoke to us through the Son. The son whom He made all things. The son is the radiance of Glory and the exact representation if His being.” Jesus is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of his glory.


John 1:1 He was with God in the beginning.


Where this word came from (John 1:14-15)? Where this word came from? The word came from the father full of grace and mercy.


John 1:18, No one has ever seen God but God the one and only who is at the Father’s side, has made him known.”


The word came from the bosom, from the heart, from the breast of the father. A word that is full of love and warm and intimacy. What is the outcome of this Word?


John 1:2, Yet to all who received Him, to those who believe in his name, he gave the right to become the child of God.” It came from the overflow of the heart of the Father.

What is the most profound word that He said? “To those who believe in His name...”


In Queensland, New Zealand, I met this man and went there for 2 consecutive years and he said, “Richard I am frustrated and I don’t understand what you are talking about... Just lie down and just be like a son...I don’t get it and don’t understand it...”


I went the following years and Jeremy came running after me and he said, “I got it.” And I said, “What happened?


He said, “I am frustrated and discouraged and sold my house and I laid down on my bed and said God do something.... as I lay down on my bed....then the Father came to me and He said one sentence, “Jeremy you are my son.” He continued, “Now I talk about sonship, now I know about to be a boy.


Revelation is not from the head. Revelation is from the heart. This is not the word that comes from the intellect. That word brings life. Jesus said “My word is spirit and they are life.” They carry with the life of God Himself.


And so when the Father came to Jeremy, he did not speak to his head but he spoke in his spirit and his heart, on that little boy. “Ye are my child.”


The words of God has incredible creative power. When He speaks it is not just sentimental, when he speaks He carry on them and of them the eternal life of God in Himself.


My word will not return unto me void and it shall accomplish to the purpose where it has sent it.



The highest mountain in Southeast Asia is a volcano that has crater like with several miles across... when this JJPOOOMY (Peps: Not sure of right word). It eerupted and it sent up 15 km cubic of rocks on the air. They found the residue in the North Pole and the South Pole. A massive explosion.


Imagine that you are in the middle of that explosion.


When God created the universe – it is the Word that changed us. It is the Word that shaped us.


Ezekiel 37 read about prophesying on the valley of dry bones. “Can these bones lives? O sovereign Lord, Only you know... Dry bones hear the voice of the Lord.. I will make breathe unto and it create to you life... Ezekiel said, “As I prophesying I hear rattling noise... Come from the four winds...” The prophetic word brings in it life- the very life of God.


When Jesus spoke to the woman in the well he said, ”I declare to you, the time is coming when true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and in truth.”


Jesus said, “The season of worshipping God in temple is over, but worshipping God in spirit and in truth.”


We feel like we are the dried bones. And we look for the fruitfulness that we are longing for. And in this room out there, there is a rattling sound... there is rattling sound,. There is a rattling sound. It is not the army of bones but the army of sons and daughters.


It is for everyone. It talks about to mobilize your church in lording not our own effort. There is one people dying out here> W manipulated people. We use to use vision to get up peopke, to get up out there from their seats.


This is the vision of the church to the people?


This is not just the fastest leader that God wanted to go to the elementary schools or in the hospitals or in the business – but everybody wanted the heart of the Father.


When Jesus had the compassion to the people, he touched them. Love is his motivation. Love always reaches the love out of itself.


There is a Word that he desire to speak from His heart. You see that from the story of Mary. We don’t want to speak much about Mary. In Luke 1 the angel Gabriel came to Mary. “You are highly favoured...Dont be afraid Mary, you shall give birth to a son and ye shall call him Jesus...”


How this would be possible Lord? I am a virgin” she asked. The glory of God will overshadow you.... Then Mary replied, “May it be unto me according to your word...”



To those who will receive Him, to those who will call on his name shall be called the sons of God....



I was laying down on my bed with discouragement, “Richad you are my son, Jeremy you are my son. Jeremy I love you.” Not head to head but heart to heart.


It is a creative word. The most important thing that He has ever spoken and that word is a Son.


When I say that it is about the Son, I am not talking about the gender but relationship. We are all one in Jesus. It does not matter what country where you came from, it does not matter whether what economic background you came from....we stand on the Sonship of Jesus. God created us in equality. The only place that equality came from is in Genesis 3 which is a word that is a part of a curse.


When I talk about the Son, I am not talking about gender but status and identity. You must know how it is to be loved.


There has been a long time that I have lived as a servant and I have lived as son. God is not looking for servants but sons and daughters. God is looking for a son. Before all I thought about being a servant, of serving....



Mark 1:11, “ And a voice came from heaven, “You are my son whom I love withyou I am well pleased.”


I was there in 2009 and reading this verse about the baptism of Jesus, “You are my son...” How I longed those words from your lips. We run a school in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful place on the earth. I said, And I love to dip on the water at 12 and 13 degrees and I just wanted to swim you and me Papa.” .....love will come like an ocean. Love will come like an ocean....



I stayed on one bay, the water was so beautifully still and paddling my feet on the water... as I soaking into the water.. and on the tree I saw kingfisher with electric blue colour, very timid.... If you get closed to them, then it will fly immediately.... then the kingfisher flew to me and kept flying over my head, over and over on my head....


I don’t like to move, here I am and I am on the water. The water is on my neck and I said, “Lord I wanted to be baptized like Jesus...” He said, Richard you are my son, you are my little boy....”


The word of God will come with it the creative word, a bone-shaking life. The word of God that will bring with it speaks of life, the words of life, the words of identity. He has a beautiful poetry. I don’t like to write on the tablets of stone but I would like to write this on the tablet of your heart.



Papa would like to write a precious words on the tablets of your hearts - words of life, word of beauty, words of identity....




Ma. Lourdes Sereno


This is my second time to join Bishops and Christian Leaders Conference . I just wanted to fellowship with you.


Maraming nasaktan sa nangyari sa akin while I am being attacked, I was able to join Christ in His suffering. Di ka puede God to be cruel to His Children. He is absolutely good, He is absolutely just God.


So naalala nyo kung saan ako naipanganak, saan ako lumaki, how I came to know Christ at age 12, matagal ako sa Bread of Life, I also attended at CCF .....


I was appointed to the Supreme Court, when I was in Davao.... nag tawanan kayo how I was appointed to be the Chief Justice by then President Aquino.....


God could have just orchestrated that. You cannot box God. He is beyond our dreams and expectations. I am preparing for a long tenure for 18 years. I know that the next president can appoint the majority. I also know that I should bring judicial independence. And I should not please a president. You know that President Aquino was displeased to me several times. I was opposing President’s Duterte including his cabinet secretary.


With former SC Maria Lourdes Sereno


I could not announce but the media announced it....


I could not be impressed with power... When God gives there is abundance. I always been in the state of paradox. I am not impressed with world system, even the intellectual system be in Ateneo or La Salle. In all my decision points, I always very careful in the order of governance, in the home, the respect to my husband, it is not because he is always right, but I believe that God is generus, God rewards generously.


Many times in my life that I gave up promotions and international careers and obeyed my husband. Careers like major partnership like having mercedez benz at young age but to the point of not honouring God and honouring my husband. There is no bargain equal to that.


It does not mean that women are the least intelligent. But God simply implies there is an order just like in the organization. You must always believe even the decision is not right God can only reverse it.


His reward will be so abundant and His gift in very humorous way. How it did happened and how it did happened, that I become a CJ and I didn’t know that I will replace Corona.


No conflict of interest, modesty of life. It is not possible that I am susceptible to corruption.


I have such a battle of reforms that I wanted to tell the people in 2017 that I would make a point. If God can reform an institution, He can reform the institution even the whole country. There are some limited reforms and shown their slight protests.


From the time of fiscal, we choked up a record of 5 months. This year, ... Di daw kaya nang Filipino, KAYA!


290 electronically computerized in Judiciary when I left. We are the models and examplars as I said. We must be the standard of bearers of integrity in funds-handling. Judiciary has no performance evaluation before. Nobody measures the performance of anyone.


For the first time, we have the judicial affidavits and electronic hearings... How marvellous Lord your ways.



I was ready to lose my job and it is God’s and not mine. Only to be removed illegally by qou warranto. Why would Lord you allow that? I thought you want me to talk to the whole country?



So I was ousted. My accusers are also the prosecutors and my judge. The SC made a gag order against me. And also to revoke my license to practice law. I lost even my friends from the same practice even some who said they are Christians.


I find joy in the suffering of Christ.... after I was ousted with the gag order.... and that they wanted me to run for the senate saying “You are the voice to those who cannot speak...”


I am talking about people who talk against me....


A letter has been passed to me. It reads


CJ...I was raped when I was 16. My family fought to give me justice but after many years, too long, too expensive, eventually I learned to forgive and forget. When I see you fighting for you.... para na rin akong nananalo. “ So I understood that my persecution is being used by God in a way. There are many accounts of letters.....


I see young people rejoices when I talked to them about heroism....I can see the Spirit of God moved.... What is about my special point? It is about journey ----


We should never be impressed with power. It is deceptive. You will cry....There is this story of a young girl that she went back to her grandfather, a politician who is willing to shell out P50-millio for his campaign fund..She said, “Lolo, do not do that... What will you do with that? Will you sell your soul because of power? Lolo: Si CJ lang yan.


What I am saying is that there is already way of transformation. I was in Mary Hills Theology last week. Someone asked, “Chief may pag-asa pa ba ang hustiya?


It is my responsibility to stand for God for justice not only for what is right. Why we think that we cannot transform our country?


He must be our lot and our portion. Chief nakakatakot ngayon,” someone said. If you know what is right then do what is right. I have been politically misunderstood. Before I present very briefly my JOURNEY GUIDE. Soon, I will make a COLUMN- BAWAT ISA MAHALAGA.



If anything lack in our belief in a great God? I will be doing that soon....


I promised to tell you my life story as it progresses.... My JOURNEY. I have attracted people from all political ideologies – the atheists, the leftist, the politicians , etc and I would say “CHRIST is the Answer.”


On December 10, I will be sharing the unity and healing of the nation. Christ is the most revolutionary person. Christ is not the solution but the cross?


The leftist call Christ as schizophrenic. Or they would tell Christ is not too personal unlike the communists (who do house visitation). So that my Journey from Genesis 1:26 man created from the image of God.



Bawat Isa Mahalaga (B1M)”

A Journey Guide is 62 pages book. It is 8 week transformation journey and understanding of B1M’s 7Rs., A path to personal and national transformation. Pastor Caloy is the pastor of B1M’s which has Deep transformation principles. They allotted P200-Million Personal Relations (PR) budget to destroy me.


Bill Perry became is the first person that I know that talked about prophesy. This explains the 20/40 Window Lausanne.... China claims over 80 per cent of the Philippines... This is the new great wall of China. Survey shows that 80% of Pinoys do not trust China but Government trust China.


Palawan stands alone, this is the claim of BBL. They claim that this is their ancient land. Palawan is a controversial matter.






By Ed De Guzman


Kalayaan Island in Spratlys means “feeble defens,eplace of our patriots, so lonely and far away from the mainland. It is very far away from Palawan proper. It is the small group of Filipinos who positioned themselves in thaty area. This is our humble structure. A mouse of an island facing the sea...


Over at the outpost on Ayungin Shoal- is the Immovable BRP Sierra Madre...


This is how much means to us? Not even China would like to remove this immovable rock BRP, Sierra Madre ... It better stays there, this is the outpost of the Philippine Republic. If this does not break your heart, you must be born again.


This thing is happening as we see the physical danger.... but the “threat: is also an opportunity –open doors to the 10/40 window.


Passage in Isaiah 46:9-11, “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure: Calling a ravenous bird from the east, the man that executeth my counsel from a far country: yea, I have spoken it, I will also bring it to pass; I have purposed it, I will also do it


In the stillness of the night what is the cry of the father that can be cried from the west ----


Now Congress OKS bill splitting Palawan into 3 provinces....



The Plebiscite 2020 has the last say is the people of Palawan whether it will split into 3 - Palawan del Norte, Palawan Oriental and Palawan del Sur. In my QT there is no good in this. I can smell something bad here....


There are 29 Agreement signed between China and Philippines (only under the MOU), still can be intercept by prayer and intercession.


Massive infra and other projects: the feasibility study for Panay-Gumaras, Negros bridges project....


Isaiah 25:1-4


The east (Samar-Leyte) has already done its part (continuing).... The East is already giving glory to God... The Lord must roar from the west. Hosea 11:10, “They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west


Joshua 5:1, “And it came to pass, when all the kings of the Amorites, which were on the side of Jordan westward, and all the kings of the Canaanites, which were by the sea, heard that the LORD had dried up the waters of Jordan from before the children of Israel, until we were passed over, that their heart melted, neither was there spirit in them any more, because of the children of Israel


Let us pray for Palawan so that the body of Christ here be in one accord and in prayer. Acts 1:14. I release to you the word of the Lord in one accord so that lion will roar from the west....



Joel 1 when an army of locusts invade....

What is the solution.... verse 13-14,. Put on sackcloth... Matthew 21:13 House of Prayer...


The father has a house name.,...House of Prayer. What is the house of the Lord your God?.


Example: Destruction of Invincible Spanish Armada 1588. Protestant England stood against it under William Orange... May 28th 1588, 150 battleships with England has no ships.... Orange called churches to unite and pray.... God sent fierce stormed which destroyed most of the ships of Spain---


The west wind is the solution to the locust... Exodus 10:19.... The west wind ,,,,



The kingdom of the Lord should the the kings of this world must cooperate with.

Revelation 11:15, “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever



In preparation for the Second Coming of the Lord, God is allowing China to build massive road... to Jerusalem (Peps: called “Silk Road.” Since 1990 as a missionary in Thailand and Indochina, they “road” is being talked about. It is a massive highway basically for commercial purposes that links Asia, China through Silk Road to Russia, down to Jerusalem. We call that the “Alia” in Hebrew or “regathering”).


Palawan needs Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao....


Remember when Herod wanted to killed Jesus, Egypt hosted Jesus. Palawan hosted us for 6th time....Puerto Princesa is called City of the Living God, so we need to pray for Palawan. Hosea 11:10, “They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west



28 November 2018

6:20 a.m. Devotion

Devotional Speaker: Bro. Ramon Orosa


I want to talk to you today not from my mind but from my heart.


In other words I will not be much of a theologian and dogmatic. I have this idea and talk that when we dogmatized and theologized Christianity then we limit Christ.


Why this church or pastor is like that? And sometimes it is difficult for us to provide an appropriate answer? Otherwise the body of Christ is underperformance and we are not operating in the fullness of the presence of God? Christ in us the hope of glory. What does it mean to have Christ in us? Perhaps we have to spend time to study much of ourselves.


If we study Galatians 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ...”That is me who is crucified in Him...Now the issue that comes up what is mean to have Christ that is in. us? What is mean then to be a Christian?


H. Packard says, “What difference has Christianity with other religion? You and I are Christians that given this unique privilege to call Him Abba, Father.


What happened in the Garden of Eden when they sinned? What happened if they spiritually died and all they did is to bite that what they call apple? They are spiritually dead. There were nothing that they could havehad to restore that (lost) connection which is the start of self-awareness, that they start of their eagle-like life (soaring where they want to go). They saw they were naked, and it means they become aware that they lack something and they lack sufficiency when they became aware of that. They were left with the natural mind disconnected from God and that is what spiritual death is. They have learned to survive from their own means and that gotten worse and worse as time goes by.


We must be all aware since we become as Christians we seem to be like self-reliant. The natural mind ...what is created in mind is the most wonderful capacity and ability but on its own without God-connection will always be unfruitful.


You can love someone. Human love fails if there is no connection to God. When God promise to put into play that we may have second birth to the sacrifice of Christ, He is just being Kind so that we can be born again that does not make us self-sufficient and that we become God-dependent.


Ezekiel 36: “I will put my Spirit in you and calls you to walk in my ways.” That sounds simple yet sounds impregnate. What does it implies. It puts to death all that is self-effort. Don’t feel too bad about it. You want to know why? Even the Paul had that struggle even (he talked that) in the Book of Romans.


Two laws that is struggling in us:

  • One, is law of God

  • Two, is law of sin



Because of that, Paul is always struggling and that is the condition of many Christians today on laws of God and the law of sin that is in their members.


I pastured for over 20 years and I get to tell you about Paul’s struggles. I am aware of these two laws and I felt I am mutable. What are the other Scriptures on struggles? What does it supposed to mean. The natural man has no ability to avoid sin? How do we know that God loves us even right now? There is the 3rd Law. That is the law of Christ.


We are all called in Christ for one purpose to live the law of God’s Love. If you could change your ways as human being by your own efforts then we call Christianity transformative. If God draws us to change then that is transformation.


To understand that Jesus died that we can do it by ourselves and forget this self-sufficiency and then learn to live in the Spirit - .....”Live in Spirit,” shall we interpret that to live in power? To be filled with Spirit is to learn a new way of life that is possible in Christ and that is to walk in the Spirit of love. To walk in love is not to walk in human love but to walk in the Father’s love and that is what we are expressing in all our relationships and ways.


Galatians 5:14 / NIV “The entire law is summed up in a single command: Love your neighbour as yourself.”


Let us go back to the Eden. As Christians there is a danger that we bite from the tree of life and bite to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When eat the tree of knowledge entails judgment and condemnation. Sometimes there is much conflict. You cannot live a Christian life if you remain there (fruit of knowledge which to me is from Satan).


Which one that you want to live out with? Do it yourself! Why you walk in sin? Because you are not walking fully in the Father’s love. Papa’s love is incapable of sin. Why Christ is in you? You have been judged? But you are made acceptable in God.


What is the fulfilment of the law? And you can see that Romans 13:8-10. The fulfilment of the law is when we experience the love.


How do you walk in the fullness of sonship? To walk in the Spirit 24/.7 and submitting to whatever He desire and do not live to your own understanding. There is no room for self when you walk in the love of the Father. That is taking crossand die. That is sonship. That is to disciple others.



I want you to begin too many times that the focus of the church has to be changed. It must be anchored on the reality and spiritual truth. That is trusting Him. And you need Him no matter how great the efforts you could have had made.


This is how to walk in the fullness as a son. Another way of putting – seeing all things including yourself from the very eyes of God.


What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Ego and pride has many layers and you have to learned to die for all your sins. There is no alternative in living with the Father’s love. That is the best of discipling if you have people prepare themselves the love of the father.


How many changes, profound changes of attitudes, healing of the hearts that could possible happened with you and begin to walk in that love and your personality with change and you become the personality and character of God’s love?


There is no time that is too late to do that. The Lord is coming soon and walk in the Father’s love.




Ed de Guzman

Prayer for the Nation

Psalm 24:1-10. Let us pray for Palawan and we should not be troubled with China last night the Palawan bishops met. Last night they patched up their indifferences. A prayer for Palawan using Hosea 11:10.




Dan Balais

Socrates, Palawan has the only one that has continental shelf. Palawan is a very unique island and that is why when we are praying for it.


There are materials available from IFP and NFP especially to the group....This is the only gathering that gathers the top leaders from the Evangelical.s. Philippines is the only country in the world that has elders of the nations, elders of the province, elders of the city and chairman of pastors.”


The next 7 months will be very crucial. Since 2010, the marching order of the Lord is to CONTEND. We will operate in the Father’s Love but we will CONTEND.. We need to lead in the love of God.


Anciently speaking, the word “Ekklesia is the “ assembly of his governing council.The leaders of the church that time will not yield their nation without a fight. You cannot decree not until you are united. Revelations chapters 2 and 3. We are not competing. The Devil would like to divide us. We are multi-faceted like diamond.


We went to Nanjing, China where e are toured to the world’s largest bible printing company in the world. With me were PCEC Bishjop Pantoja, Eddie Villanueva,etc.. This printing press is printing up to the hundreds of millions of bibles to over 100 nations (to think they are communists). They do it for money. The president is the member of the communist country, the president of Amity Bible Printing Company...What is the enemy’s meant for evil, God meant it for good.



Breaking of Bread

It does not mean that those who are in the stage are important, those are not seen are also important.....




  • This is a personal notes. Expect errors then although they are not intentional. Human errors is not a sin but speaks of our humanity as frail or dainty.

  • My roommate is named as Pastor John Lubaton; Room 413, Legend Hotel.