What Have I Learned in Kidzania?


What Have I Learned in Kidzania?




Last November 18, 2017, Saturday, we had our educational trip. This time we went to Kidzania the newest attraction at Bonifacio Global Center in Taguig. Kidzania allows the students to experience real-life work scenarios.


Everyone enjoyed and learned a lot from the said trip.


Here are some testimonies from our students:





Zoe Gabrielle Disono

Grade 2




I really enjoyed my stay at Kidzania, I experienced to be a pilot, baker, singer, they taught me to make burgers and pizzas, but the best was I get to be a doctor for a day. It's my dream to become a doctor-pastor someday.




Arkin Daphne San Pedro

Grade 3



There are a lot of activity in Kidzania. Me and my classmates worked at the salon where they gave me a makeover. Then I became a pilot, a delivery girl at LBC, a pharmacist at Mercury Drug Store and Finally I became a cable girl at Sky Cable which helped me overcome my fear of heights.



Sophia Grace D. Estepa

Grade 6


I've learned many things in Kidzania. When I tired to be a TV Shopping Host, a TV News Anchor and a Radio DJ. I discovered something amazing about myself. I discovered that it is possible for me to achieve my dreams if I would just enjoy learning new things.



Ryzxia NicoleT. Eleccion

Grade 6


My experience in Kindzania inspired me to be a doctor someday. It aslo taught me to be more friendly. Having friends is really important. Friends can help us achieve our dreams in the future.


Most of the activities I did made me more confident specially performing in front of people. I believe that being confident in who I am will greatly help me achieve my dreams.





Psalm Corral

Grade 10



I learned and experienced many things at Kidzania, The first booth I entered was the Star Music Studio where I get to be a recording artist and somehow, even for a day, it made one of my dreams come to life.


I tried many types of jobs, and the best of all is my Electrical Engineering experience. They taught me how the flow of electricity is controlled to sustain the supply of electricity in the community.


My Kidzania experience motivated me to study hard and pursue my dream job in the future.




Paul Nathaniel Nicolas

Grade 9



I learned many things in Kidzania. My first stop was being a newscaster, I enjoyed it very much with my friends it made us closer to each other.


We learned to play basketball the right way and was taught about the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.


Then I became a marine life researcher and learned how fish becomes extinct because of our wrong and bad practices. I decided to become an advocate of preserving our God-given resources.


I learned to appreciate the value of hard work.