25th National Student Convention

25th National Student Convention

Pasay City, Philippines

October 21 - 27, 2017


Living Stone Christian Academy attended in the recently concluded 25th National Student Convention held at Pasay City last October 21 -27, 2017. It was a week-long event attended by 101 schools and almost 3,000 students from all over the Philippines using the School of Tomorrow Curriculum. The gathering is to hear God’s Word and an opportunity that would allow students to display their God-given talents and abilities in various events in academics, arts, music, platform, needle and thread, photography and sports.

Our school was blessed to send an 18 – member team to join the said event, 14 high school students and 3 Staffs and our Assistant Administrator, Mrs. Nelida A. Kho.


Back Row Left to Right: Jopher Joe Ribo, Psalm Corral, John Roderick Canabal, Gamaliel Paul Mariano, Mrs. Nelida Kho, Yvonne Rodulfa, Jorgina Reyes, Chloe Abalos, Gaius Paul Mariano, Paul Nathaniel Nicolas, Merk Allen Abella.

Front Row Left to Right: Andrea Joyce Zayat (alumni), Kassandra Mangisel (alumni), Cristine Zyla Celeste, Althea Buenaventura, Deborah Joy Reyes, Janephle Ribo, Rizalei Cariaga, Mark Norrien Mercado.


We have been blessed to win in most of the entries we participated in.

Needle and Thread

Dresses 3rd Place - Deborah Joy P. Reyes


Photography (Plants and Animals) 4th place - Janephle S. Ribo

Photography (Scenic Monochrome) 7th Place - Gaius Paul R. Mariano

Photography (Scenic Colored) 11th Place - Althea R. Buenaventura


Discus Throw 9th Place - Jopher Joe S. Ribo

4x100 Meter Run Male 14th Place - Psalm S. Corral, Norrien Mercado, Paul Nathan Nicolas, Gamaliel Paul Mariano

Table Tennis Male 14th Place - Merk Allen Abella


Science Exhibit – Theoretical 4th Place - Psalm Corral, Merk Allen Abella

Short Story Writing Filipino 7th - Althea R. Buenaventura

Short Story Writing English 14th Place - Rizalei Cariaga

Science Exhibit Research 11th Place - Althea Buenaventura, Cristine Zyla Celesta

Powerpoint Presentation 12th Place - Chloe Abaloas, Althea Buenaventura

Social Studies Research 12th Place - Jopher Ribo, Paul Nathaniel Nicolas 

Social Studies Collection 14th Place - John Rodercik Canabal, Mark Norrien Mercado

Website Developing 12th Place - Psalm Corral, Jopher Joe Ribo

Essay Writing Filipino 13th Place - Chloe Abalos

Pace Bowl (Quiz Bee) 14th Place - Psalm Corral, Rizalei Cariaga, Deborah Joy Reyes, Paul Nathaniel Nicolas


Wood Turning 4th Place - Jopher Joe Ribo

Wood Construction 5th Place - Paul Gamaliel Mariano

Marquetry 6th Place - Mark Norrien Mercado

Clay Sculpture 9th Place - Rizalei Cariaga

Wood Carving 9th Place - Paul Nathaniel Nicolas

Sketching 12th Place - Janephle Ribo

Acrylic 12th Place. - Janephle Ribo


It was indeed an activity-filled week. A week that would last a life time.

To God Be The Glory!