29th National Prayer Gathering (NPG) - Day 1

Manifesting the Light of God’s Glory

29th National Prayer Gathering (NPG)
Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP)

Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

March 27- 30, 2018

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Day 1

March 27, 2018 (Tuesday)


2:05 pm

Daniel Balais

We have 5 major prophets here and it is the first time that ever happened in the history of our Church. We are on the fork-road of our country’s destiny.


Let us sing this song... Israel was under the severe judgment of God because they did not listen to the word of God that is why Jeremiah prophesied this “Great is thy faithfulness.” God’s mercy endures forever.


Song: Great is thy faithfulness....


Thank you for these faithful watchmen. Thank you also for our speakers.


Like what Habakkuk said....Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places, ” (Hab. 3:17-19).


Terrible judgment is coming but You have not given up your people Israel. Thank you for the angels who is watching over us.


Please be seated in the presence of the Lord...




Manifesting the light of God’s Glory


Isaiah 60:1-2, “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.”


This is the scripture that the Lord has made us to make a theme for the NPG.


Habakkuk the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.


And it is happening now and we have these smart phones. Literally, the world information is right on the tip of our finger. You Google that and you will find it (info) quickly.


Knowledge will increase as prophet Daniel said. God will be revealing more His glory to his people. God is unfolding the revelation of his power. Eyes that never seen, ears that never heard.


Like laying of the hands, like foundation. Say foundation. We spend a lot of time in laying down the foundation. I am an engineer before. The Foundation Doctrine should be the foundation for God in revealing His knowledge. God is unfathomable yet He reveals himself to his prophets and servants.


Hab. 2:14, “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.’


If you miss the prophetic move then you miss the mark. We don’t merely pray but listen to God what he is saying.


Number 14:20, The Lord said to Moses ....Moses said “If you destroy the people, the kings might say...” and God was touched to the prayer of Moses and He pardoned the people. We have a play to do to the plan of God to this nation. Numbers 14:20, “And the LORD said, I have pardoned according to thy word.




Hag. 2:6-7. “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;

And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.”


We are experiencing the shaking of the nations. We received this message 20 years ago while we were in Mexico.


Three global events

  1. Great shakings. Haggai 2:7.

When 2/11 happened the world was never the same again. America is the most powerful nation in the whole world but security was never been the same again.

  1. The great awakening. There is a results of this shaking, “the desire of nations shall come.” Not

  2. Outpouring of the Spirit.



In the midst of troubles, the nations, the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached ( Matt. 24:14).


I shared to our speakers that the King of Spain, King Philip II who were then looking for spices in Asia discovered the Philippines on the Resurrection Day, and called this “Islas de Lazarus.”


We are in the middle of the east gate. The glory of God will come from the east. Korea is sitting on the lion’s gate. But Philippines is in the middle of the east gate. God might use us to bring the glory of God in Israel.


When we went to Italy and Denmark few months ago then He spoke in Isaiah.


Last year we have celebrated the 500 Year of Reformation. We are living in the most strategic time. We are blessed that we are living on such a time as this. The Gospel has reached the island already, even in Tonga near New Zealand and God is returning the glory of God to Israel.


God will come to Europe then to Middle East. In 2015. God has sent us to the 22 Middle East nations. But Chuck Pierce said “You are not only intercessors but watchmen to the nations.” We went to the most dangerous nations – Lebanon, Syria... but praise God we are still here.


I was blacklisted in Saudi Arabia 20 years ago. I am on the list. I am not afraid to be a martyr. Who wants to be a martyr? You can be a martyr just once.



Me and Pastor Ed de Guzman went to Saudi Arabia and attended by over 200 pastors from underground churches. I have the peace of God. I do not know whether my name is being deleted. We went with Bro. Nash, our apostle to the Middle East. We spent nearly a million pesos to go there. We went to Dammam and Pastor Ed was interrogated. Three minutes normally for the visa checking but more than one hour and half that took Pastor Ed to go through immigration. His fingerprint cannot be read by the computer. The Saudi said, “Our computer is being hacked.” Ed was interrogated but I was spared.


The pastors of around 400 from other countries near Saudi Arabia. Saudi declared the nation as Moderate Islamic. And the king stripped off the power of the mutawas. We went to Iraq, a war zone with many suicide bombers. We just stayed inside the Protestant Church in Baghdad. We went to the church of Dr. Farooq. We simply obeyed God and one month later we went to Iraq and the government recaptured Mosul, that is the old city of Shusan.


It is not our power but God’s power. Said God, “It is because your obedience.”


Intercession is very important in the spiritual landscape of the nation seeing the spiritual realm.


First vision. God said, “What do you see?” Jeremiah replied, “I see an almond tree,” Jeremiah 1:11.


The supernatural things happened to the mouth of Jeremiah, it is God’s Word. Whose mouth? The mouth of Jeremiah. When you speak, then it is the voice of the Lord is released. Psalm 29, says “It makes the forest bare.”


If you are intercessors it is very hard that you cannot dream dreams and see visions because that is the language of God.


Almond tree is a tree of hope. It becomes full blown during spring time. During autumn it is already blossoming. It is a symbol of hope, symbol of resurrection.


Why we are being called Islas de Lazarus and God allowed us in 1960’s to be the No. 1 in South East Asia. But God allowed us to go through a lot like the EDSA’s People’s Power.


Second vision is the boiling pot. Jeremiah 1:15-16.


Hyper-grace said that God is a loving God and he will not judge. Israel is God’s people and He disciplined this nation a lot.


Philippines have gone through boiling pot experience. “Calamity will come forth ,” says the Lord.

The Last Days will be characterized by two contrasts – the glory of the Lord is one. He is now in the Philippines.


Davao I saw in a video a local church with 30,000 members. Amazing things are happening there and they have a long stretch on the seashore lined up for baptism.


When the enemy comes, like a flood the Lord will make a standard against him.”


One side is the glory and one side is the darkness upon his people. What is then the standard? You are the salt of the earth. Matt. 5;13-14. When darkness is encroaching then the light must be manifested in us.


Let your light shine. Matt. 5:15-16


Let them see your good works – righteousness, justice and joy.


Luke 15:21, the glory of God is in you.


What is our almond branch today? A strong prophetic prayer movement.


I became a Christian on 1972 during the Jesus People, we are radical, was saved in the university. They call me tatay Dan or Kuya Dan.


We need young leaders today to continue the fight and pass the baton to them.


What is our almond branch? In 1989 the Prayer Movement was born. And the burden to pray for the Philippines gave birth in the People’s Power revolution.


This is 29th NPG.


In 1986 when the bombs of these renegade exploded ... when the military aircraft bombed Camp Aguinaldo it is just near in our church. When the bombs came and exploded, I experienced war, we printed over 50,000 tracts in EDSA. EDSA is Efipanio delos Santos. That is the epiphany of the saints. We are God’s lights. Anyway, we printed 50,000 tracts and distributed it. A million people came and all 50,000 tracts were gone in 20 minutes. I looked up in heaven and heard God and that was the second time when He said, “Unless you pray, your nation will be destroyed.”


Then this song “Heal our Land” came.


God heard us. Marcos fled. I came back to the church then the spirit of supplication came, tears filled our faces, a continous supplication. In 1989, IFP was born. We are not maintaining a ministry. We are obeying God’s command. We are not promoting IFP. We are promoting the House of Prayer of God.



This 29th NPG is when the nation has come to the fullness and we are on the fork-road, in our tipping point.



When Cindy Jacobs came on March 9, 2009 through PJM I was then the Gen. Sec. She is a friend of brother Eddie. And we had a Prophetic Conference again. Many have shunned away from the Prophetic. I was once a speaker with Eddie V. And Diwa Gunigundo, with over 6000 capacity in The Arena.


Cindy was then counselling a politician in the hotel. Then I was tasked to make the first speech. I was talking the time or seasonos: kronos, kairos and the pleroo.


We are about to enter 490 years. 7th times that we will experience our nation’s Jubilee. 490 years when the cross was planted in Cebu


Daniel 9:24 talks about the seventy (70) weeks which has a rich biblical significance, “ Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.”


We took hold of Dan. 9:24 and rented a place in Cebu and we had fasting and prayer to proclaim the Jubilee. Cebu was the place where the cross was planted before. I was attended by 400 people and 85 percent are pastors.


We blew the shofar to proclaim almond branch. But Sadhu rebuked us. He said we are not ready for our Jubilee yet because we still fought each other even in the internet. When Eddie ran for Presidency, the body was divided. And I resigned from the board and for 6 years I did not communicated with other evangelical leader until Sadhu was used to rebuked me. When I broke down with this prophet’s rebuke as I shared to the audience, around 3000 pastors knelt down.

Elijah prayed that, “
I’d like to die.” Passionate people experienced that. I saw a vision, a bamboo that split apart. A picture of divided church. I spoke to Bishop Tendero. On April 21-23, 2010 in the Rizal Memorial Stadium 20,000 people came from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It was followed by foot washing. I washed the feet of Bishop Ef. Bishop Ed V. led the communion and we sealed the covenant. And then we rededicated again the Philippines.


It is a time to embrace – that is Ed embracing Kuya Fred who campaigned for Villar. We all lost.


We declared our Ten Year Jubilee: 2010-2020 to catapulted us as a “sheep nation.” President Aquino also declared a political slogan “Daang Matuwid.” That was the platform of President Aquino, “Straight Path.”


He received the Lord. Ed V. preached the Word to Him. He received a bible. Pinoy is the most open president who received us openly. Ed explained to him the Islamic Caliphate. We are lobbying against BBL.


We had our Prayer in Malacanan. It is a change of seasons. Our peso bills had a landmark of Scripture in Psalm 33:12 in the beginning of 2010 through the efforts of Bro. Diwa Gunigundo. The Governor of BSP is sick now and should he resign Diwa might takes over. God do things mysteriously. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” is place on our peso bill.


Peso became one of the most stable currency next to Singapore in the whole world. We are the 2nd best performing economy in the world next only to China.


In 2016- it is the Pursuit of our missionary call. Our passport was approved by Aquino and placed Matthew 28:19 there. But when the next administration came, our brother – thought of might offending our Islamic neighbours changed it.


In 2012- Robert Misst said to me, “What have you done after foot washing. Reconciliation and forgiveness is not enough?... If judgment comes, the people blood will be upon your hands”.


Then we had a Breakfast fellowship sponsored by Wyden King and we had this Palawan 1. They were 60 of us. That was the first summit. We tried to be friends again.


The World Evangelical Alliance is now being headed by Bishop Ef Tendero.


Then Palawan 2 came and 90 leaders attended. Then Palawan 3 with Dr. David Damien who ministered to us. Then Palawan 4. Until Palawan 5 of November 2017, they were 260 leaders who attended.


The enemy will not contend this nation without a fight


David Damien said, “This is your last arrow.” Until I saw Hobbit, the movie, the dragon and the last arrow. And that will happen to the dragon on this nation.


In 2015. “Philippines in on tipping point,” says Jane Hamon


Prophet Sadhu while on Mt Sinai, Egypt June 2, 2017 he said, “I saw a crocodile laying down all over the Philippine Map.” Bro. Sadhu commissioned me to lead a prayer for our nation Philippines which was then under Marawi Siege during that time.


Bill Hamon which was 25 years ago, also saw the vision of the Philippines like a mighty man of war.


Then I saw a this mighty man of war in a vision afterward.


Bro. Roco from Australia said that, “The Philippines in the fork-road.” And whether in progress, glory or what it depends on us as intercessors.


2018 is the Forked Road Season. And we should have the Lion-Lamb attitude.



Our next speaker is... The Lord stirred his heart even though his schedule is very hectic. He is the President of Glory of Zion Ministries in USA. Let us call Chuck Pierce...



3:10 PM

Church Pierce


Let us call Bishop Daniel here. Let us thank God for Bishop Dan.


I saw something when you are talking


Beware of the Pharisees. Beware of the Herodians. What happen is the government spirit and the religious spirit that holds this nation. We will ask the Lord to break down that handshake of religion and government go. Let us give a shout of triumph to God.”


We honour the Philippines first in 1989 during Lausanne 2000. We were asked to send intercessors for the Soviet bloc and led to pray for those being persecuted. After that, I was led to Peter Wagner. He was with the Lord last October. He was the one who led us into global prayer.


His long time assistant is now the President of Global Lausanne not only she served Peter Wagner, she encourages prayer intercessors worldwide- come led us to pray.;..



During worship we have this vision – a beautiful balcony in heaven, with a great cloud of witnesses cheering us. There is something happening now that never happened before. Each one of you – he chose you before the foundation of the earth that he chose you in this place, in this moment.


I was called when I lost my family to serve Peter Wagner and that was in 1986, that was 22 years ago. And you are given a new key to begin to make war with, a key to make a decree, to pray....


You are ready to unlock things...


Again, I realized my reason of coming here. God told me to make this work, to give Joshua the victory. What the lord is saying “If you go there, you can still come on Passover.”


Bobby Connors will also come, they will say something for you. This is the defining moment for the Philippines. There will be the Apostle of Prayer who will come here.

There is someone from New Jersey who works up with New England State...please stand up...


We have the International Pastor and Worship James Vincent, please stand up...


We have one more – they went and played basketball.. He has four children. He is a professional bowler and he bowled with your Filipino champ, so when he came to know I will come to the Philippines, he decided to come. John stand up. You have tall bowler here in the Philippines.


Isaiah 59 in the last few verses when Pastor Daniel spoke about Isaiah 60.


Isa 59:19 “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”


This is Israel and they were told to be saved and they will be tried. Verse 21 when the enemy will come like a flood, I will raise up standard and with these standard you will move in another special way, I will put in your mouth, it will not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, your sons ans daughters shall prophesy, nor even to the mouths of your descendants’ descendants, arise shine and the glory of the Lord will rise upon.



Philippines will come to arise in new generation and the next 3 generations.


The Lord is saying to this generation – a new day is breaking, new horizon. You learn to receive the prophetic word. You embrace the prophets and you will receive the prophets rewards and you will be moving the threshold of the past to the future.


You’re moving into church season into kingdom season. You will demonstrate kingdom move. Not only church movement but I say unto you a kingdom movement and has begun in the Philippines and it cannot be stopped.


Faith has to be active. God is not looking how intelligent you are. If he comes back today, shall i see faith in action. Faith moves in times and place. That is Acts 17 is all about. It determines your time and place. Explosion of faith in this meeting begun to overturn every structure to set your future.


Something has to happen now. Be here now. Faith has to explode in the Philippines NOW. Revelation moves by faith. There is a time of revelation. You have to hear and decree the Lord present truth today.


We are now in the time of God’s time. Time is a circle. And God is bringing us to where he has been through now. This sets the course of your future. You are entering in present truth. New season for your as new breakthrough.


Micah 2;13. “The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them.”


I invited the breaker to come in. Every word you hear starts penetrating to your bone marrow to give active move in your blood. It works for your territory. Every place you set your foot shall begin action to come in the Philippines.


When faith is moving in you...when these dancers begun dancing see what will happen next.


It is coming now to your feet and it begun to shake the ground. We are moving.


This is your most important year. This is your 8 year when all of a sudden – 5778 – when all of a sudden and you will go through into the gate and into your future. Your next 3 years will ... prophets will tell you what time is all about – this will start this week. This 8 you will move to the gate of your future.

What is gate? ....Gate ...


Eight (8) is the year of new beginning. It links the first. Season of 70 a season to break all captivity from your promise. It is a season of watching! It secretly links to the crossroad. 8 is the crossroad season. You must be freed to make your decision at the crossroad. This is a season of angels. This is a season of sending.


The king wanted the diviners to keep your going through. AYIN- I am head. It means watching. It links to the angels. The angelic visitations is powerful in this season. When we gather like this, angels are also gathering with us – to make shifts to the crossroads.


I am the season of 70, season of sending, that is apostolic word. That is from pastoral that is set to the future, to send you into future what God will accomplish in the Philippines.


You have not been in this gate before. This is the difference, since we are in season of watching.. the gate – God will show you. If you never seen it clearly before, now God will show it to you clearly.


Gate is a place of authority. Gate is a place of identity. A gate is a sort of place of business and bargaining begins.




This year is about door. It is about going through. The other side of that door there’s a lot of many adversaries. 1 Cor. 16:9 like a roaring lion because he knows that you are in the move.


Your voice must be greater than your enemy. You are the door to the nation and to other nations. This year, that door is it already receiving keys.


Paul says, there is door in the future but many adversaries behind that door. Start looking for those adversaries.


How this is moving us? What are you about to be contending with?


This year is about gates, doors, angels, wealth and war. About moving a new level of overcoming, level of new generosity. Then all of a sudden then, you will call the enemy to flee. You are too hot to handle.


Keys to overcoming. Part of Philippines call is to contend. You stood there, you endured and you need to contend.


3 years of warring for the promise is ahead. Enter, enter to your breakthrough portal. Breakthrough is now beginning. But in these 3 years of breakthrough, there are lots of war ahead. This is a war of your promise. You must know how to forward in this promise.


This is important individually, corporately and territorially. Crossing over requires new anointing, it requires authority, it requires new responsibility. You enter the warfare of your future.



Crossroads is very important. You are moving yet you cannot start. Like Habakkuk “write the vision” and make the claim. How are you going to affect the regions of the Philippines, what will be the strategies be? Expectation is a promise.


Now, with that, warfare becomes very important when we advance.


5 keys structure behind the doors of our futur3e

  • Python

  • Leviathan’. Philippines is in the middle of that world changes. Smuck what is in the middle

  • Dragon

  • Jezebel. He hates Herodians and Pharisees. I am giving the Philippines an authority. To unlock. What is moving like Elisha knowing what the enemy is doing. You see that in visions and dreams and even the government will ask the prophets saying “How come you know what is happening.” God ordained you to orchestrate things.


Satan has these:

  • iniquitous greed.

  • Bloodshed, idolatry

  • Lust

  • Immorality

  • Covenant breaking

  • Ambition

  • Hatred

  • Lost and theft

  • Rebellion

  • Trauma

  • Lust

  • Covetousness


Those are VEIL. Jesus broke that veil.


You are going into the place that the Philippines will give you the power to break this veil. This power grid will beheld in place and Satan will try to hold that in that area – but this will never happen in the Philippines. In 2010 you are now moving in the new prophetic mantle.


Satan forms a veil and produces evil power greed that covers and hides your portion.


The world is looking now to the Philippines. Philippines has the dominion of the airways. Having open portals of this area. I am using you now to open up heavens that will affects the worldwide move of my spirit.


Philippines will set nations on alignment - a call of intercession in this year.


Separate the head of the leviathan says the Lord in . Psalm 74. IsAiah 51:9.


God said” The pHilippines will separate the head of Leviathan.”


You will see the controlling the apostolic harvest. To defeat the leviathan, you need to at him eye to eye.





You are putting a new mantle for the future. You are not just having intercession, but moving into prophetic realm, becoming a prophetic people- capable of hearing capable of declaring, capable of declaring a manifestation of the future.


In the next 3 years, after that, you will establish a harvest realm which never seen in Indochina before. When you put your hand on somebody...a new song, pulled down new song with and causing the atmosphere to shake and to make a cycle in the future.,,


(Peps: an African-American brother came to the stage and made a prophetic song saying, When you sun that song: “You are God alone , You are in your throne, You are God alone... And right now...”


Then he sung this prophetic song:


I am amaze in that he spoke the mantle;New authority; Everything begin to shift in this authority; Not just the leaders, not just the ministries; But it’s all about of us; The sounds, the worship will begun to move; In this new authority; You heard what church told you about the key; The key of David, it is the sound of motion; The most central demonstration ; Is the sound of worship; What thing about i appreciate in this music; Is about it is so God-centered; Take this mantle of anointing; And make decree; And move to make a song; And move a new sounds; See what God says; And hear what God says; And appropriate that in atmosphere.


Arise in new authority’ together; And climate will align with the Lord; The decrees will even shakes the government; And fall according to the word of the Lord; The word will shake the atmosphere.”





Why some of the world known men of God does not necessary representing a big name of ministry – Elijah, Elisha, etc. Not even Paul has a big church represented by him though it is mentioned he was sent by the church in Antioch. Why kings consulted with Isaiah, Jeremiah or other priests from the tempe?



Daniel Balais

4:10 PM

Get a partner and use the key of David. When Cindy Jacobs arrived and we waited for her at the airport lounge saw 2222, And that is Isaiah 22:22. That is what he gave to Chuck Pierce. Then Sadhu received the said word. He said that
Philippines is like the Philadelphia Church and also the Smyrna which are not rebuked by the Lord. Philadelphia received the key of David.

Chuck when he came here he did say to me, “
You are not only intercessors but also you are a watchmen..”


When we went to Siem Reap, Cambodia, we visited the temple during a Leaders Conference then I saw the Naga Snake, with 7 heads and this reminded me of Chuck Pierce, “Philippines is a 7 headed- dragon slayer.” If you count countries starting Indochina including Malaysia and Sri Lanka, that makes it seven (7).



The Lord told me to RISE UP and to CONTEND.


God is releasing his word and his prophetic anointing today to retake our provinces and islands.


PIERCE came here for him to release us...



Chuck Pierce


When a God is calling a nation to wear a mantle to link with authority and identity. Shamar is an awesome prophet, time to gather a harvest. It is very important to understand this call upon you.


This year is about, every year, but this year, you have an access which we don’t normally have, we have the ability to come in, to come in the gate to come to download in us.. the Lord’s Prayer watches the heaven....


This happen in war-freak ...The Philippines is in resurrection. The Lord ‘s Prayer is very important to understand. The disciples asked him to teach them to pray.


Our father

Who art in heaven

Hollowed be thy names...”


Let you use the name of the father which you never used before and bring that back to the earth realm.


You are going in to the Fathers’ strong room.


When the Lord gave his life for us and overcame the death and hell and he ascended and broke the head of Satan and sits down with the right of God there we have access in and out...


You have an access to the court room...that is very important in this season. This door in heaven and it is aligning over in your heart and seated in the heavenly places. We are just walking out here in this time where God puts you in. You’ve been here around a long time because He knew you have to be here in this time. NOW.


The earth reflects the heaven’s will.


The Earth reflects heavens will

  • The third heaven

  • Second heaven

  • The first heaven


The pattern of heavens begins to be reflected in earth.


But God by his spirit he is transforming our mind to think like him and uses our voice and change what is about in conformity of the enemy. You are the voice of God in this realm.


You are the voice of God in the earth realm.


He stamped your name inside of you. When you surrender your spirit to him then the name of God is activated in you, the word, SHAMAR. It sets the course of the sky or atmosphere.

When you speak the name of the Father and decree in the atmosphere then the atmosphere must conform with yourself, and whenever you prophesy, you make the atmosphere to shift.


Very, very important, heavens atmosphere begins



Five major shifts:

  1. Heavens atmosphere enters earth’

  2. Government in heaven is active

  3. government on earth aligns in kingdom force

  4. aligned, mobilized army legislatives heavens will in the earth realm

  5. a supernatural, abundant, rearranging, escaping grace is released.



President Trump is interesting. But God knew who will be the president in 5778 time. He was the one who declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. You see he realigned what it is in heaven to be earthbound.


We are the head and not the tail. There is supernatural abundance of rearrangement and escaping grace in the body of Christ.


Super. We are the latter church who received the super abundant grace.

The lord is doing a big work in us.



Ascending through the portal

  1. Jesus ascended. Eph. 4

  2. glory has the final word of operation in our lives. Heb. 2:9

  3. ascension is available to us John 1:50-51

  4. places and lands transform (Gen. 28)

  5. a gate opens for everyday access. Psalm 240.



When you hear from one thing that links to the faith. You can be held right here. Flew up on that place. 50 states in the America. I had a meeting in Texas when war on Iraq was mentioned.


25,000 of us came to move. A lady said to me, an evangelical lady who works in the government said I should come. She said to me, ”I brought you to this city in San Antonio so that you can decree that Saddam Hussein must be found in the next 7 days.”


That man that they were looking for is a much-sought person in the Middle East. I roared on that place. When the anointing left you I said, “Look what I have said?”


Am I cannibal on that word, what will I do with these? I decree, whatever, I decree.... all of a sudden then government officials came to the stage and said, “We are looking for him over a year now. ..” That is the word of the commander, written now in the history. The commander said, We will find him in the next 7 days..


Four days later, as I was seeking the Lord, the news came, “Saddam Hussein have been found.”


I said, “Thank you I will not be stoned.” I am here to tell you that when the church may ascend and make a decree, the land will be transformed, the gates will be accessed.... we have 7,000 church houses making intercessions.


You will become a portal. You become open portals of the Lord. Philippines will become an open portal in Indochina. There are remnants that God is forming. And the enemies of the Lord will fall.


The law of lift

Every object persists in its state of rest of uniform motion in the straight ,,,


The sounds of heaven’s throne must penetrate the sound barrier of the Philippines (Psalm 68).


This nation has been known in the 40s. God will start moving in you. Isaiah 64 is rending the heavens.


Isaiah 64:1, “Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence,”


This is what David did. It only takes one small word for the fall of the enemy whether he is touting you or accusing. Rending the heaven is very important. The heaven will win over the Philippines. All of a sudden the Spirit of God not only hovers but penetrates to the atmospheric movement. Stretch your hands, feel the presence of God..


Month ago, I was speaking then He said, “Open the phone lines and prophesy form 6am to 6 pm to anybody who calls in.” That takes a big effort. That is to quickly move. We set our phone systems to man the phones and the phones kept ringing and ringing and we prophesied to over 14,000 people in 5 days globally. There is such a hunger ....you can walk on that building and the presence of God is so tangible. So we could barely stand up on that building.


God is doing something to prepare us. God is getting ready to train you in a new way, to activate you in a new way. So when you rend the heavens, Isaiah 64, the Philippines is rich. You have covered the history.


Once the heavens opened up, your desires shifts. Because if you are aligned and listened to the serpent, your desire shifts .... from then on, we contend hearts’ desire against our desire.


With open heavens, new missions field will be found. You will redefine the mission fields of Indochina. You are chosen to move forward on these. Heaven is invading. There will be unconventional revelations that begins to flow from heaven, redemptive acts occur on earth, restorations will be in operations.


In the next three years will come into order, and you will become a prophetic people, and what you says become very important.



What you says

  1. revelations expressed through human words by voice and vision

  2. prophetic revelation will be pressing and remind the Father God in heaven. When you speak to the heavens, the word you said creates an event. You create an event then , from then on you create a movement. What you speak becomes overcoming swords. The enemy hates you,

  3. law and life expressed through Jesus examples

  4. heavens words create an event – there’s freedom

  5. your message become an overcoming testimony against the enemy‘s blockage.


Be like Elijah! Pull God’s plan into the earth (James 5:16-18; 1 Kings 18).


The easiest way to understand the shamar prophet is to learn from Eliljah. Elijah is like you. We have the same type of the same emotions like us. He is very much like you James said if you are connected with the prayer of faith and learn to what Elijah have done.


When you say, RAIN, IT RAINS. That is powerful. When you says it and let it around it to the bucket it shall be done. You can make a cause to the atmosphere. What Elijah says then that word will affect him.


In the next 3 years will be very interesting in the Philippines. Much motions, much contending. And you will wear glory in that year and the enemy is afraid of that glory.

Elijah has to follow the Lord. The ravens have had to feed him. What are you doing in the gate?


1 Kings 17:10, “So he arose and went to Zarephath. And when he came to the gate of the city, behold, the widow woman was there gathering of sticks: and he called to her, and said, Fetch me, I pray thee, a little water in a vessel, that I may drink.”


When he asked at the gate, the woman said she is making a cake then she and her son will die. Elijah reversed that saying IF YOU MAKE A CAKE FOR ME YOU SHALL BE PROVIDED. And it was done.


After 3 and half year, IT IS TIME. The next 3 years is the key years. It is for individually. It is for corporately. It is for regionally.


Intercessors could be strange people. He declares things in heaven for the earth realm.


See, Elijah said, “Go look” and the servant sad “Nothing” That he tried several times. Until a cloud as small the size of a palm appeared then IT RAINED,


Redemptive purposes on this nation pull it on the earth-g realm that is what the shamar prophet is. It has an Issachar anointing. He knows the time is coming.


There is a cloud a size of man’s hand. Then he came running. Because he knew he pulled from the atmosphere. In the next 3 years you need to activate, the watchman prophet. And say one by one and pull them into the atmosphere. It is time for the Philippines to change.


Think about Elijah... he makes it to the gate. He stands on the gates. He has the authority, has the authority to course the nation and Jezebel talked to him. She saw his words. He saw the demons spirits on her words. Then Elijah backed out. He lost his position.


You are called to contend and never lose your position this year. You are called in a place to contend. God is giving you a position. When he did that just like the Israelites, who came to promise land and postponed and made it backtracked for 40 years.



God is saying that he does not want this move and position to be postponed.


And I say to you will not back out from this gate. God pushed me into the next season. I am not telling to you what God is not telling me to say.


The postponement of the future is now breaking off. Shout!


American Lady

We came from Sri Lanka and airspace of Malaysia, there is a cloud formation

in this place. When we arrived in the Philippines there are lots of clouds and

billows of clouds. 2 Tim 1:15, “This thou knowest, that all they which are in

Asia be turned away from me; of whom are Phygellus and Hermogenes. “

Indochina and people of Asia have turned from this call. And they turned back and you are standing in the gate that will established the father, son and holy Spirit. No one is never been designated to that gate but you.


This is the day that you will stand on the work of the Lord. The nation, the nation. This is your season Philippines




Chuck Pierce

I saw a glory cloud on that place--- that man wearing white, the cloud of glory is right there turning around.



American Lady

I saw all the sea that has been released on the Philippines....the Lord says, “my voice is over all the waters.... my voice is over all the waters in this nation. I roused and make a new move that I moving that you have hoped for...”



American man

Revelation 19:1, “And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God.’


I saw an angel with great power, the earth is lighted with his glory. Today is today the glory to come in this territory. “I did it for Daniel when he faced the lion. “ says the Lord. Today we declare the angelic release in the Philippines.



In the the next 6months, what you see in heaven and earth you will release the anointing in this entire nation. You will redefine the mission and vision. You will review the course of the future. This is the beginning of three years in contending for this nation. And i say unto you, YOU WILL TRIUMPH.


We will move forward to the Philippines with new mantle. When heaven invades we must learn




7:50 PM

Church Pierce



We are making anew cycle. We are moving and we break that enemy’s cycle. In the next 3 years, 2026, a new cycle has begun.


When Kuya Dan showed us this – the almond. When this almond blossoms, it is a miracle garden that every tribe is being represented and every plant flourished there – Jeremiah what to do you see ?


Do not make difficult. Jeremiah said “I see almond tree.”

Almond tree speaks of new season coming. Links with the watchman’s anointing. You are coming to a new season of watching. The almond tree is blossoming.


Every year, I read the bible differently.


My blessings are on the way!


It has graphe, it has logo. There is rhema. The living word become the life-giving word. It becomes amazing. The zoe-like word – He wrote the words to us during the harvest tme. And it is being activated now on harvest time. Get ready to gather.


There is a blessing attached to the word. What is the present word is all about. I teach about spiritual warfare. I want you to shout your blessing. There is something that the Lord said




You are gaining access to the airways.


Philippines you need to enter your ENTERING PORTAL. You will go through from one breakthrough through breakthrough.


I see the winds moving on islands. I will send the winds of victory and blowing that wind that will shout Indochina.


Every time the wind comes, you must move ...This is the land I am restoring. Be ready for the seed that begins to sprout on the land.


Breakthrough-portal is coming. The sound of heavens throne must penetrate the sound barrier of the Philippines (Psalm 68).


Once the wind is coming is comes to your bone-morrow. Hebrew 4:12. You will be the courier of God’s glory. You are infected with the glory of the Lord.


He has a pattern on the earth, which he started on earth and he prophesied is over and over again to David. David has to be a driving force. David’s Tabernacle will be restored. Take the strongholds that were never taken in the past seasons.


Remember Amos prophesied that tabernacle of David will be restored and bring the nations of the earth. The most contending places is in Acts 15 regarding contending the circumcision. It is not about Jews or Gentile getting the glory of God to the nations.

I am going to get to move the glory of God to the whole Philippines. It will start and you will record this how the glory of God moves.


When you see God’s glory it means that curses are being broken. There are people who have been praying on this region, and you initiated the prayer nationwide and you will see moving in every region.


I am calling the Philippines to wear the shamar-prophet mantle to Indochina – intercession, watchman, prophet.


I decree right now about this anointing and it will going to drop to everybody right now. I decree that the whole council, I decree right now so we can grab the whole of you. I thank God for what you are doing right now to clothe us in this mantle.


Elisha broke curses from cities (2 Kings 2).



It that will not work out have a plan B. That is redeeming the time. When Adam and Eve fell, God made a plan B.


In the midst of these when Elijah messed up with Jezebel she was out for him- he saw this demons he said, “I wanted to die”. He knew that if you won’t keep emotion intact you can easily knocked by your emotion.


Like Moses, he killed a man. So he stayed 40 years in Midian later. The meekest man on earth,God told him to spoke to a king. He told to strike the rock and he struck it twice. If you do not check your emotions, it will postpone what He wants to do.


It is amazing what we have gone through just to keep moving.


Lord hit my emotion to align with you. Emotional memory is stronger that intellectual memory.


Elijah has been told to anoint 3 people – Hasael, Jehu and Elisha.


Elisha has muchdouble anointing and he could break curses of the cities. He got double the anointing. There are school of prophets all along the way.


Out of 17 regions you must know who the intercessors are, who the prophets are, who the apostles are, who the watchmen are.


Elijah he goes there. He would say “It is a beautiful city. It is awesome. But there is death here.”


God cursed Jericho. When Jericho messed it up God judge it. Elisha is back there and God told him what to do, using salt in a covenant. When Elisha did that that very curse that God put on Jericho, God lifted it up.


Do not just curse cities. I am ready to move on that area. Do not curse a region where God is ready to move in.


Wilderness is time. 40 years in ilderness. 7 years in wilderness or 400 years in wilderness. It is dead on nightime.


When John baptized Christ, Christ went to the wilderness in 40 days.


It is time for God to start lifting and God breaking curses.


Acts 12: a new watchman call!

A new prayer dimension will produce an apostolic advancement. You have to pray differently or move to another dimension than what you have prayed before.


This week, with Peter... it takes crisis to spring a new way. James had his head cut off for the people to pray. And they prayed as they never prayed before. They put Peter in prison. These people starts praying and angel shuts a prison. If you need an angel in, pray that he will keep on arranging things...




You can over pray, you can for your unbelief and then God will slams the door. God will start manifesting in what you are praying about. God will start it. He will show up and manifesting, all of sudden all those you are praying about – He will start doing (unlike those who prayed for Peter and James when they were placed in bars and when they came back to the house – they slammed the doors on him).


When you say things, you watch to make it manifest. The is the first proto-type. The power of the first. New beginning. This will take you up till 2026.


China will become very strong and the church in China.... You must watch how China moves in this region. The new prototype is beginning.


First garden

First Israel

First kingdom\first fruit

First nations

First Israel

Second prophets

Third teachers

Miracle workers




Watch Israel, His firstborn.


Not just building the church but unlocking the kingdom. The firstit fruit – I have been doing things when I was till 18.


You give God the best portion. Then in Romans, this links to Melchizedek – bunch of lunch to be celebrated.


You move from one revelation to revelation. 1 Cor. 12:28

First garden

First Israel

First kingdom

First fruit

First nation

First apostles

Second prophets

Third teaches

Miracle workers




Ephesians 4:11-12


We must understand that God has a divine order and we must hear. Bishop is another form of apostolic leader. It has a certain order, new set of order, ...


The first place that unlocks the covenant occurs a new priesthood of the future. Philippines is the 1st Christian in Indochina. The unlocking is already begun. A new move of identification begins in this region. This is very important. Energy. You really need this one. The whole world is energeus – new plans how God works a new structure in the news atmosphere where you are.


You must move forward, and to give you a new energy. Synergy.


2018-5778 is a year of energy. You see your inheritance and gain momentum to occupy. Matt. 3:9; 11; John 2; John 11; Acts. 4, Ruth.


I am ready to synergize the move of God in this nation and I will give new energy – especially to about 60.



The enemy wants to stop your momentum. Your enemy hates this moment like this. The moment is creating an event and creating momentum in the future. There are 5 prophets in this place.



Your wars ahead unlocks your provision for the next season.


The lord is saying that He wants the momentum moving. It all started in 1989. It is here. It is moving here. But you have seen nothing yet. You will synergize from region to region.


Your sons and daughters shall prophesy.


In the midst of it,


Will you postpone your future or gain momentum? I am blessed that God placed me here because I am receiving what you are getting.. Number 4, 5, 12-13; 9, 14. Joshua 1-5; Matthew 1.


Ask for you inheritance. Take the strongholds that were never taken in the past seasons (Joshua 15:2, 2 sam. 1-8).


Right now – ask God your inheritance and your portion.



Yeshua demonstrates his love in a person’s life through redemption and release of sustenance.


A year of wealth. A time to break the power of last seasons’ postponements.


Ask God for strategies to prosper and create wealth this year.


That harvest ahead. There are minerals, gold, gas and oil ....



This is a time to break out of conventional ways of thinking. We must make a harvest shift.


The word of God is written for harvest. Matthew 14, John had the wineskins before the Yeshua. John is aligned with Jeshua. John had only one message TO REPENT. He shared it to 30. That is biblical milestone. That is a biblical tipping-point.


When He came up – God opened up the heavens, then God spoke.


I tell you, God will speak to us in this season.


I had only two visitations of angelic visitations. Those are from dark angels, one in Argentina to stop the move of God.


The angel of war has entered into this dimension. You will undergo new training for the new two years. Gen. 14. Exodus 1:10; Exodus 6, 23, Deut. 29; Psalm 68:11-12; Acts 12; Rev. 12).


They will come from the ground, and when they came from the ground, then the heavens follow.


A major shift came from Iran. Australia had this mouth around it. I could see the nations coming from the ground. Philippines was overtaken by .... this is the reason why I am here.


Who are you? I am the angel of war against God’s covenant plan for harvest. All of a sudden, i knew we have broken through something. This angel is already on the earth realm and he will strike on the next harvest season.


The angel outlines

  1. Tell my people to undergo new training for the next two years then they will establish in their region what is necessary for the harvest.. harvest is important. God has ordered this path of triumph. This requires a separation because of the threshing floor.. there will be great hardening, separation and then a sharpening. This will draw out the Army Order of the present body. This the First Harvest Timing.

  2. Grace will be sovereignty extended for wrong alignments in past covenants... this will be a Second Harvest Taining (Gagars, Ismaels, brothers and sisters who persecuted you, Esau, Marks]).


Saints’ eyes opened will be opened to the carrier-scavengers which have ravished their covenants plan. This will be the Third Harvest Training. (This your bloodline).


New angelic councils will form and be assigned to territories and formed in the whole Phils. These teams will meet wtih Apostolic snd Prophetic Councils to give strategies for advancement... This will be the Six Harvest Training.

This is what Daniel Balais said, “
They will have the desire of the nations.”

THAT IS EXACTLY ANOTHER NAME OF GOD, “their desire of the nations.”


The territorial Threshing Floors for the Harvest will be revealed. New calls to Harvesters will be revealed. This will be the 7th Harvest Training.


The transference of harvest will begin into the new developed storehouses ( apostolic centers).


The remnants will become the reapers. You have breakthrough the prayer movement.



That harvest is here!!! Matt. 13-14.


The Phils is entering into a new harvest. You will be seeing the harvest. You will reap the harvest. New weapons will be put in your hands for the future. You are being commissioned on this earth for the next 3 years. You will be used mightily on the earth.



Bishop Dan, Pastors.... Come here quick...


I have this shoal, this year I made this as a mantle.. the Lord told me this. What you have planted in the past will begin to sprout. There will be new wind brewing, the new river will about to rise up.


There will be great shakings, your roots will produce new fruits.


I brought one for every council member. I ve been doing a work in you of what you call the Philippines. And your roots need to stand what you need to stand,. Be ready for your new identity. ..