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Mandaluyong City

December 5, 2015, Tuesday

10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. 



Notes of Peps Kho

Bisho Eddie Villanueva baring out his soul and mind. Photo by Peps 2017



Nono Homer



"I will show the land but you will not enter it," God said to Moses.


For one mistake, Moses cannot enter the land.


God said to Moses, " Speak to the rock." But Moses spoke to the people and struck the rock twice instead.


Mt. Nebo ( where Moses died)  is not only a vision of destiny but also a vision of disciple.


Philippine Challenge reported that the church has grown in splits and not in numbers. To Moses for 40 years, he struck the rock.


When Moses saw the Egyptian beating the Jew, instead of speaking to him, he struck the Egyptian to death.


Be very careful, if we do things by ourselves and not by God's will, the result is detrimental.


He did not enter the Canaan. Was he failure?



Deut. 34 says Moses was not a failure.

No. Moses was not a failure. He was given the best title, ""Servant of the Lord" in verse 5 fitting to the title given to the Lord Jesus Christ as Servant of  the Lord.



If you are on the verge of receiving your possession, will you be hindered?


When Moses died, the Jews mourned for 30 days  but after that they entered the Promise land.


When we were in Palawan 5, kuya  Dan asked us to stand up according to age:



40 below... No one stood.

50 below.... No one stood.


Then we found out that 90 percent of 231 participants that time are senior citizens.


How it that ? Does it looks like Mt. Nebo when Moses died of old age? How about the cross?




We found out that no one is 30 years below?


The Taiwanese pastor asked, " what is the shape of the rainbow?"


The bow is hidden. ( What we see from the rainbow is the top - the elderly. But the young people who are below the rainbow cannot be seen in today's leadership).


Ancho Buenaventura said "Next  time we will bring the young people."  I said " Si Wyden  ang gagastos niyon."


I appreciate Dr. Homer. He studied un Hebrew Univ. also in Greek.


Bishop Noel cannot come, he will be flying to South Korea today. But he joined us in Palawan 5. He also there in Planas Plaza yesterday in support to "No to impeachment of the Chief Justice."  We heard her powerful,testimony during Palawan 5. "


Yesterday at Planas in Qiezon City was a prayer and worship. PCEC us there. Around 2,000 people there. We believe God will triumph at the end. The devil would like to devour our destiny but we need to contend it.





Magandang at mapagpalang araw.


I intended to attend to this meeting so I know what is the heart of the Body of Christ.


As you knew that i spent two years outside the country because of the surgery of my wife in Singapore. My wife operation is successful.


I heard about the situation of the body of Christ and the situation of our country.


Since Bishop Dan called me immediately to share - the prayer of Jesus Christ for us to be as one in love and in unity.


The philippine situtation today has countless number of unfortunate incidents  for the past 50 years, the events as if in the  vicious cycle... Which I believe we should not be experience it  anymore what they have experienced  50 years ago.


Even before on the election of last years, nobody from Body of Christ has evaluated who is the right person into leadership as God mandate to the Church to fulfill for her prophetic call as a blessed nation, a missionary sending country in the world.


But it appears that  some people of God are joining rallies for revolutionary government and that is to  scrap out constitution for a one man rule.


The church of God  knows what is the righteous leadership is all about yet it still succumbed to revolutionary government.


Our country is facing not a simple problems and it needs a serious meetings of genuine people of God to analyze things out and obey what God wants us to do.


My honest observation is this:

I was given the chance to pray for Duterte in Bocaue,


I agreed on March 9 of last year to pray for mayor Duterte. That is Wednesday but I have TV program and it was set indefinitely. Until someone has given us three days complimentary hotel in Shangrila. Without the knowledge of Joel, I campaigned personally for him in Pangasinan. During those campaign period, I sleep  only 4 hours a day.


March 30 when I met Alan Cayetano and Duterte and I was asked to pray for the mayor.  I obliged  but I said provided there is no media involved. And there must be a word of God. They agreed. They listened intently. RJ Jacinto was there and many were waiting for them at Global City then.


I said, " Mayor before I pray for you. You made  a statement in one church that was gone through viral in the whole world. You said no one can enter heaven without repentance."


I said that him that it is true and biblical. Then I continued:


"But your second statement, you said, if you don't know the right password in heaven, you can not enter the password in heaven. You said the password is Quiboloy. "


He said " I am just joking."


I said to him that the  right password is John 14:6. " Jesus christ said, I am the way."


Mayor Duterte, General Esperon, etc. were there and  they read John 14:6 as I told them.


I said to him, " Mayor, you are a lawyer, a former prosecutor, you know the  word, "T- H-E."  Jesus said, I am " THE".  There is only one God and one mediator and the lamb of God.Do you believe that Jesus is the only password in heaven? "


He said, " MOTO" in Visaya which means " I believe."


After prayer, I asked permission, " Can I lay hands on you? "


I do not normally lay hands on anyone much more to a person of authority.  Immediately, I felt the anointing of God, even before I speak the word, and then I released the kingly anointing to him even Samuel released kingly anointing to,David.


Duterte remained  silent for 30 minutes  after my prayer then the minutes later, the mayor said,


" Sir" i promise to give my life, my honor to country and people. "


So I address to him " Mr. President, I assure you i will not ask anything of personal interest but we would ask you to be a true president of the entire Filipino people. " Then he left the room.


Ten days after. He became president. Then my prayer to him became viral. Following the viral that gone out,  Liberal Party (LP ) was so angry with me. And LP President  called me and he said, " They are angry with  you."


I said that i did not endorse anyone but just prayed from my heart because Joel is LP. They said, "We heard the prayer, we watched the video and it is more than endorsement." And i did not know that JIL pastors all over the world voted  for Duterte because of that viral video.


During his inauguration address, i was moved to his remarks saying,  " my adherence is to due process and rule of law and it is non compromising," Duterte said.


Two and three days after, "Bang, bang bang bang...." Then the killings started. I said, " my duty is to speak up." Bato said, " they were killed because the suspects grabbed their guns of my policemen." But even people in mental hospital will not believe that.


But killing a suspect without  due process of the law is a cold murder... And damnation to hell itself. Killing continued. And my conscience bothered me. I couldn't sleep at nights. Phils is like Cambodia, the so called, "a killing fields."


When the media called me last year, "What is your  stand on EJK? And I said that I am against that because of violates the  6th commandments of God,


Exodus said " Do Not murder. Do not kill. "


When I was in Singapore, I heard 22 killings in Bulacan and another 20 in Manila  just in 9 hours alone  and 13,000 killlings in just one year...


In Region 3, the police just killed the a suspect inside his house. Another suspect was only son, and he was killed infront of his parents for using marijuana. This is not a civilized country.


Then I was i Bulacan when I was about so speak then suddenly, I changed my preaching and I release my indignation and said I might be forced to build a wooden cross of  and I will carry the cross from monumento and Malacanan  and to give a powerful message to challenge the President on EJK. I did not know it was a "live screening " and i told " Mr. President. You said you will skii to Spratlays, saying "shoot me but not shoot my soldiers."  And I  Am planning to do it if the Lord allow me do to it as well but I dont want our country to be a "killing fields in Asia."


Bro. Eddie said some, " " If you will do and carry the cross " that they will follow me." Pantoja said " Bishop Ed if you will do that, then we will follow you. And if Bishop Dan will also carry a cross, we will also do that."


Whether it is a joke or not, I do not know.


In our Anniversary this year, again I denounced the EJK and I received a personal message from DFA, from Alan aCayetano saying he is planning to appoint me as Presidential Head of the News.


We try to see the President but Atty. Lyndon Cana came from Bacolod and he went to me in Bocaue. He said to me:


"I did not vote for him , Mayor Duterte last election. But I will  vote for VP and senators but not for president.But God allowed him to be come a president. Leave the criticism to the criteria s, and leave the analysis to analysts," Lyndon said.


Then he drafted a letter and others signed the letter made by Lyndon and we submitted that to Malacanan:


These are the projects contained on that draft saying that we, the Evangelical churches:


1. Will start reviving  and working for moral values in

    The government  offices.

2. To conduct  rehabilitation assistance to the

    drugs addicts.

3. Provide assistance to OFW

4. To give spiritual  support to soldiers on war

      against terrorists.


We given the Draft to Defense Sec.  Lorenzana, mr. Bello and PNP Chief Bato and YET no reply except this one secretary whoM  i personally knew. But with the Office of the President and other members of the cabinet they just ignored the letter.


That is the situation, I am  afraid that if God will not intervene, and you and me will  just watch and will not move, we will be most miserable generation in this nation.


Duterte told said,"The more you killed drug pushers, the more rewards you will receive. Donot be afraid, if you will be convicted in the courts I will support you."


This is the reason why the police are given the license to kill.


When we went to Kian delos Dantos with Bishops Pantoja and Balais, I was forced to speak to the media and they asked, " Are you regretting of supporting Duterte?"


I said, " When I prayed for him I felt the anointing of the Spirit. When I prayed for Binay and Senator Poe when they came to my house and I was asked to pray for them, as a pastor but I did not feel the Spirit as I laid hands on them.


" I don't regret,"  I said to media people and to Christians.


Even Samuel prayed for Saul the former did not regretted it  even Saul became disobeident



I said " Lord, if I erred in praying for that man , I am recalling the blessings that I have spoken for him. "


Our loyatly is to God and not to men.


President Duterte  copied Quezon statement when Quiboloy lamented that Duterte no longer asked him his counsel and the president said,


"My loyalty to my friend ends when my loyalty  to country begins."


Up to now, I do support Duterte in  accordance to Romans 13:1 but if the authority becomes  evil and wicked, then we cannot invoked Romans 13:1 but we would rather invoked Acts 5:29 saying,


" We would rather obey God and not men."


Our loyalty to anyone ends when our loyalty to God begins.


Few days ago, many rallies took places because of the Revolutionary Government ( RevGov't).


Do you know what Revolutionary Government means?


Someone told me they are planning for a Constitutional Dictatorship.


This high ranking official said to me, "We cannot change the Philippines unless we have the kamay bakal.  I have been with Duterte, we are one, we are into constitutional dictatorship.


And that is why they wanted to have Martial Law nationwide because of this revolutionary government. This is more horrible historical event that will happen to our country.


One official whom I cannot name, one month ago as I asked this Cabinet Member, " What is your thinking of Federalism?"


He said:


"Regionalism died down. Bicolano ka. Ilocano ka. Visaya ka. When Duterte came as president, the regionalitistic spirit rose up. Mindanao ka, ilocakano ka... Naging elusive sa national identity before the eyes  of international community."


But shifting  from presidential to federalism is a "search warrant " to our economy said a top economist.


The problem in our country and to our countrymen is they are without sufficient knowledge.  They simply embrace anything  because of the popularity of the leadership. The body of christ, the most unique people group who has the leading of the teachings of the Holy Spirit are not being heard of and they not doing any sufficient things in determining the destiny of the nation.


The church determines the destiny of the nation. If the church is anemic, the nation is anemic. If the nation is immoral, then the nation is immoral.



Some people nag kamali in saying, " Filipinos is worth dying for." I hope i believe di siya nagkamali.


RevGovt? Duterte a simple mayor? He is genius politician. Many said he is an ordinary mayor. He mastered the Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Erap, GMA abilities.


The Congress are being run by the (...sensored). " If you will not obey, "resign from your position." Alvarez is strongly urging the president to establish a revolutionary government. It is in the papers. Mayors and governors were sent to rally in manila to support the revolutionary government.


Do you know what is Rev Govt.? Abolishing the Constitution, the congress, legislative, judiciary, LGUS.


Two of our pastors in isabela are being appointed as next mayors to establish a revolutionary government.


Democracy is the foundation of freedom and democracy paid by the blood of our heroes. It is betrayal and treason against our heroes but also treason to God who is the original author of freedom if we agree on Rev Govt.


I cannot believe that christians and pastors are agitating a revolutionary government unless the spirit of insanity entered the minds of these people.


So i told to Orosa and Bishop Dan, the only way to rescue and save our country is only God's divine intervention. And God cannot intervene when he can see that his people deserves his divine judgment.


When God judge a nation, He allows the emergence  a wicked king. The key in crafting the destruction of our beloved country is not in the key of military, political party or politicians but the key is in the hands of the Church.


Imagine, there is 10.4 million born again Christians. If only 50 percent of that are enlightened, as salt and the light, who go beyond the 4 corners of the church and not doing anything, then we are doing a great disservice to God.


We should say, " the Philippines, Mr. Duterte, speaker of the house, Senate President, we should say, this nation belongs to God..."


Imagine dissolution of marriage, the LGBT law, shamelessly filed by the speaker of the house and nobody has the courage to oppose it? Marriage of same sex, prohibiting prayer in public places shall flows? And later the apostasies.


In our generation, we should not allow this to happen. We need man and woman who would oppose to these satanic forces.


Justice Puno and others pushed me to the wall to run as senator saying i do a great treason if I willl not run even despite of pcos machine...


The Revolutionary Government would scrap the Constitution, they would scrap the Almighty God who is properly is properly addressed (in the Preamble),  they would scrap the rule of law and republican state.



Napa ka bigat pag di tayo kumilos. That is treason!  Pag walang kikilos, itutuloy  ko na ang plano namin ni bishops dan at pantoja magpapasama kami na mag papasan ng  cross.


The decision is from your hands. You are the representatives of the Body of Christ.






palawan 5 said we come to,the fulness of time. The is the last arrow.


Manifesting the light of the lord jesus christ in the very lives and action of believers.


Robert Misst said, if this nation falls, the peoples blood will be required from the ( church) hands.



When we were in Palawan we heard that the administration will declare 30 NOV for RevGovt.


Sadhu conference in Jerusalem said, the crocodile is already atop the nation of the Philippines.


If Rev Govt will be declared, the Judiciary can declare VP as the next president and command the AFP to defend the Constitution.


So we gathered this Esther Fast and the president did not declare.


Epiphany : a suddenly





human chain

December 16


Assembly: Santolan to ortigas

Northbound lane. 3 km

Light of the candle : 6pm


Command Center: IFP



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