Continuing the Mission (Building Update)

Pray with us for God’s provision of P1.2-M for the continuation of the Goshen Building Phase 1 - (Roofing), CLSF Rosales.


May 5, 2024 (update): 



"Reconstruction in action: Columns being reinforced and beams carefully laid down, providing a strong foundation for the future structure."


May 10, 2024 (Update)

"Progress continues as the team expertly installs the trusses, laying the framework for the roof structure. Each step brings us closer to completing this project!"


A total of P390,000.00 was given to the Engr. for materials and one week's labor costs, followed by P90,000.00 per week for the next 8 consecutive weeks, totaling P1,110,000.00.

Please pray for the engineer and contractor, a brother in the Lord (CLSF Ataynan), to receive Godly anointing to complete the construction. Pray that God grants him the spirit of Bezaleel, the gift of craftsmanship (Exodus 31:1-5).

In addition, please continue to pray with us for the weekly provision of P100,000.00 for the next 8 weeks.

Thank you, and God bless.


May 22, 2024 (Update)


"Completion of trusses and purlins: Solid and secure, we're now ready for insulation and roofing. Giving thanks to God for guiding us every step closer to a strong, finished structure!"


My Devotion Today: 5/22/24 - Peps

God’s Holy Box

(1 Chronicles 13:3, ERV)
David said to all the leaders of Israel, “Let’s bring our God’s holy box back to us in Jerusalem. We did not pay attention to it while Saul was king.”

And the congregation said, “For the thing is right in the eyes of all the people” (verse 4, KJV).

And I believe it is the right time for us to pursue the house of God that has been pending for 24 years.