Imperial Cult

Imperial Cult

By Augusto A. Kho

August 26, 2017 (Saturday); 6:30 PM

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Whoever has the gold has the absolute control. Economy is the bloodline of the nation




Imperial Cult

I first heard the words, “Imperial Cult from Dr. Mark Fairchild, an American biologist, geneticist, archaeologist and Greek-language scholar in Pergamon, Asia Minor (presently Bergama in Turkey) last June11, 2017 when we visited the ancient ruins


Fairchild also mentioned “Domitian” whom I have a hard time digesting whether it is a name or a person, place or something else. Again, the word “Imperial Cult is seen inscribed on a graffiti inside the Efez Museum in the city of Ephesus by June 15.


An imperial cult is a form of state religion in which an emperor, or a dynasty of emperors (or rulers of another title), are worshipped as demigods or deities. “Cult" here is used to mean "worship" not in the modern pejorative sense.



Imperial Cult in Ephesus

On the basis of what I heard from the historical narratives and writing and archaeological artifacts, Ephesus’ neokoros is a pagan temple built in honour of the Emperor (Imperial Cult) constitutes a handsome budget from the Roman Empire for the city developments like the building of streets and roads, public baths, theatres and others. In fact during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, he visited the city four (4) times (which is synonymous to the congressman’s PDAF or development fund from the mercy of the president and Committee of Budget).


In other words, imperial cult is synonymous to the budgetary requirements and approval of the city. The failure of the city to recognize the emperor is slashing the city development budget as well as persecution and prosecution of those who will not honour the emperor.





Imperial cult temples were supervised by the head priests called archihiereus. Like the other many cities in Asia Minor, temples dedicated to the Roman emperors were built in Ephesus too. The permission granted was considered a great honour and privilege becoming a race for prestige among the cities. Ephesus, where most of the monumental buildings are from the Roman Period, was named neokoros (having the right to build a temple dedicated to the emperor) four times hence outclassing other important cities such as Samos, Pergamum and Smyrna,” as I inscribed from a graffiti inside the Ephesus Museum.



Government & Religion

When you combined these two words, “Imperial” and “Cult” that exactly resembles “Government” and “Religion” then I could say that the past is the future of what is happening today just like the torture of early martyrs from the Book of Acts to the Book of Revelation.


Biblically speaking, the nation of Israel is theocratic (theo Greek God; krateein i.e. rule) during the time of prophet Samuel who acts as a judge or governor that time. It became “democratic(demos i.e. people + krateein i.e. rule) only when the Israelites demanded for a king that the nation ceases as theocratic. But God warned His people that monarchy will impose and demands great amount of tribute or taxes.


However in the Philippine Constitution, a state-religion like “Imperial Cult” is unconstitutional and therefore it is illegal. The Principle of the State, Article II, Section 6 says that, “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.


Iglesia ni Duterte?”

While President Duterte slammed the Catholic Church as ‘full of shit’ as reported by Leila B. Salaverria of Philippine Daily Inquirer / 07:48 PM January 24, 2017. Meanwhile from the earlier report, it says, Duterte: Join the 'Iglesia ni Duterte',” as posted by ABS-CBN News last May 24 2016 01:47 AM and updated as of Sep 29 2016 05:11 PM that says, ““Di na ako miyembro ng Katoliko,” he told reporters during the press conference. "May bago ako, lipat na lang kayo dito sa Iglesia ni Duterte," he added, in jest.


The president may be seriously joking. Why? He must know the state policy because he is a lawyer and a former fiscal officer under Department of Justice (DoJ).



Conquest and Exploit

I mentioned that in my previous writings entitled, “Explore. Conquer. Exploit. Convert” that history tells us of global conquest (colonialism in today’s terminology) followed by looting or exploiting the treasures and the riches of those nations that have been defeated during the war. That is the reason that in time of conquest or war, looting follows. That is inseparable.

Conquests and exploits as history unveils before our eyes are as follows:

  • P79M in cash, checks from Maute hideout recovered by military as reported by Patricia Lourdes Viray from, dated June 6, 2017 - 11:36am.

  • How about 7,000 tons of gold kept in 700 foreign banks estimated at $240-Billion dollars as admitted by former FL: Imelda Marcos in an interview courtesy of GMA News dated September 01, 2017 during former Ferdinand E. Marcos’ presidency?

  • 22 crates of various foreign currenciesconfiscated” by the US government from the deposed President Ferdinand Marcos, which U.S. officials admitted containing also Philippine currency as reported on March 04, 1986| by Anne Keegan, Chicago Tribune.

The crates were flown to Honolulu on a U.S. C-141 cargo plane soon after Marcos and his entourage fled the country” as Keegan reported.

  • How about the alleged “720,000 metric tons of pure gold kept in our Philippines Central Bank are not there anymore. It’s been sent to the Vatican for “safekeeping,” during the time of the CIA-Vatican installed 1st Aquino presidency in 1986,” as Keegan again reported?

  • ISIS sacked Mosul's main bank and museum worth $429-Million

  • Saddam took $1-Billion from the Iraqi Central Bank; BBC News on May 6, 2003

  • Saddam’s Iraqi army looted $43-Billion from Kuwait Central Bank and 234-k emerald during the siege that gave birth to the US’ Desert Storm in 1990

  • $20-Billion dollars are estimated Polish arts were looted in Poland alone by the Nazi’s under Adolf Hitler in 1940

  • The Japanese Imperial Army during World War II allegedly looted an estimated value of $100-Billion of gold, jewelries, gems, artefacts from Asian nations

  • The Armenian genocide represents one of the foremost examples of asset transfereconomic dispossession – in modern history. The Young Turk government passed new laws providing for the annexation of Armenian businesses and trades. On 10 June 1915, the government passed a law establishing the Abandoned Property Commission (Emval-ı Metruke Komisyonu) which was tasked with organising the daily carrying out of seizures. This was a full-frontal attack on the Armenian economy, as all Armenian property was officially transferred to the state, “ wrote Ugur Umit Ungor “ The Armenian Genocide, 1915.”

  • Undetermined silver and gold were looted from the Temple of Solomon when it was burned in 70 AD by four battalions from the Roman Empire

  • Nebuchadnezzar also looted the same temple when he invaded Israel (Jeremiah 27:21-22; Daniel 5:2-3).


As I wrote from earlier teaching entitled, “Ares, the Greek god of war that …


Surprising, Hades the Greek god of the Dead and King of the Underworld.. And since Hades have dominion that lies between secret places of the earth, according to the Odyssey, he knows where the treasures underneath, Hades is also called, God of Wealth or “the rich onebecause he possessed the precious metals of the earth. Hades is described by some sources as the god of



Maria Kwiatkowska (1978). Katedra Św. JANA (St. John's Cathedral) (in Polish). Warsaw wrote, “Looted art has been a consequence of looting during war, natural disaster and riot for centuries. Looting of art, archaeology and other cultural property may be an opportunistic criminal act or may be a more organized case of unlawful or unethical pillage by the victor of a conflict. The term "looted art" reflects bias, and whether particular art has been taken legally or illegally is often the subject of conflicting laws and subjective interpretations of governments and people; use of the term "looted art" in reference to a particular art object implies that the art was taken illegally.

Related terms include art theft (the stealing of valuable artifacts, mostly because of commercial reasons), illicit antiquities…” 



Imperial Cult and Bloodshed

The Roman Imperialistic Cult in Acts 22:20 “And when the blood of thy martyr Stephen was shed” is synonymous to Revelation 17:6, “the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.”


Acts 22:20 speaks of the past while Revelation 17:6 speaks of the future.


Bloodcalled “aima” in Greek resembles the literal “blood” or the figurative “grape juice” which means “bloodshed by violence or murder”. EJK of today’s “war on drugs” is shedding of blood due to violence and murder because there is no “due process of the law”. If a suspect is being killed before his case is opted first to be heard by the court constitutes murder. If instigated by the government that will become a “state killings” which is “imperial cult.”


Blood” from the Greek word. “aima” is also referred to the “atoning blood sacrifice of Jesus” according to James Strong, a Christian lexicographer.


When you see a state (like in the time of Roman Emperor Nero) that controls almost all the nation’s interests be in the judiciary, legislative, fiscal management and economy, religion and others, will this not be an occult-like control and witch-craft like manipulation disguised as a “government?”


In the Bible, there is one-god who has the insatiable appetite for blood especially the blood of the innocent children. His name is Molech (Lev. 18:21; 20:2-5; 1 Kings 11:7; 2 Kings 23:10; Jer. 32:5). Molech is the god of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom some Israelites sacrifice their infants in the valley of Hinnom. Molech is a chief diety.


Ammonites is from Transjordan descending from Lot through Ben-ammi (Deut. 2:20). According to Thayer, Molech is the also the chief god of Phoenicians referring to Semitic (Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Amharic. They were the grandsons of Shem.


Molech is also called Moloch,Milcom, or Malcam. He is also the god of the Canaanites.


Moloch or Molech has been associated with reports by Greco-Roman authors on the child sacrifices in Carthage to Baal Hammon according to D. D. Hughes, Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece,” London: (1991). Imperial Cult have gone that far in Carthage in Africa which is the modern Tunis today near Portugal. Baal is the god of Tunis during ancient time.


Even King Solomon, son of David built an altar of Molek in 1 Kings 11:7. Therefore, can Prime Minister, President or king can build an altar of sacrifice as well for Moloch? In what form? In what style? In what state program? Molech is blood per see regardless of the age – be it young or old.


If Graeco-Roman adopted Molech, why not the Philippines just like among Ilocanos like us. We call that “kumaw,” a blood sacrifice particularly the blood of the children.


And how this Molech related to the recent spate of “killings” among young boys today in the person of Kian delos Santos, Carl Angelo Arnaiz, and Reynaldo de Guzman, just for the this month of September.



Imperial Cult & Early Persecution

Early Persecution

I heard from Dr. Fairchild about early persecution against the Christians when we were in Pergamon. Fairchild shared how a large number of Jewish believers fled Jerusalem to the neighbouring countries to avoid persecution from Saul by the order of the Pharisees to put them prison and to those who believe in “The Way.” Fairchild shown us the ancient, Amphitheatre, “the steepest in the world,” he said.


Many of those early Christians fled to Asia Minor and its neighbouring cities that is why Turkey today which is the ancient Asia Minor became the so-called “Cradle of Christianity” especially when a Pharisee Saul was later converted to Christianity in his way to Damascus (Acts 9:1-22). Saul who was renamed Paul later became a remarkable figure in preaching the Lord Christ and he pioneered mission works to Asia Minor, Greece, Cyprus, to name a few together with Silas (Acts 15:22).


Paul a former persecutor against Christianity was prophesied to be persecuted as well (Acts 21:11) and the story of persecutions goes a long, long way.


Persecution under the Roman Empire

At Smyrna, now Izmir, we visited the dungeon where the so-called 1st Bishop of Smyrna was imprisoned. His name was Polycarp who was reported skinned alive then thrown into a blazing fire and a spear hurled on his bare body that blood gushed out to the infernal burning stakes.


Few days later, we visited the tomb of Philip the evangelist in Phrygia at Heriapolis, near Pamukkhale. Traditions claimed Philip the evangelist stayed for quite a time there together with John the Beloved before he was placed on exile at Patmos. Philip was said to be martyred during the reign of Emperor Domitian.


Emperor Domitian?

Domitian, Latin in full Caesar Domitianus Augustus, original name (until ad 81) Titus Flavius Domitianus born Oct. 24 AD 51 and died on September 18, 96 A.D. Domitian is responsible for the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. as well for the persecution and execution of Christian martyrs.


According to "Persecution in the Early Church". Religion Facts (2014): “Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire occurred intermittently over a period of over two centuries until the year 313 AD when the Roman Emperors Constantine the Great and Licinius jointly promulgated the Edict of Milan which legalised the Christian religion. The persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire was carried out by the state and also by local authorities on a sporadic, ad hoc basis, often at the whims of local communities. Starting in 250, empire-wide persecution took place by decree of the emperor Decius. The edict was in force for eighteen months, during which time some Christians were killed while others apostatised to escape execution.


These persecutions heavily influenced the development of Christianity, shaping Christian theology and the structure of the Church. Among other things, persecution sparked written explanations and defenses of the Christian religion.


Persecution of the early church had occurred sporadically and in localised areas since its beginning. The first persecution of Christians organized by the Roman government took place under the emperor Nero in 64 AD after the Great Fire of Rome.


With the passage in 313 AD of the Edict of Milan, persecution of Christians by the Roman state ceased. The total number of Christians who lost their lives because of these persecutions is unknown; although early church historian Eusebius, whose works are the only source for many of these events, speaks of "great multitudes" having perished.”


Tertullian wrote that prior to the reign of Decius, the only known incident of persecution by the Roman state occurred under Nero in 64 AD. By the mid-2nd century, mobs were willing to throw stones at Christians, perhaps motivated by rival sects. The Persecution in Lyon (France) was preceded by mob violence, including assaults, robberies and stoning. Lucian tells of an elaborate and successful hoax perpetrated by a "prophet" of Asclepius (which we personally visited in the modern city of Bergama) , using a tame snake, in Pontus and Paphlygonia

In another reading it says:

Nero's torches. Non-Christian historian Tacitus describes Nero extensively torturing and executing Christians after the fire of 64 Suetonius also mentions Nero punishing Christians, though he does so because they are "given to a new and mischievous superstition".


Christian writer Tertullian (c. 155–230) was the first to call Nero the first persecutor of Christians. He wrote, "Examine your records. There you will find that Nero was the first that persecuted this doctrine". Lactantius (c. 240–320) also said that Nero "first persecuted the servants of God". as does Sulpicius Severus. However, Suetonius writes that, "since the Jews constantly made disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus, the [emperor Claudius] expelled them from Rome" ("Iudaeos impulsore Chresto assidue tumultuantis Roma expulit"). These expelled "Jews" may have been early Christians, although Suetonius is not explicit. Nor is the Bible explicit, calling Aquila of Pontus and his wife, Priscilla, both expelled from Italy at the time, "Jews" in Acts 18:2.




Imperial Cult, the Gold & the Jewish Temple

Josephus, a Jewish historian, one among the few survivors when Imperial Rome put Jerusalem under siege wrote:


Shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the mad Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus - nicknamed Caligula ("little boots") - attempted to desecrate the Temple. Everywhere else in the Roman empire subjugated peoples had been forced to conform to the cult of Rome and acknowledge not only Caesar as Lord but also fall into line by adopting the Roman pantheon of gods. The Jews had been left alone and it was time they began to conform. Caligula gave an order to set up his statue in the Holy of Holies in the Temple:


Now Caius Caesar did so grossly abuse the fortune he had arrived at, as to take himself to be a god, and to desire to be so called also, and to cut off those of the greatest nobility out of his country. He also extended his impiety as far as the Jews. Accordingly he sent Petronius with an army to Jerusalem to place his statues in the temple, and commanded him that, in case the Jews would not admit of them, he should slay those that opposed it, and carry all the rest into captivity ….


During the long siege a terrible famine raged in the city and the bodies of the inhabitants were literally stacked like cordwood in the streets. Mothers ate their children to preserve their own strength. The toll of Jewish suffering was horrible but they would not surrender the city. Again and again they attempted to trick the Romans through guile and perfidy.


When at last the walls were breached Titus (which I personally saw myself in ancient Rome in 1985) tried to preserve the Temple by giving orders to his soldiers not to destroy or burn it. But the anger of the soldiers against the Jews was so intense that, maddened by the resistance they encountered, they disobeyed the order of their general and set fire to the Temple. There were great quantities of gold and silver there which had been placed in the Temple for safekeeping. This melted and ran down between the rocks and into the cracks of the stones. When the soldiers captured the Temple area, in their greed to obtain this gold and silver they took long bars and pried apart the massive stones. Thus, quite literally, not one stone was left standing upon another. The Temple itself was totally destroyed, though the wall supporting the area upon which the Temple was built was left partially intact and a portion of it remains to this day, called the Western Wall ..



Imperial cult, how far it can go?

Is it Imperial Cult has finally ended or it is just limited to Asia Minor and its neighbouring countries?

But history reveals that Imperial Cult has stretched out as far as Carthage in Africa, France and Great Britain.


According to Dr. Nigel Pollard, “emperor-worship was a unifying factor in the Roman world, practiced not only by army units spread throughout the empire but also by individuals in the provinces, where there were collective imperial cult centres at places such as Lyons (Gaul), Pergamon (Asia) and (probably) Colchester (Britain).


Imperial cult ends?

When Theodosius I adopted Christianity as Rome's state religion, Rome's traditional gods and "Imperial cult" were officially abandoned writes Allen Brent (`1999).


Imperial cult could have ended in the Roman Empire for a time being. But Imperial Cult” takes in various forms and ways and it will soon to arise in the End Time according to the Book of Revelation. It might be here or just around that corner or out there disguising in various forms discreetly operating unnoticeable.


2 Thessalonians 2:3, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”


1 John 2:18, “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” Antichrists means “opponents of the Messiah.”



Colonialism, dictatorship, wars, war on drugs, oligarchy, legislative bills, humanitarian aid like US to KLA, martial law declaration, bilateral relationships, foreign aid, fiscal management, Islamization like BBL, and others. Can these be “Imperial Cult in a very different form in a discreet way? Can these be used for control and manipulation?


Joseph (not his real name) was a Filipino missionary in Thailand. He once shared that some foreign developed countries are operating in the form of bilateral ties or in foreign aides but actually spying if not exploiting the undetermined smuggled gems from the border of Thailand-Burma.

Burma has enormous amount of gems like blue sapphire and rubies most especially of high grade class. I’ve been to Burma twice and I saw myself their largest Buddhist temple called “Schwedagon Pagoda” bedecked with precious stones worth over $1-Billion.

The same is true as my informants claimed in what is happening in Mindanao where a great reservoir of gold and copper can be found. Non-government organizations, foreign aids or medical missions might be used as a camouflaged for other foreign business interests. Is it our government and military knows these? Maybe? If yes, perhaps they won’t dare to talk, don’t they?



Imperial Cult and Fiscalizing?
What is fiscal management? It refers to the national budget of the government.


The Congress slashing of budget of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) from P623.4 Million proposed budget by the President as reported by Jess Diaz of Philippine Star dated September 9, 2017 compared to the P1,000.00 annual budget allotted by the Congress on Tuesday September 12, 2017. Will that be called “congressional sabotage” against CHR whose agency represents the people of the Philippines against “abuse of authority? Or shall we call it “treasonous to the Filipino people” hence CHR represents the people in the Bill of Rights of Article III of the Philippine Constitution of 1987?


That is why Ephesus applied the 4th neokoros to get a bigger slash of Roman budgetary allocations or budget.


Or the Congress “unconsciously” or “grossly” violated the charter that says “for a Constitution which is truly pro-God, pro-people, pro-poor and pro-Filipino,” (Jose N. Nolledo,Philippine Constitution Explained; page vii). Can we say then that the Congress is now “anti-God, anti-people, anti –poor, and anti-Filipino? Is it a form of Imperial Cult which is manipulative?


How much is your worth as a Filipino? 1,000 pesos.Your blood and flesh, your own precious life is measly 1,000 pesos in the eyes of the House of Representatives who claimed they represent you or me? In other words, the Congress has no regard to human life and human rights contrary to their Constitutional mandate stating that, “The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights,” (Art. III, Sec. 11).


And if you will look deeper how the constitutionalist regards “dignity” of a human being, the Constitution defends, “Because every human being is created in the image of God,” referring to Genesis 1:26.


Does it Crispino de Castro who said that? No! It was Jose N. Nolledo who said, “Jose Nolledo said, “A human person is created in the image of God. Every human life is valuable and must be uplifted.” De Castro is God-fearing then. How about those who members of the House who voted for the P1,000 budget for CHR? Well, Satan is also god. The god of the wicked.


Poor Congress, is it their constitutional understanding are merely moronic nuggets? Blame it to the electorates.


With the poor understanding of the House to the People’s Rights, will this be the end of democracy of the Filipinos?


Democratic and Republican

The Philippines is democratic, republican state. Meaning, people has supremacy over military and the government. Republican because we are under the rule of law (constitutional) and not the rule of men.


The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them,” - Philippine Constitution, Art. II, Sec. 1


So when human rights are trampled upon by no less than the House of Representatives, a lawmaking body? God forbids! Would that be occult-like? And yet the present administration and the Congress are pushing the “amendment the Constitution” be through heaven or hell as priority bill? What intellectual integrity?


Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? .. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men – 1 Corinthians 1:20, 25

What is wise to men is fool to God’s standards. And what is fool to God yet he fears Him is the wise man.


Is it treasonous to use the AFP or the PNP to protect the personal and political interest or any governmental program of any politician or political party?


Or the move of the Congress’ slashing the CHR budget is a nemesis-like “silencing the enemy?”


The Executive Department like the President and the Local Government Units (LGU’s), Legislative Department like the Senate and the Congress and other law-making bodies like SP, SB, etc and the Judicial Department and the Chief Justice including the Department of Justice (DoJ) has a foremost constitutional mandate that says,


Article II, Section 4, “The prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people. The

Government may call upon the people to defend the State and, in the fulfillment thereof.”


The “first,” “foremost” or “basic” duty (is not optional but mandatory) of the Government from Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and the military or police force is to SERVE and to PROTECT.


Will violations thereof speak of neglect of duty, utter disregard of law, violations of human rights, treasonous to the people of the Philippines? Will that be impeachable offense?


Will the Speaker of the House can be impeached should the people of the Philippines will file a formal protest? Or the people are either witch-like blinded or fearful (phobos)?


Is Congress approval of P1000.00 is somehow an insinuation of abolition of CHR? Would that be an indirect step to trample people’s rights to be heard to justify the administration’s “War on Drugs?”


Is it the Members of the House of Representatives truly representing their own people’s rights from their own district or to the party (should they are party-list lawmakers)? If the answer is yes, is your congressional district committed treasonous act in approving the “CHR P1k bill?


On Tuesday, the House, voting 119-32, approved the proposal of Rep. Rodante Marcoleta to provide the CHR a P1,000 budget for 2018, “ as reported by Philippine Star dated September 13, 2017.

Is it a political –vendetta? He who has the purse control and manipulates? Or Nemesis-like, the Greek goddess of retribution and revenge?

Read this from a constitutionalist.

Crispino de Castro, drafter of the present Constitution said, Our government, in all its levels, is infected with grafters, big or small, in utter disregard of the principle that a public office is a public trust. We see arrogance and discourtesy in government offices forgetting that public officers and employees are servants of the people and their masters are the people. There is a need for MORAL REGENERATION in the public office.

If your farm is infected what will you do? You will used pesticide. If your whole body is infected what will you do? You will take anti-biotic. But what if the Congress is infected as de Castro claimed, “Our government, in ALL ITS LEVELS IS INFECTED, what will you do?


Batangas, 6th District congresswoman Vilma Santos said, “I am against cutting the budget of the CHR. The Commission has a duty to perform its Constitutional mandate.”

She added in a text message, With so many crimes/EJK-it needs more resources for these investigations. Ito ang Ahensya na tumutulong sa karapatang pang tao!”

While other actors become lawmaker-politicians; is it other politicians become like merely actors in the Congress?


Meanwhile, “NUPL opposes possible nationwide martial law declaration,” as reported by Ian Nicolas Cigaral of dated September 16, 2017. The strong National Union of People’s Lawyers said, “


We strongly condemn the state policy of extrajudicial killings being committed with impunity and the government’s obvious and blatant disregard for the value for human life,” NUPL said.


We disapprove of any attempts to maim and cripple institutions responsible for ensuring and maintaining checks and balances as well as accountability of the government and other state forces such as the impeachment move on Chief Justice Sereno, the slashing of the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) budget and the bullying and impending impeachment of Ombudsman Carpio Morales,” it added.



Is it Democracy dead in the Phils?
Yes, because Filipino human right is only P1,000.00 courtesy by the Congress Committee on Budget. Can I buy all those Congressmen who voted “Yes” for P1,000.00 each? Para mawala ang bulok sa Congress?


On Tuesday, 119 members of the House of Representatives voted to give the CHR a budget of

P1,000. Despite the meager amount, CHR said it will not turn its back on its Constitutional duty

and continues to believe that “the concern for human rights is beyond partisanship or disagreement.”President Rodrigo Duterte has repeatedly criticized the CHR for calling out his war on drugs campaign and other controversial statements” as reported by Aleta Nieva Nishimori, ABS-CBN News, September 13, 2017


Demos (in Greek means people) must speak up. “To sin in silence when it is time to protest makes coward out of men.” Who said that, Edmund Burke, the British member of the Parliament?



Power of the purse

As I earlier said, “Whoever has the gold has the absolute control. Economy is the bloodline of the nation.”


Has congress has to power to persecute and prosecute by the power of the purse? Will it be a political vendetta?


Phil Star dated September 14, 2017, writes, “Voting 119-32, the House of Representatives, which is dominated by the president’s allies, favoured the motion to slash the annual budget of the CHR to a thousand pesos from the Department of Budget's proposed P678 million” by reporter, Ian Nicolas Cigaral.


The power of the budget (if not handled properly) has the power to prosecute. Budget allocations for the congressional ‘development funds’ became “haven of thieves” during the recent Aquino Administration according to some, is it true?


Said the former president Benigno Aquino III, he has maintained there is no basis to charge him criminally for the allegedly anomalous implementation of his administration’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) involving P72 billion in government funds as reported by The Star reporter, Elizabeth Marcelo dated May 13, 2017.


As the movie, “Spiderman” quotable script, “Greater power, greater responsibility” while the Scriptures said, “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much,” – Luke 16:10


I heard from former Ombudsman A. Desierto this words, “Graft is when you enriched yourself using your public office.” What about the controversial Marcos $297-Billion gold bars, is President Duterte “lawyering” for the Marcos family for immunity?


The president defended it and puts it this way, Duterte: Why would Marcoses return wealth without immunity? That is from The Star dated September 5, 2017.. The power is always on the tongue.


And Representative Lito Atienza said at the present price of $42,500 per kilo, the 7,000 tons or seven million kilos of gold bars Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Romualdez Marcos claims to possess are worth $297.5 billion or P15.2 trillion says in Phil Star report dated September 2. Here it goes, the Bible says:


In the mouth of two or three witnesses, the truth shall be established,” (Deut. 19:15; Matt. 18:16)


But wealth per se is not evil. It is a gift of God. The Scriptures said, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” (Psalm 24:1). Control the purse but never allow the purse to control you. Because the “Love of money is the root of all evil,” (1 Timothy 6:10)



War on Drugs,” form of imperial cult?

An Imperial Cult in the form of “war on drugs?” Will that be possible?


War is expensive. One needs an enormous amount of budget to win a war. That is why PNP have given an extra budget of P900-Million for “war on drugs.” News said, “PNP reloaded,” with guns? No but with another extra budget for P900-M for the “war on drugs.” It is like Ares, the Greek god of war. Without war, he (Ares) is not fit to live.


And that is courtesy of the people’s own money. The ironic thing is this, “Is it the money provided by the taxpayers will given back to them as a dose of fatal and gruesome Thanatos, the Greek “god of death” in the form of extra-judicial killings (EJK)?


Remember that “diabolos” meant “accuser of the brethren “ no less than Diablo or Satan. Why accusation is being directed to the innocent? Will you accuse a suspect when there is no probable cause from the Prosecutor Office? Hard, solid evidences constitutes a crime as they call it.


A government official have succeeded one time to put my name in the list of the so-called “Drug-List” whereas I spent many hundreds of hours lecturing on fight against drugs in many provinces under the Philippine National Police (PNP) of Camp Crame under then our mentor, Gen. Laurilla and Gen. Jose Andaya.


Others said it is 8,000 or more and others said it is over 12,000 who are at present the casualties on “war on drugs.” Extra-judicial killing as they call it? Is it the so-called “war on drugs” is a state-



Is it war is constitutional?

Article II, Section 2 of Philippine Constitution states that, “The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy.” What if you use “war” on ‘social ills” like the drugs-pushers? Will it be constitutional right?


Then find the etymological meaning of war in that constitutional law and check whether the so-called “War on Drugs” leaving over 12,000 people dead without due process of the law is constitutional or a state-run policy for murder or Imperial cult.


Death penalty is not provided by the Philippine Constitution yet staggering EJK’s victims of over 10,000 yet with just a single case is being filed to the court is quite alarming? Anarchy (without rule of law) or state-run terror?


Article III under the Bill of Rights, Section 1 and 2, “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable, and no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause ..”


Then why the Congress gave the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) a measly P1,000.00 budget?




Cussing, is it Imperial-cult terrorism?

Cussing is merely cursing. The power of the tongue has the power to bless or to curse according to James 3:10; 3:1-10.


Remember the battle of Israel and Palestine during the time of King Saul? Goliath is bad-mouthing Israel and the God of Israel, right? (1 Samuel 17:26)


When you hear a head of the state bad-mouthing other co-equal branches of the government demanding them to be in harmony to his wishes and whims, will that be an imperial cult” disguised in the form of “nationalism?”



Imperial Cult and sorcery

The word sorcerer” in Revelation 21:8 is derived from Greek “pharmakeus” (far-mak-yoos) as “the one who prepared or uses magical remedies; a sorcerer.” James Strong define it as “pharmakon” i.e. “a drug, a spell giving potion; a druggist or pharmacist or poisoner, a magician.”





Unifying Factor

According to Dr. Pollard, emperor worship is a unifying factor. Dr. Markchild explained that “Imperial Cult given the title of Pontifex Maximus i.e. “High Priest” makes him equal to the gods so that the subjects or citizen will be in complete submission to the emperor.”


Is sowing fear or threat constitutes silencing an enemy as a unifying factors or a violation of the freedom of expression?


Is the national budget under the Congress has unifying factor just like in Rome’s Imperial Cult so that your nemesis-like oppositionist party will join your wagon or rank? Or Martial Law is to unify the Filipino People? Sowing fear, can it unify us?


Destroy or be destroyed: Philippine senator battles Duterte,” as Karl Malakunas reported of Agence France-Presse on September 14, 2017. AFP writes, “Since Duterte assumed office in the middle of last year, police have reported killing more than 3,800 people while thousands of others have been murdered in unexplained circumstances.”


Dictatorship fears,” writes AFP. However a climate of fear has also emerged, with critics warning the president is determined to silence dissenters and drag the Philippines back into a dictatorship three decades after a "People Power" revolution ousted Ferdinand Marcos. Duterte has launched tirades against the Supreme Court chief justice, the Commission on Human Rights, the Catholic Church and critical media outlets. He and his allies have then started campaigns to curb their powers or discredit them…”



Systematic killing?

Is it PNP is being transformed into a killing-machine courtesy of Filipino taxpayers through “systematic killing?” Is it state-run like terrorisme (French i.e. terrorism)?


EJK, is it systematic or state-run killing machine? PNP, are they anti-people, anti-Constitution? According to the reports, out of over 12,000 victims of EJK’s, only one case is now in the court?


In the midst of these “killings” with no single case solved that is related in the EKJ, does it insinuates the PNP as law enforcer “inutile?” Check the statistics please. Otherwise, will Philippines can be the next killing fields after Cambodia?


I have practical principles to check whether the “drug on war” is systematic. If your answer is “Yes then it is systematic or a state-run committed murder or crime no less from those who pledged to protect us. Shall we start?



  1. Is there’s a drug-related suspect?

  2. Is there’s police presence?

  3. Is there’s shabu as an evidence?

  4. Is there any gun under the suspect’s possession?

  5. No witness (like media people or barangay official) other than the arresting officer/s during the raid?

  6. No warrant of arrest issued by the court?

  7. Miranda Rights has not been recited to the suspect prior to the arrest?

  8. Is it the suspect is gunned down and killed allegedly for fighting back and eluding arrest?


If most of your answer is YES then it is systematic reign of terror.



Origin of “Terrorism

The first use in English of the term 'terrorism' or terrorisme in French occurred during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, when the Jacobins, who ruled the revolutionary state, employed violence, including mass executions by guillotine, to compel obedience to the state and intimidate regime enemies as it is written in a column in New York Times dated October 28, 2007.


In other words, terrorism by its etymological origin is a state-organized crime against people. IF it did happen in France, a former Imperial Cult during the Roman Empire, it is possible to occur here as well?


Terror as defined by Webster means “a state of intense fear.” Phobos, is the Greek goddess of fear. It also means “affliction, torment, or demon.”



Who is the spirit behind this terror?

Enyo is the god of terror and bloodshed in the war, along with Eris ("Strife"), Phobos ("Fear"), and Deimos ("Dread"), Thanatos comes later which means “death” and the ultimate destination is Hades, the god of the underworld.


How true that Central Intelligence Agency or CIA of US “orchestrated” the “Abu-Sayyaf” self-confessed ISIS?


Covert Geopolitics

Why CIA Created the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines



The rise of Rodrigo Duterte is probably the biggest blow to the CIA’s grand plan in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia, because, not only is the incumbent president is in an all-out war with US imperialism for patriotism’s sake, i.e. for those Muslim patriots waging the longest Muslim war in history against the Western invaders,


He’s taking this as a personal battle against those who killed hundreds of innocent civilians in multiple bombings in his hometown city of Davao by a CIA operative disguising as a treasure hunter, i.e. Michael Terrence Meiring, who was spirited out from a hospital arrest by FBI operatives without the then Mayor Duterte’s prior consent.


Abu Sayyaf and the CIA in the Philippines,” by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed dated January 19, 2012 at 10:53am, “ …excerpt from pages 77 to 85 of bestselling author Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed’s book “The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation and the Anatomy of Terrorism, “which I supremely recommend as required reading for anyone who wants to truly understand the horrific events of September 11, 2001 and the far more gruesome U.S.-led Global War of Terrorism the entire secret team of 9/11 perpetrators..



Mind - boggling conspiracy?

During the height of BBL under Aquino Administration resulting to the gruesome killings of 44 SAF-PNP in Mamasapano, myself and around 4 bishops had a close-door dialogue with one of the author of the said bill. Other people with us includes a former Department Foreign Affairs (DFA) official, one former cabinet members and two seasoned constitutional lawyers.


The cabinet member narrated this to us first-hand,


The President of the Philippines have given me a handwritten letter personally addressed to the President of Pakistan. In that letter contained a request from the Pakistan government to give me a full access and their local military support to visit Peshawar in Pakistan as well in undisclosed place in Afghanistan to personally witness whether these “secessionist groups” are sincere or not for the government plan for the “peace process.” Unfortunately, I saw these “secessionist groups” were being trained as “terrorists” in mosques in Peshawar and Afghanistan. When I came back to the Philippines, I directly reported to the President and said, ‘Mr. President, these “groups” are not sincere in the peace process..’.”


These secessionist groups are now under the “priority bills both by the Congress and the present administration.


Secessionist means a rebel person or a rebel groups withdrawing their support to the official or legal government to organize another state. It is exactly similar to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) whose “ethnic conflict” was used to cease their allegiance from their official government of Yugoslavia and Serbia, a former USSR’s territories. KLA was supported and militarized by CIA and the US government, NATO and British Special Forces according to readings and references.

Why a rebel group like KLA was supported by the US, Britain and NATO? Readings said it is because Kosovo has $1-Trillion worth of untapped minerals according to USGS (United States Geological Survey).


WHY USGS by the way is exploring the world’s minerals on the first place? If you are intelligent or discerning compared to my below IQ, your answer is the same as mine.



Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed continued:

It is not a surprise then that the key US objective in the Philippines is not the elimination of terror. On the contrary, US-backed Philippine state-sponsored terror appears to have provided a crucial justification within the “War on Terror” narrative for the expansion of US military power in the region and the consolidation of US economic control


Why is the CIA in the Philippines? “ Ahmed added, “The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is sowing conflicts around the world, not just for geopolitical objectives alone. It is using terrorism and conflicts to mask its real agenda, i.e. to plunder the mineral wealth of nations.” …”When Japan was manipulated to attack China for the purpose of plundering the latter’s historical wealth, i.e. an estimated 80% of world’s gold was cornered by China during the first Silk Road,” the Japanese Imperial Army was hijacked on the way back through Southeast Asia forcing the Japanese to bury these treasures in Indonesia and the Philippines nearing the end of World War 2.”



I had this information from a former Malacanan Cabinet member way back from 2014 while Ahmed’s writing just handed to me this September, 2017. It is not conflicting but complimenting.



Marawi Siege

The Marawi siege spearheaded by the Maute group, is it an issue of disgruntled Muslim brethren to their ancestral lands or geopolitics-instigated? If yes, who is behind this war on terror? Any joint forces by the local and the foreign individuals or group or merely a satanic attack against the Philippines?



Boundaries are God-ordained

Boundaries or territorial integrity is not only Constitutional but God-ordained. Philippines isn’t for US nor China nor to any secessionist group but for the Filipinos alone – Christian or Muslims.


Acts 17:26 is very clear that “territories” are ordained by God. It says, “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.”


The word “bounds” from Greek “horothesia” means “a setting of boundaries, laying down limits, a definite limits, boundary line.”


Old Testament (OT) attest the above scripture of the New Testament (NT) in Proverbs 22:28, “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”


It not merely a treason but viciously wicked and ungodly against God for a Filipino, be from executive or legislative to give the Philippines nor any shoal, reef or islets in the West Philippine Sea without a fight.



Imperial Cult, reign of terror?

Is it Imperial Cult, a reign of terror (terroristic) to extend the emperor’s territorial jurisdiction and monopoly of power?


What is a Filipino politician seemingly exercise iron-hand leadership either harassing other co-equal branches of the government or using them as his rubber –stamp? Will that be imperialistic cult?


Imperial Cult has something to do with the gods. These Greek gods in the likes of Zeus, Hecate, Nemesis, Pluto, Orcus and the ancient god of Mesopotamia and Assyria, Ishtar (which I mentioned in my writing entitled, Ares, Greek god of war”).


For example, the Temple of Zeus which was discovered by German Engineer Humann in 18th century was excavated piece by piece and re-assembled in Berlin Museum in Germany today is it is being placed on a frieze with Ishtar in the same Museum.


The Temple of Zeus with 3-faceted image of Hecate is preserved. Hecate is the goddess of retribution and revenge.


While Senator Leila de Lima is now in prison and another senator, Sen. Trillanes is being threatened as well (according to the papers), will this constitutes the “ spirit of Imperial cult” in the form of Hecate or Nemesis revengeful, unforgiving, war-like?


I heard this personally from a congressman, he said, “Pastor I have no other recourse but to sign the Impeachment Complaint otherwise they will not give me my annual PDAF..” And this congressman was one of the signatories for the impeachment of former Chief Justice Renato Corona by P-Noy Administration.


Question: Is it the threats of impeachment complaints against Chief Justice Sereno and Ombudsman Carpio is Hecate-like revenge associated with fat-budgetary reward?



Hecate evolved as “Terrorism?”
The word “terrorism is so broad. Imperial Cult is it a form of state-run form of reign of terror?


Remember King Herod who sought to slay the babe Jesus Christ resulting to the innocent bloodshed of 2,000 babies in city of Rama (Matthew 2:1-19). Is it state-run terrorism using the Roman soldiers paid by the taxes of citizens to quench his thirst for blood for a single innocent Child Jesus?


Terrorism is too broad, be it personal, religious or political just like in 1st century AD to Sicarii Zealots under the Roman Rule or to the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror (see Notes below, “History on Terrorism)

The Ephialtes” in “Queyrel, pages 55-56,” is a statue of Zeus. In the Temple of Zeus or Altar of Pergamum in Berlin Museum, it shows there the statue of Hecate, goddess of retribution and revenge together with Artemis or Diana, the goddess of hunt, what these two combinations speak for?


Am just thinking if this hunting-machine gods in the like Artemis or Diana is in the form of PNP’s “war on drugs” while Hecate or Nemesis is in the form of revenge and terror? (Of course, we are not dealing with “flesh and blood but against principalities and powers” according to St. Paul).




Ishtar, Thanatos, Mamasapano ( “bridge of no return) and EJKs?

Are they (the above sub-titles) are one and the same? But what if state-run programs are well supported by the majority of Filipino people and the politicians? Then I have nothing to say except this, “Lord Jesus, have mercy to the Philippines and to the Filipinos, otherwise we will become like the Jewish diaspora.”


According to the “Destruction of Ottoman-Armenia,” (see Notes below), the Turks destroyed the Armenian Christian churches was aimed “ was aimed at eliminating all traces of Armenian cultural and religious life” and the said destruction serves a “dual purpose” to made appear that the “Armenians had never existed, while ensuring that survivors, if any, had nothing to return to.”


Remember that Ishtar is hailed from “place of no return.” Ishtar is the ancient god of Babylonia and Assyria is the goddess of the underworld according to the Library of Alexandria.



Satan would like to succeed to annihilate the Armenians who 1st declared Christianity in the whole world as their official religion and to display Armenian as Christians as spectacle to discourage conversions to the Lord.


I met one old Armenian lady in 1986 while on a Delphi, Greece tour. Her name is Mrs. Assatorian, a survivor from the genocide crime by the Islamic Turks to the Armenian Christians in Sivas, Central Anatolia (Turkey) in 1915.


Ishtar is called as “hell” in Deuteronomy 32:22. Hell is from Hebrew word “sheol” meaning “a place of no return:” or the abode of the dead.” And “Thanatos,” is the Greek “goddess of the dead according to Revelation 1:18.


In the Philippine scenario we have such similar sounding name. Remember the place where the SAF-PNP were mercilessly massacred and some dead bodies were even mutilated by the joint-forced of MILF (a proponent of BBL, a priority bill of the present administration and the House Speaker) and the disgruntled BIFF break-away members of MILF and MNLF)?


That place in Mamasapano is called, “the bridge of no return.” Will this be a sort of Imperial Cult especially the government is spearheading the said BBL as a bill in the name of religion called “Bangsamoro.”

While the Mamasapano’sbridge of no return” resulting to the massacre of 44 SAF-PNP unto the graves of no return, the over 8,000 victims of the so-called EJK which is drug-related, can you call that “place of no return” as well?


As the saying goes, “History repeats by itself.” And Solomon said in Ecclesiastes,Nothing new is under the sun.”




Akhong (not his real name) is a Christian businessman who loves the Lord. He would drop by to my office every now and the for a petty talk and sharing scriptures and whatever has been transpired in his life.


Not until he stopped dropping by to the office which he used to do. I decided to pay him a visit one day. His wife folded both his hands down to her cheek by the time I surprised her right at their doorstep. A sign of gratitude I presumed. When I asked where Akhong is and told her I haven’t seen him for quite a time, her eyes became downcast and she said, “He’s in the room. He have been like that for over a month.”

I’ve found out later that he was politically manipulated by a certain
governor who wielded his power to influence a prosecutor officials from Department of Justice (DoJ) to lodge a formal legal complaint against him. From that time on, he had a nervous breakdown fearing for his life. . What was surprising there is the said governor is a self-professed Bible-believing preacher and elder in their local church.


And when you combine your powerful public office and your religious belief to persecute and prosecute another, will that constitutes conspiracy known as imperial cult?” In our legal cultural term, we call that “abuse of power.”



Imperialism Defined

Imperialism is a policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas or countries (Miriam-Webster). An imperial government means authoritarianism. It is one-man rule. Cult on the other hand means worship” or “formal religious veneration. It is a system of religious beliefs and rituals according to Noah Webster. In today’s modern term, imperialism is the so-called, “colonialism.”


And if I will combined these two words “imperial” and ‘cult” in just a single word, I would define it as “theocracy.” Theocracy is a form of government in which a country, nation or state is ruled by a religious leader (not a religious leaders). That is almost exactly what it means. But technically according to period, epoch or time, it is called Imperial Cult.



Cult Defined

Leviticus 19:26 made mentioned of the word “occult” and Number 25:3; 25:5 “Baal-peor cult”. Occultist is mentioned in Deuteronomy 18:11. There is also “cultic prostitutes” (Deut. 23:17); as well a “male cult prostitutes” (1 Kings 15:12; 22:26: 23:7); the cultic sexual immorality (2 Chr. 21:11, 13; cultic gods (Micah 5:14); practicing occult arts (Acts 8:9), occult performances (Acts 8:11); Jewish occult practitioner like Elymas (Acts 13:6, 8); occult arts (Acts 19:9). All scriptures quoted from International Standard Version (ISV).


Enchantment is used in Lev. 19:26 (KJV) from “nachash” (naw-khash) i.e. to practice divination, observe signs, fortunetelling; whisperer (magic spell); enchanter.”


Was it Eve when she looked to the serpent eye-to-eye drowsed her to magic? Genesis 3:1 says,. “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the L:ord God had made…”


Serpent in “nachash”(naw-khawsh) means “serpent, snake.” It is derived from the root word “nachash” (naw-khash) which is exactly the same with “enchantment” and that is “to practice divination; observe signs, learn by experience, practice fortunetelling; whisperer (a magical spell); enchanter. “



Fairchild explained

Fairchild explained, Dionysian wanted to proclaim himself as deity. The Jews does not heed to Emperor to worship him. Jews is monotheistic. The problem was from the time of Jesus Christ to 2 AD, most Christians are Jews. When Paul begun his ministry to non- Gentiles, the Jews begun to antagonize and to persecute Christians. We discovered that fewer and fewer Jews abreast Christianity that time. As a consequence, by 81 AD during Dionisian reign, most Christians are non Jews. That is why Dionisian revoked the "exemption of emperor worship.” From that time on, Christians were expected to exercise the “emperor-worship” declaring him as "our Lord and god." And of course, we do not like that...”


It is worth noting that Roman culture in ancient time allows “emperor worship” with the virtue of the approval of the members of the Roman Senate. It was indeed the Senate who gave the title of “pontifex maximusto the emperor.


Can the Congress legislative a law for the whims of the President in the same way that Emperor Cult was empowered by the Roman Senate?



Freedom of Religion at stake
What if our constitutional rights of freedom of expression and worship will be deleted should the present Constitution will be amended by the present administration? Will this be the same like what Dr. Mark Fairchild explained during Dionisian rule that “he revoked the exemption of emperor worship” among God’s people resulting to invasion of Jerusalem and executing hundreds of thousands of the Jews?


Is it the Congress power of purse is acting like Dionisian (Imperial Cult) by giving Commission of Human Rights (CHR) P1,000.00 budget is a solemn and discreet attack the Church and to assail our religious freedom?


No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights” – Article III, Section 5; Philippine Constitution


Even a pastor or Christian leader like you and me must be protected under this Bill of Rights to exercise our civil and political rights on worship.


Since religious freedom is under this Bill of Rights, then our democratic of worship or faith-system must be protected by the state or government under our civil and political rights.


Emperor –worship can be in another form like political party affiliation worship more than serving the Filipino whom the Congress or government officials have sworn to protect and serve.



Ruler and god are inseparable?

The Imperial cult was inseparable from that of Rome's official deities, whose cult was essential to Rome's survival and whose neglect was therefore treasonous. Traditional cult was a focus of Imperial revivalist legislation under Decius and Diocletian. Christian apologists and martyrologists saw the cult of the Emperor as a particularly offensive instrument of "pagan" impiety and persecution according to Bowerstock.


Pontifex Maximus means “the chief priest”. The death of Lepidus in 12 BCE made Emperor Augustus Caesar or Octavian of Rome to succeed him as the office head of Roman religion as chief priest. Julius Caesar was also recognized as god of the Roman state in 42 B.C.E.


According to Walter J. Veith, Ph. D (2009) the papal title Pontifex Maximus can be traded back in different forms to the ancient Chaldean times. When Medo-Persia conquered Babylon, the Babylon religion was maintained, but after the revolt of the priesthood, the priests of Babylon were driven out of Medo-Persia, and established themselves at Pergamum, tasking with their titles and vestures.


The last pontiff king of Pergamum was Atallus III, who bequeathed his title to the emperor of Rome in 133 BC. In the 4th century AD, Christian emperor Gratian refused the title and in the year 431 AD, the title was taken over by Damascus, Bishop of Rome.


(That could be the reason that the Temple of Trajan is the only Roman edifice in the ancient Hellenistic acropolis of Pergamum).




Temple of Trajan & BBL

The construction of the temple was initiated under the Roman emperor Trajan (hence its name) and completed by his successor Hadrian (I saw one Temple of Hadrian in the ancient ruins of Ephesus). The purpose of the temple was to provide a venue for the religious cult of both rulers as well as Zeus. (See Notes below entitled, “Temple of Trajan


Noticeable is that the Temple of Emperor Trajan is beside the Temple of Zeus. This constitutes the inseparable emperor-worship as well as worship to god of Zeus. In the Greek culture, it is customary that rulers are being worshipped as gods.


The association of ruler-god worship is to pre-condition the people’s mind that treason against a ruler is like rebellion to the gods. Such propaganda in the mindset of the people will result to the peaceful “submission of the people to the emperor or ruler.”



BBL: Imperial Cult?

Does Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), a priority bill of the Congress and the present administration today constitute separation of state which is unconstitutional?

Will this be the reason there will be a Federal form of government and the Congress is determined to “
amend the constitution” for the BBL to fit in?


Is it possible that the present impeachment against SC Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno is politically-motivated so that the SC Chief Justice will be appointed by President Duterte to have a soft heart to BBL and Federalism and amendment of the Constitution? May be? May be not?


But BBL mentioned the words, Wali,”Hajj” and “Umrah” on the said bill. “Wali” is quoted by Prophet Mohammed under Sura in Koran. Also in drafting the BBL, Art. V, Sec. 3 (26) connotes religion or Islamic belief under “exclusivity of power” of the powers of government of Bangsamoro? And it is unconstitutional for a state to declare a “religious state” because there is a separation of the state and the church.”

And there is nothing wrong with religions. Our Constitution protects our religious freedom. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, and others are all protected under our Bill of Rights. But when Philippines territorial integrity is at stake, will you use religious freedom to assaults a national sovereignty?


BBL has a preamble in the same way that the Philippine Constitution of 1987 includes the Preamble. To the thinkers and intelligent observers, preamble is a “prelude” in creating another state. Meaning there will be a “break-away” and it is a “religious group” and the worst, “a terrorist religious group”? And no less than a government appointee by President Aquino in the person of Prof. Miriam Colonel – Ferrer.


Is BBL a modern times expression of “Imperial Cult?” Government –ordained religious state in the making?


It is worth pointing out that in this Temple of Trajan or Trajaneum is where you can also find the Egyptian gods named Isis or Osiris. That sounds very ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.



Miriam-Ferrer with MILF

It was sometime on August, 2014 when I questioned Presidential Peace Process Chief Miriam Colonel-Ferrer why then the administration’s priority bill, the so-called BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) why they are creating a “state within a state” and “Islamic state within a state.


With her on that occasion is the UP Vice President on External Affairs Prospero de Vera who was then the chairperson,. Sen. Bongbong Marcos who was the Guest Speaker, a DFA Secretary who was in defense for BBL and two more foreign ambassadors from United Kingdom and Indonesia who shared their political views in favour of BBL in the country.


I warned her saying, “Don’t you know that you are committing treason together with the President of the Philippines, President Aquino? Why? You are creating a terroristic state within a state?


Such bill violates the Constitution in Article I which is the “National Territory” and Art. II, Sec. 6Separation of the state and the Church.” Besides BBL proponents


Colonel-Ferrer is a graduate of Philosophy in UP Diliman in 1980. Prof. Ferrer is a Filipino peace negotiator and the current chairperson of the peace panel of the Government of the Philippines to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (1) She is the first female chief negotiator in the world to sign a final peace accord with a rebel group (3).


MILF is allegedly link to a terrorist group Abu-Sayyaf and Al-Qaeda.


Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

The MILF initially declared a Jihad but became more restrained and receptive, especially following claims that it had links to the Abu Sayyaf or Al Qaeda “ a source said (5)


In a verbal clash aftermath of Mamasano incident resulting to loss of lives of 44-SAF members of the PNP, then Sen. Alan Cayetano accused Prof. Ferrer of a government linked to a terrorist group. Cayetano said,


"All governments around the world, the policy is not to negotiate with terrorists. If the peace panel does not know that, we’re in trouble." To which Coronel-Ferrer replied that she was "not aware of any such policy (3)

Coronel-Ferrer's calls for calm in the wake of the clash have drawn criticism from many Filipino netizens. Many have accused her of treason and of rushing the peace process, at the expense of justice. Manipulated, sexually-explicit images of her have also begun to spread across the Internet and she has also received death threats. However, Coronel-Ferrer says she accepts them as "part of the job" (4)

Ferrer appointee from Malacanan working in favour of MILF, alleged terrorist Islamic (religious ) group, does it constitutes Imperial (Malacanan) and Cult (religion)?

Government – terrorism – religion. What a good combination of three in one (3 in 1)?”

Look for KOSOVO Draft of secessionism and you will find it out it is almost exactly the same with the present BBL draft. Some could have been altered or amended to give a little difference. The player of KLA or Kosovo from the US side

Anti-SOGIE Discrimination Act

Have you heard this controversial bill? The so called “Anti-Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression” or SOGIE Bill. Will this be in the form of another Imperial Cult? (8). Read “Notes” below



Explore, Conquer, Exploit, Convert

The world history is the metamorphosis of these 4 words: explore, conquer, exploit, convert (ECEC).


I was so amazed of the word “conquest” when God opened my eyes of understanding what it truly means both in the spirit world and in the developmental science (governance, geopolitics, economy, etc)/ And a day before that, Emile Meltem, the tour guide shared to us about various “conquest” to “Neorama” or “Constantinople which is now the modern Turkey.



Ancient Constantine or Byzantine (now Istanbul)

In 1453, the Turks conquered Byzantine. Constantine era called Byzantine waned as “super-power” and the Ottoman Empire emerged. As the new era came Ottoman Empire had replaced the Byzantine Empire. That time of new era is conquering. Conquering but also declining. By 532 A.D. year old, Theodosia Hagia Sophia church was built was by Emperor Theodosius ( 408-450) but it was destroyed by fire by the Nike Revolt against Emperor Justinian and it was converted to a mosque during the Turk’s Ottoman Empire, the beginning of the rise of Islamic faith.


And conversion to Mohammedanism expanded all throughout the world after that. In fact, the so-called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is considered Islamic extremist religious group).


Asia Minor

When Alexander the Great conquered Macedonia and Asia Minor, he influenced these territories with Hellenistic cultured (as if they were converted. When he died, came another superpower – the Imperial Rome. Imperial Cult finally subdued Asia Minor and got converted of emperor worship associated with god. Again that .


Ancient to Modern Pergamum

At Pergamum, we found out that the whole Temple of Zeus by the Germans and shipped it to their own country and reassembled the ancient temple and it is being put into display at Berlin Museum to this very day. Again, the explore, conquer and exploit.



Philippines and Spain

The king of Spain explored the world looking for spices. Magellan, was one among the king’s Portuguese navigators on board the ship Victoria and he and his men explored the Pacific and had a shipwrecked in the vast ocean. Until Victoria has been drifted along Homonhon Island thus he called this nation, Islas de Lazarus. It has been said that the Philippines was “conquered by the cross and not by the sword. “ Not only Spain did colonize the nation but they converted the animistic Filipinos as Catholic Christians. Then later they exploited if not “looted” our gold. Later Filipinos were treated as “indios” (uneducated), second-class citizens. Until the Filipinos became slaves for 300 years by her colonizer. Spain later sold the Filipinos to the American for $2-Million under the Treaty of Paris.


This is exploration, conquest, exploitation, and conversion. The same is true to this very day.



ECEC in the Church

Would church loot another church? Can we say “illegal transfers of funds and resources?”. Or is it possible for a politician to rob the flock of God due to his rhetoric, mesmerizing power of speech and good-to-be-true promises?


One time a pastor from Villasis came to me for a counselling. He said a Good Samaritan, who is a South Korean national was looking for a local church so he could help the pastor there. He finally found Pastor X (not his real name). Missionary Y(not the true name of Korean missionary) encouraged X to further his studies in Manila and Y will support him all the way. X did and went to Manila and Y promised he would take care of the church. Two years later, when Pastor X came back to his flock and local church, Missionary Y changed the name of the church and Pastor X’s flock gave their full allegiance to South Korean Y. Many from the flock have the “golden fleece” enough to be skinned. Again, exploration, conquest, exploitation, and conversion


The flock of Christ can be converted to join the flock of the Imperial Cult. I always hear this from Pastor Dan Balais, “Our allegiance to Christ is non-negotiable and foremost and not the politicians who only stays in their office during the term.”


Sadly enough, would some of our pastors and Christian leaders today are now submerging themselves into the muddy art of dirty politics? Some are even defending the erring politicians and put aside God’s principles as if supporting an imperial cult.


The Temple of Zeus were once located between those two pine trees (refer above photos), completely destroyed” Meltem pointed out with her finger (and ironically I didn’t noticed not only last Friday, September that I noticed I had such a snapshot which I was completely unaware of prior to the original writing of this teaching comparing to the photo on display from the internet dated 2003).




Imperialism today and yesterday

Imperialism is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force according to Oxford.


While Encyclopedia Britannica define imperialism as a state policy, practice, or advocacy of extending power and dominion, especially by direct territorial acquisition or by gaining political and economic.


So when the US and her allies and UN-members called for economic sanction against Iran, Iraq and North Korea, is it imperialism?


But let’s face us, gold or money is very important to this present day. When you have the gold, you have the control and you have more territories (people as subjects or slaves). This has been a cycle in the history of the world since the ancient times.


When Egypt became a strong empire, they treated the Jews as slaves (Exodus 1:11). When the nation of Israel became so powerful, they took the Palestinians their subjects. When the Midianites took power, they looted the Israelites. When Israelites raided Midian, Number 31:9/ NIV says, “The Israelites captured the Midianite women and children and took all the Midianite herds, flocks and goods as plunder.”


Plunder in Hebrew “bazaz” means “spoil, plunder, prey.” Strong define it “to plunder, rob or robber.” Plunder is always involved in imperialism.


Imperialism is an action that involves a country (usually an empire or a kingdom) extending its power by the acquisition of territories. It may also include the exploitation of these territories, an action that is linked to colonialism. Colonialism is generally regarded as an expression of imperialism,” writes S. Gertrude (1933).


The word imperialism originated from the Latin word imperium according to which means supreme power as described by Charton T. Lewis (2016). Lars Magnusson (1991) said it first became common with its current sense in Great Britain, during the 1870s and was used with a negative connotation.


Even Nebuchadnezzar during the ancient Babylon, imperialism or colonialism was exercised prior to the birth of Hellenistic and Roman culture (7)


Humans are now slaves to gold to any other things in this world today. Money or gold is when you hold the purse. When you hold the purse, you must have a sound fiscal economy. Economy is the bloodline of the nation. This is when imperialism comes in. Why? To declare war to invade other territories to exploits there resources entails enormous amount of gold or military budget.


Duterte looking to destroyImperial Manila’ ,”as published by Agence France-Presse / 12:46 PM June 28, 2016. Would that be a Nemesian-rulership? Now that our President and our House Speaker both hailed Mindanao, can we see in the future the rising up of “Imperial Mindanao?”


Changing of guards

Changing of guards as they call it. If Manila is called before as Imperial Manila now that the new president hails from Mindanao, will there be swapping of names like Imperial Mindanao?


Imperial Manila is a pejorative epithet used by certain sectors of Filipino society to express the idea that all the affairs of the Philippines—whether in politicsbusinesseconomy, or culture—are decided by what is happening in the capital region Metro Manila without considering the rest of the country, largely because of its centralized government according to  David Martínez, (2004). Another expression of Manila's powerful influence was voiced by National Artist of the Philippines Nick Joaquin, who said "When Manila sneezes, the Philippines catches cold.”


Imperial Mindanao and P6-Billion national budget? Now that we have a president who hailed from Mindanao, shall another imperialism will soon to arise to be tagged as Imperial Mindanao?”


Will this compliments “Rody’s P6-B budget approved in 2 minutes? The said budget was reported by Jess Diaz of The Philippine Star last August 25, 2017. Why the budget was unanimously approved with winking of an eye in barely 2-minutes?


And who will explain that the “Palace has P1.4 B in unused donations?” according to Commission on Audit (COA) as reported by Michael Punongbayan (The Philippine Star) | Updated July 13, 2017.

Is it not a “budget” is Annual Fiscal Management intended for expenditures? When it is being not used, will it be tantamount for hoarding? Or is it being returned to the government coffers ?


When you have the wielding power and huge budget, when will the word control comes in?



State Religion

Philippines cannot be like Imperial Cult. Period.


There is religious freedom in the Philippines as stated in Article III, Section 5 which simply suggest that Filipinos, public official or not can exercise their freedom of religion yet the State cannot suggest or declare official “state religion” just like an “imperial cult.”


Philippine Constitution enshrined in Article II, Section 6, “ The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable. “


Freedom of religion is under the Bill of Rights and it is worth pointing out that government and laws emanates in the people. Sovereignty resides in the people the Constitution assures.


Article II, Section 1. The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them. Section 1. The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” So LET THE PEOPLE (Greek word, “demo) DECIDE.


And that is what democracy is all about. The Greek demos + krateein means “people” and “rule”. On June 11, Archaeologist Mark Fairchild read to us what was written on the ancient stone from the ruins of the city of Pergamon that reads, “demos”.


When governance is not in the grasp of the people, then imperialism comes in and that is when we lose the “rule of law” that could end our nation into tyranny (without rule of law). Is it not the over 8,000 victims of EJK’s an enough evidence that our “ rule of law” is now defective?




Democracy” came from two Greek words “demosand “krateein.” It means “people” and “rule”. Combing these two makes it “governed by the people.” That is why Abraham Lincoln, a US President said: “Our government is of the people, by the people and for the people.”


So when the people’s rights and privileges are being trampled upon that would be the end of democracy and tyranny reigns. When terror is sown in the hearts of a nation that insinuates one-man rule and imperialism.


Tyranny is the opposite of democracy. And the Philippines is a Republican nation which means we are not under the “rule of laws” and not under “rule of men


When crimes and violence are being done in a broad daylight, when freedom of speech and expression are under peril, when the rights to be heard are being silenced by the gunshots, when constitutional institutions are being threatened by the one who holds the public purse, then government becomes oppressive, tyrannical and diabolical. That makes the government futile to serve and protect the people. As Edmund Burke said, “Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a feeble government.”



The Philippine Constitution is clear of the government’s mandate to the Filipino people. Article II, Section 4 says: The prime duty of the Government is to serve and protect the people.”



The gods are here

The ancient gods of Assyria, Egypt and Greeks are here in the Philippines. They might not be named specifically but their expressions and manifestations are all over the nation.


It was from Pergamum when Fairchild shown us an ancient stone resting on a hill. He said it reads, “Demos” which simply implies the people. People has always have been a part of government.


We learned from Doctoral Studies that what makes a nation strong it by its people. It’s the people that makes the rules, not the government nor the congressmen. Congress is to speak in behalf of the people.


Should the Congress or a head of state arrogantly wield its power to oppress the weak, the poor and the unlearned in the name of “laws?”


It is noticeable the conflicting religious ideas of the people of the ancient Pergamon. You will find the Temple of Zeus and Temple of Athina, both Greek god and goddess yet in another adjacent place you see the Egyptian gods named Isis and Osiris. And I saw them by myself.

Combining the archaeological artefacts, ancient history writings and the biblical scriptures, “truth shall be established by two or three witnesses.”


Osiris is the god of the underworld among the Egyptians which is equivalent to Greek god of the abyss, named Hades and Osiris is associated with Egyptian solar god named Horus, while the ancient Mesopotamian and Assyrian god, Ishtar is also called, “god of the underworld” and god of “the land of no return” according to M. Jastrow (1915). And Ishtar is a transformer-like god who became Astarte to Aphrodite according to David T. Sugimoto, “Transformation of the Goddess.”


According to Easton Bible Dictionary Ur means light or moon city ( a solar like Ishtar) is the birthplace of Haran, the father of Abram in Gen. 11:28, 31. Ur is the largest city of Shinar, near Mosul, Iraq today, centre of commercial and political power. It is famous for the temple of the moon- god Sin in Ur itself. And Remember Molech who has insatiable appetite for blood.


Since “war on drugs” and over 12,000 victims of EJK’s are prevalent today in the Philippines and display of the arrogance of our bureaucrats, does the power of the air are being ruled by the gods of the ancient Greek, Assyria and Egypt? Is it not Saint Paul warned us about this?


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the

rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places– Ephesians 6;12


Hades (Orcus or Pluto) is associated with these two godsphobos and thanatos, meaning the gods of fear and death. Are the gods here?



The 3 G’s

The 3 G’s popularly known as gold, guns and goons is contrary to democracy.


Guns, goons and gold – the infamous three Gs of our politics – have never gone away,” writes Manuel L. Quezon III entitled, “The Long View: Gold, guns and goons” dated February 6, 2009 on PDI. He said that , “The lifeblood of politics being money, which serves as the great leveler (all obstacles can be overcome by piling on the cash).”


Mina Cabal had a comment on the above when she wrote, “Speaking of the infamous 3 G’s, the gold is the most important. Without it, the other 2 G’s, Guns and Goons, are not possible.

We can therefore simply say that our election is determined by whoever has the most gold.

This is true everywhere. The recent election of Obama proves this, he that out fund-raised and out spent his opponent.”


God of the wealth

Government will not survive without the taxes of the people. The more you increase taxes, the better. When you have the wealth of the people in the form of taxes , then you have the control. Carl Marx was right when he said, ”he who controls the economy, is in control”.


So who holds the national budget now starting P3.7 this 2017? Who is in control? The answer is the House of the Congress. Can they silence or paralyze a government agency like CHR, Supreme Court or Ombudsman and others should these agencies does not conform with the present “whims” of the administration? Again, who holds the purse or the wealth?


Great Greek historian Herodotus wrote this about Hades:

Hades was the god of the underworld and the name eventually came to also describe the home of the dead as well. He was the oldest male child of Cronus and Rhea. Hades and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon defeated their father and the Titans to end their reign, claiming rulership over the cosmos. They agreed to split their rule with Zeus becoming god of the skies, Poseidon god of the sea and Hades god of the underworld. He was later known to the Greeks as Plouton, which the Romans pluralized to Pluto.”


And how this Greek god, Hades or Pluto operates?


Herodotus added, “Though Hades is the King of the Dead, he should not be confused with Death itself, which is personified by Thanatos. Hades is best known as the ruler of the underworld. It became his dominion after he and his brothers drew lots for their share of the universe.


According to Iliad, Hades’ dominion lies between secret places of the earth. According to the Odyssey, one must cross Ocean to get there.Though Hades supervised the dead assigned to his realm, he was not one of its judges. Three demi-gods served that purpose instead. Hades was depicted as stern and unyielding, unmoved by prayer and sacrifice. Hades had a cap or helmet that made its wearer invisible. His wife was Persephone, Demeter’s only daughter, whom he kidnapped and made his queen. He was also called the God of Wealth or “the rich one” because he possessed the precious metals of the earth.”



That was the reason Apostle John said, “Do not love the world and the things of this world, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and pride of life,” (1 John 1:15-16).


That is the reason why Christ rebuked Satan when the latter have shown the world’s glory, splendour and power. The power is in the gold or wealth.


Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve,’ – Matthew 4:8-10



Gold for the BBL?

If you read the papers you may probably asks why European Union, Malaysia, the Arab nations and America favour BBL to be become a law?


Because as long the Senate exist, no foreign companies or monopoly of the oligarchs as the Constitution provides can exploit the vast wealth of Philippine minerals with stunning worth of around $1-Trillion.


Is it the so-called “Bangsamoro Basic Law” or “Bill” has something to do with the gold? Are the proponents of BBL and the politicians who are supporting this bill shall receive a sort of “reward” or “incentive” or “commissionor “business interest” should the said bill will be approved?


Is it the huge mineral deposit of Mindanao is the reason this democratic government will be amended as the Congress puts it into “Federalism?”


Will Federalism” gives absolute power to the gold-starving individuals and politicians to exploit the national integrity? Shall you call it Imperialism?


As the Scriptures said, The love of money is the root of evil,” (1 Timothy 6:10).


And Jesus said, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal,” (Matthew 6:19-20).


There are much gold in the Kingdom of God. And only the wise men to whom these gold will be revealed. Matthew 13:44, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.”


When you see shady billsbeing approved one by one if not simultaneously in the name of “Human Rights” or “Law then you see great “falling away” as Christ mentioned in Matthew 24 and “the love of many will turn cold”.


Will Christians, pastors and moralists started compromising to avoid persecution and prosecution otherwise the government shall tag you as an “enemy of the state?”


When Daniel refused to bow before the image of Nebuchadnezzar, no less than the palace officials found a loophole to accuse him to be thrown into the fiery furnace of fire.

Mordecai refused to bow down before Haman, the latter took the king’s signet ring to annihilate all the Jews including those from other 150 provinces to be slaughtered simultaneously by the virtue of a royal decree.


So when the Philippine Congress and the Senate approved a “wicked bill” then you will see “Imperial Cult” is now here again and resurfaced from the living dead into another form which we call “legislation.


Looting the gold

Looting the gold, the silver and the treasures have been customary traditions from invading conquerors. This is true during the time of Syrian king Hazael (1 Kings 19:15; 2 Kings 8:12; 12:18), Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar (Ezra 1:11; 5:14; Dan. 3:1).



World’s history of conquest and colonialism and you will find out that looting the treasures or gold-grabbing is always a part of it. (We will study that later should I prepare another teaching entitled “IMPERIAL CULT”).



The Superpowers

Superpowers come and go. A superpower can never manipulate the whole world without God’s consent. Remember what God have said to Moses, “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth,” (Exodus 9:16; Romans 9:17).


Daniel said only God has the right to balance the global superpower.


Daniel 2:21, “And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.”


Egyptian Empire came, the Greeks (Hellenistic by Alexander the Great, the Romans, French (by Napoleon Bonaparte), then the Ottomans (Turkish), England, Spain, USA. And who are the great-superpower countries today? America, Russia, England, Germany?


Matthew 12:29, “Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.”


Professor Paul Dukes, "a superpower must be able to conduct a global strategy including the possibility of destroying the world; to command vast economic potential and influence; and to present a universal ideology.’


There have been many attempts by historians to apply the term superpower retrospectively, and sometimes very loosely, to a variety of entities in the past. Recognition by historians of these older states as superpowers may focus on various superlative traits exhibited by them. Examples of these ancient or historical superpowers include the British Empire, Ancient Egypt,  the Hittite Empirethe Achaemenid Empirethe Hellenistic Empire of Alexander the Greatthe Roman Empire, the Maurya Empirethe Tang Empirethe Umayyad Caliphate, the Mongol Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Empire, and the First French Empire of Napoleon.”



In 1999, Samuel P. Huntington wrote, "The United States, of course, is the sole state with preeminence in every domain of power – economic, military, diplomatic, ideological, technological, and cultural – with the reach and capabilities to promote its interests in virtually every part of the world."



Barack Obama, “economic saviour?”

Published on Alternet entitled, “Numbers Show that Obama May Have Been an Economic Saviour” by Mark Hannah dates July 7, 2016, 9:39 AM GMT


The following is an excerpt from the new book, The Best Worst President": by Mark Hannah & Illustrated by Bob Staake (2016): “ Economics is called the “dismal science” for a reason. President Obama raised income taxes on hardworking Americans. A lot of people who were hurt by the tax increase were business owners (aka job creators)..”



Imperial Cult in the End Times

Can authoritarianism and imperialism be demonic whether we are aware or not and can be disguised in the form of government as geopolitics mentioned during the ancient world which can be manifested in the form of “tyrannical control” or “imperial cult?”


Author of the Book of Ecclesiastes known as the most intelligent creature ever existed, no less than David’s son, king Solomon said, “Vanity of all vanities. Nothing is new under the sun…”


Bible scholars noted the worship of the emperor as the background for the worship of the Beast in Book of Revelation 13:4, 15-16; 14:9-11, 15:2, 16:2, 19:20, 20:4. 

Shall we not expecting this as a Christian that it will soon become a world-wide phenomenon, if not regional?

The standard view of Emperor-worship can be found in many popular commentaries according to William Ramsay’s writing entitled “The Letters to the Seven Churches, New York (1909) that says:  

“…in no part of the world was there such fervent and sincere loyalty to the emperors as in Asia. Augustus had been a saviour to the Asian peoples, and they deified him as the Saviour of mankind, and worshiped him with the most whole-hearted devotion as the ‘present deity’.”

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? …And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed,” – Revelation 13:4, 15



Saviours of the world

There could be right or wrong saviours, or the real and the counterfeits. I call this Messianic complex,” when someone believes in so much in himself that he is the only answer of the present prevailing social ills or problem of the nation or the world. Mind you, we can play as “God.” We normally see this narcissistic figures during the time of election to attract no so few but many rather gullible voters.


Obama and Duterte have the same things in common. Both won a landslide victory. Both used the power of the social media as a democratic form of freedom of expression that placed them to power.


The people have spoken. What the people wants, the people gets. Psalm 78:79 says, “So they did eat, and were well filled: for He gave them their own desire in the same way, God granted Israel’s desire to give themselves a king and abandoned their King of kings during the reign of prophet Samuel.


Obama prior to his presidential bid has been hailed as “economic saviour.” During his administration, the economy tremendously slid down starting from Lehman Bros. in 2008 that given the whole world a dose of economic catastrophe. Philippines is not spared either. Meanwhile, Deterte’s slogan, “Change is coming!”is yet a developing story that ending is worth-watching.



Change is Coming!

Change is coming!” is this former mayor’s political slogan who won him into power as the next president of the republic.


CHANGE IS COMING’: Duterte slated to be Philippines’ next president writes Asian Journal, May 10, 2016 by Christina Oriel and posted on Time Magazine. Associated Press (AP), July 01, 2016 reported that “Rodrigo Duterte won the 2016 Philippine presidential election on May 9 promising to kill tens of thousands of criminals, and urging people to kill drug addicts.


Night Falls

Time Magazine’s article “Night Falls in the Philippinesis a creepy cover title on that publication. “Night” could be literal or figurative. The Greek “goddess of the night” is Nyx. And Nyx has a son’s whose name is “Thanatos” i.e.death. Nyx’s parent is named “Chaos,” i.e. Chaos is like Tartarus who is the Greek “god of the abyss” writes Hesiod, 8th century BCE Greek poet.


Tartarus is Tartaroo is a name of a person and a place in the Bible called helland In Hebrew “sheol.” .


2 Peter 2:4, “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell (tartaroo) , and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.”


In the end time, the so-called ultimate “Imperial Cult “ will again be manifested:


Who needs a hero?

Everyone needs a hero. Everyone needs a saviour. But make is sure “he’s the real one!” especially we as Filipinos, dubbed as the “most gullible people” in the whole world today according to 2014 study of Harvard Institute of Socio-Political Progression (HIS-PP). Gullible in Filipino means “easily deceived or duped,” and in salitang-kalye, “tanga” or “hangal” or undiscerning.



On Saviours

Obadiah 1:21 says, “And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S.”


There might be some heroes and gods but they are not God’s. The Lord God Almighty is only our saviour (2 Sam. 22:3; Psalm 106:21; 43:3; ) “Saviour “ in Hebrew “yasha” i.e. “to save, be saved, be delivered, to be liberation.” It is defined as “avenger” by James Strong Dictionary just like that of Greek, mythological goddess of retribution and revenge, Nemesis.


God sent heroes or saviours through to deliver His people from their sins and oppressive state (2 Kings 13:5; Isaiah 19:20) which was also proclaimed by Nehemiah, the governor (Nehemiah 9:27).



Paul’s indignation

Paul displayed tremendous indignation to the unknown God in the city of Athens while he was waiting for Timothy and Silas in Book of Acts 17:16 which says, “Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry.”


The word “stirred” in the Greek “paroxuno” means “to sharpen; to be irritated or provoked and aroused to anger; to exasperate or burn with anger.” It was the Athenian idolatry that roused Paul into raging fire of fits of anger. The worst ever indignation was manifested by the Lord Christ when He saw the Temple of the God was converted into the “den of robbers,” right adfter Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21:13).


Christians, like you and me should display the same holy anger when deities and gods of this world claim themselves as the present “messiahs.”


And I wonder that many Christians and pastors could not discern the manifestation of the Beast which is now in this world. Many support men as “imperial cult” making false promises of redemption. ;



Real, one and only Saviour

Simeon, a devout believer of God when he saw the child Jesus exclaimed, “I have seen salvation” in Luke 2:25-30. Salvation means “defense” ( Greek: soterion


The real Saviour was personified in Christ. Peter referred Christ “Prince and Saviour” in Acts 15:31. “Saviour” in Greek “Soter” means ‘saviour, deliverer.” (6)














Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

In 1987, the MILF refused to accept an offer of semi-autonomy, making it the largest separatist group in the Philippines. The MILF initially declared a Jihad but became more restrained and receptive, especially following claims that it had links to the Abu Sayyaf or Al Qaeda. MILF turned to a national struggle for recognition and self determination and not a part of a world wide Global Jihad. Despite a 2004 cease fire, the MILF was accused of continuing attacks against Philippines army units but MILF denied its responsibility, saying it was the work of Abu Sayyaf fugitives from Indonesia. The MILF is based in Maguindanao province and around Cotabato City. Its main bastion is the Camp Darapanan in Sultan Kudarat town (which is not in Sultan Kudarat province. VideoVideo: 26 May 2016 France 24 Embeds with MILFVideo: 2013 Interview with MILF leader Murad EbrahimVideo: 2009The guerrillas from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), also known as Islamic Liberation Front is an active group formed c. 1984.

    1. Strong Bible Dictionary define “SAVIOUR” as “deliverer, that is God or Christ, the saviour.” It derived from Greek root word, “sozo” (sode-zo) i.e. to save, to keep save and sound; to rescue from danger and destruction or injury or peril.” Other definitions “to make well, heal, restore to health, a Messianic deliverance” according to Thayer.

    2. Nebuchadnezzar

Nebuchadnezzar practices “imperial cult.”

In Daniel 3:1, it says, “Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold …Then the princes, the governors, and captains, the judges, the treasurers, the counsellors, the sheriffs, and all the rulers of the provinces, were gathered together unto the dedication of the image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up; and they stood before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up.”The failure to follow the king’s decree will be thrown into the burning furnace of fire (Dan. 3:6). In his heightened fury against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego for refusing to bow before his image, the king commanded the burning furnace to be heated seven times and to throw the three Jewish servants of the palace (Daniel 3:19-20).

    1. Anti-SOGIE Discrimination Act and Expressions” (ANTI-SOGIE)


Have you heard the above bill?


The approval of the above-mentioned priority bills by the House of Representatives might be the rise of “Imperial Cult” Philippine style in different form. Why? What is spiritually, naturally, ethically and morally wrong, will it be approved as a law? For example: it violates the Constitution on the sanctity of marriage and Filipino family as the basic foundation of the nation.


One these laws will be passed through Third Reading in the Congress and be signed by the president, violating of such laws will entails prosecution and imprisonment because it will be a penalized violation of laws. Should the Congress amend our Constitution and bring back the death penalty, some criminal cases is punishable by death.


It falls into occultism because blind obedience” is like sorcery as if you are being drugged beyond your normal state of mind.


The word sorcery in Revelation 21:8 is derived from the Greek word “pharmakeus” (pharmacy) which means “one who prepared or used magical remedies; sorcery; as drug (that is spell giving potion); a druggist or poisoner that it a magician or sorcerer. Originally came from the Greek word “pharmakon,” a drug i.e. spell-giving potion.”


When someone succumbed himself to something that is being held against his will due to political pressure that threatens his life and liberty, will it be tantamount to mesmerizing magic, sorcery or witchcraft? It is the same way that early Christians were persecuted, prosecuted and executed when they refused to vow down before Caesar, Nero or Domitian during the great persecution resulting to martyrdom of the saints of the Lord.


I submitted my “Position Paper” to the “Committee on Women’s” since 2014 with over 12,000 signatories from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


That’s ironic. Women’s Committee in the House would level down themselves with the gays and lesbians as if of the same sex?



  • Article II, Section 6, “The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.”

  • Article III, Section 5, “No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights.”

  • Pollard: The Imperial Cult” by Dr. Nigel Pollard, Ph. D. (2011)…Another element in the Roman state religion was what is generally referred to as the imperial cult. This cult regarded emperors and members of their families as gods. On his death, Julius Caesar was officially recognised as a god, the Divine ('Divus') Julius, by the Roman state. And in 29 BC Caesar's adopted son, the first Roman emperor Augustus, allowed the culturally Greek cities of Asia Minor to set up temples to him. This was really the first manifestation of Roman emperor-worship Emperor-worship was a unifying factor in the Roman world, practiced not only by army units spread throughout the empire but also by individuals in the provinces, where there were collective imperial cult centres at places such as Lyons (Gaul), Pergamon (Asia) and (probably) Colchester (Britain).

  • History of Terrorism. g1st-century AD Sicarii Zealots, though some dispute whether the group, which assassinated collaborators with Roman rule in the province of Judea, was in fact terrorist. The first use in English of the term 'terrorism' occurred during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, when the Jacobins, who ruled the revolutionary state, employed violence, including mass executions by guillotine, to compel obedience to the state and intimidate regime enemies according to New York Times dated October 28, 2007 and “Nazi Terror Begins,” United States Holocaust Museum, 20 June 2014

  • The decline of the Ottoman Empire by Ungor


The Ottoman Empire began to lose territory rapidly. In 1821 Greece unilaterally declared

Independence from the Empire, followed in 1875 by Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Moldavia.


After the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, the Ottoman Empire was forced to grant

independence to Serbia, Romania and Montenegro as well as some degree of autonomy

to Bulgaria.


In 1882, Great Britain occupied first Cyprus and then Egypt. The remainder of Ottoman North Africa was lost between 1830 and 1912, as France occupied Algeria in 1830

and Tunisia in 1881, and Italy invaded Libya in 1912.


The Ottoman Armenians made considerable economic progress throughout the 19th century.

The Armenian financial and industrial elite and the urban middle classes and skilled craftsmen

were treated relatively mildly by the Ottoman government. The economic elite financed social

organizations such as schools, hospitals and charities. Armenians became imperial architects, armourers, watchmakers and cabinet makers; they were responsible for the Imperial Mint, the cannon and shipbuilding industries, and they dominated trade. Armenian businesses based in Istanbul successfully branched out to European cities such as Marseille and Manchester. As a result of this renaissance the Armenian elite gained economic power, although no political power.



Looting from Armenian Genocide 1915

The Armenian genocide represents one of the foremost examples of asset transfer – economic dispossession – in modern history. The Young Turk government passed new laws providing for the annexation of Armenian businesses and trades. On 10 June 1915, the government passed a law establishing the Abandoned Property Commission (Emval-ı Metruke Komisyonu) which was tasked with organising the daily carrying out of seizures. This was a full-frontal attack on the Armenian economy, as all Armenian property was now officially transferred to the state “ wrote Ugur Umit UngorThe Armenian Genocide, 1915.”



Armenian economic superiority

Of the 166 Ottoman importers, 141 were Armenian and 13 Turkish.

Of the 9,800 shopkeepers and craftsmen, 6,800 were Armenian and 2,550 were Turkish.

Of the 150 exporters, 127 were Armenian and 23 Turkish.

Of the 153 industrialists, 130 were Armenian and 20 were Turkish.

Of the 37 bankers throughout the country, no fewer than 32 were Armenian.


(Source: By Krikor Zohrab, Armenian parliamentarian and writer, 1913 according to Ugur Umit Ungor,








Destruction of Ottoman Armenian

By Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute



Another important aspect of the destruction of the Ottoman Armenians was the forced loss of identity. Women and children had to renounce their Christian faith and convert to Islam, as part of a large-scale attack on Armenian culture. Numerous women and children were abducted during the deportations and forced to convert. In cities like Konya and Beirut, Armenian children were placed in huge Muslim orphanages where they were given Turkish names and were only allowed to speak Turkish. As a result, many forgot their Armenian identity. The abductions and conversions were aimed at marginalising the Armenians and eradicating their culture and collective identity.


Finally, the material culture of the Armenians was obliterated. The Young Turks damaged and destroyed Armenian churches and removed Armenian inscriptions from buildings. This destruction was aimed at eliminating all traces of Armenian cultural and religious life from the Ottoman Armenian orphans collected in the desert of Der el-Zor


In 1919, (that was when genocide against Armenian started in Sivas, Central Anatolia or Turkey, from Akincilar is based as present), many medieval Armenian monasteries, such as Narekavank, Varakavank, Arakelots Vank, Surp Garabed and Surp Khach were demolished by the Young Turk regime.


The destruction served a dual purpose: it made it appear that the Armenians had never existed, while ensuring that survivors, if any, had nothing to return to.



(Remember that Ishtar is hailed from “place of no return.” Ishtar is the ancient god of Babylonia and Assyria is the goddess of the underworld according to the Library of Alexandria.


Ishtar is called as “hell” in Deuteronomy 32:22. Hell is from Hebrew word “sheol” meaning “a place of no return:” or the abode of the dead.” And “Thanatos,” is the Greek “goddess of the dead” according to Revelation 1:18.


In the Philippine scenario we have such same sounding name. Remember the place where the SAF-PNP were mercilessly massacred and some dead bodies were even mutilated by the joint-forced of MILF (a proponent of BBL, a priority bill of the present administration and the House Speaker) and the disgruntled BIFF break-away members of MILF and MNLF)? That place in Mamasapano is called, “the bridge of no return.” Will this be a sort of Imperial Cult especially the government is spearheading the said BBL as a bill in the name of religion called “Bangsamoro,” which refers to



  1. Should BBL becomes a law, will this constitutes a sort of Imperial Cult?

  2. Is it the present impeachment against the Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Serene is political motivated like “imperial cult” in preparation for the BBL? Will the present CJ will be replaced by the present administration personal appointee to give a “friendly judiciary” that will favour to BBL and to declare it “constitutional?”

  3. Consider the said BBL and my several arguments:



  1. Is Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is creating a religious, “Islamic State within a State?”


Is BBL legislating the creation of Islamic State in the Republic of the Philippines? The words “Wali,” “Hajj” and “Umrah” are included in the drafting of the said bill. The word, “wali” is quoted by Prophet Mohammed under Sura in Koran.


The drafting of BBL Art. V, Sec. 3 (26) connotes religion or Islamic belief under

exclusivity of power” of the powers of government of Bangsamoro? .


Is the preamble of Bangsamoro Basic violates the Philippine Constitution; Art. I, Sec. 6, the “Separation of the State and the Church? ” Preamble of Bangsamoro Basic Law states that (excerpts),


We, the Bangsamoro people and other inhabitants of Bangsamoro, imploring the aid of Almighty God, aspiring to establish an enduring peace on the basis of jusrice in our communities and a justly balanced society, and asserting our right to conserve and develop our patrimony; In consonance with the Constitution and the universally accepted principles of human rights, liberty, justice, democracy and the norms and standards of international law, reflective of our systems of life prescribed by our faith, and in harmony with our customary laws, cultures and traditions…”



BBL is based on faith-system or religion. Bangsamoro Basic Law, Preamble states that, “In consonance with the Constitution… reflective of our systems of life prescribed by our faithFaith is defined as confidence or trust in a person, thing, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, as well as confidence based on some degree of warrant (Reference

Plantinga, Alvin (January 27, 2000). Warranted Christian Belief. USA: Oxford University Press. pp. 169–199. ISBN 978-0195131925; Boa, Kenneth (March 1, 2006). Faith Has Its Reasons: Integrative Approaches to Defending the Christian Faith. USA: IVP Books. pp. 251–255. ISBN 978-0830856480).




Philippine Constitution provides that there is a “Separation of the State and the Church,” (Art. I, Sec. 6 as State Principles) And that is “inviolable although Art. III, Sec.5,


No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights.”



  1. Will the Congress once the said bill will be enacted automatically creates an official religion which is Islamic?


In BBL, Article VIII – WALI, Section 1. “Titular Head of the Bangsamoro – There shall be a Wali who shall be the titular head of the Bangsamoro,”



Wali: Walī Arabic word meaning "custodian", "protector", "helper", etc. "Wali" is someone who has "Walayah" (authority or guardianship) over somebody else. For example, in fiqh, a father is wali of his children especially for his daughters in marriage.


In Islam, the phrase, walī allāh can be used to denote one vested with the "authority of God": Only Allah is your Wali and His Messenger and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor-rate while they bow. —Quran, sura 5 (Al-Ma'ida).


In English, wali most often means a Muslim saint or holy person. It should not be confused with the different word wāli which is an administrative title that means magistrate and is still used today in some Muslim countries, such as the Wali of Swat. ( References: Robert K. Barnhart, ed. (1988). Chambers Dictionary of Etymology. New York: Chambers Harrap Publishers. p. 1146. ISBN 0-550-14230-4; ""-ar" Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary". Meriam Webster. 2008. Retrieved 2008-06-25) .






BBL “Bansamoro Identity” violates human rights and assails freedom of self-identity. “Bangsamoro Identity” is dictatorial and oppressive because of the term used “ascription.”


Article III, Section 1. “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.” Sec. 1. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses.”


BBL Sec. II, “Bangsamoro Identity” automatically imposes the citizenship of anyone who is under their “territory” either by birth or affinity. BBL Art. V, Powers of the Government, Sec. states that. Reserved Powers. – Reserved powers are matters over which authority and jurisdiction are retained by the Central Government. The Central Government shall exercise the following reserved powers – 1. Defense and external security; 2. Foreign policy; 3. Coinage and monetary policy; 4. Postal service; 5. Citizenship and naturalization.


It is worth pointing at the BBL’s “Basic Law” is merely transitory but once become a law supercedes, annuls, or replaces the existing Constitution thus making “Central Government of the Republic of the Philippines null and void.


With that, Bangsamoro Identify is therefore perpetual i.e. Islamization of the whole Philippines which is a violation of freedom of choice and religion under Philippine Constitution Art. III, Sec. 5 that says:


The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights.”


Freedom of religion cannot be legislated nor to be dictated. It is ingrained from one’s personal conviction and free-will.


The creation of BBL detrimental to human rights and freedom of choice and religion. Human rights will be violated because the bill gives “religious preference.” BBL Identity used the word “ascription” which means “arbitrary” i.e. dictatorial, tyrannical and/or ruling by absolute authority,” as defined by Merriam-Webster. The said bill assails the bulwark of democracy enshrined in the Philippine Constitution.




Imperial Cult

(The Roman Period)

Reads from a graffiti inside the Efez (Ephesus) Museum

June 15, 2017 (Thursday): 12:01 PM


Imperial cult was established in the Roman Period in order to form and secure the unity. Imperial cult temples were supervised by the head priests called archihiereus. Quadrennially, semi-religious games were conducted in different provinces in the name of the emperor where gladiator games concerning the imperial cult were held and also wild animal fought.


Like the other many cities in Asia Minor, temples dedicated to the Roman emperors were built in Ephesus too. The permission granted was considered a great honour and privilege becoming a race for prestige among the cities. Ephesus, where most of the monumental buildings are from the Roman Period, was named neokoros (having the right to build a temple dedicated to the emperor) four times hence outclassing other important cities such as Samos, Pergamum and Smyrna.

Ephesus gained its first neokoros title during the reign of Domitian (81-96 AD). When the emperor died and decision was made to erase his name (damnatio memoriae), the city was about to lose her neokoros title. Yet with the wise act the temple was dedicated to Vespasian, the deceased and consecrated father of the emperor hence the name kept.


Ephesus was given the neokoros title again when Hadrian (117-138 AD) visited the city in 128 AD bearing the forename Zeus Olympios. When Caracalla became the emperor together with his brother Geta (209-211 AD), the city gained its third neokoros title. After killing his brother Geta, in the letter he wrote to the Ephesians in 1212 AD, Caracalla disclaimed his right in favour of Artemis. Once again the tile was lost until regained in the name of the emperor Elagabalus (218-222 AD). Ephesus gained its fourth neokoros titled by the temple dedicated to the emperor Valerian (253-260 AD).




Peps Kho June 16, 2017 Diary

Ephesus, Turkey time




At around 9:30 PM, when our domestic flight from Izmir is about to take off to Istanbul, a word "wind" suddenly appeared in a vision.


We left Istanbul at 1:30 AM, Friday 16th June. And We arrived at NAIA on the same day at 5:20 P.M. I saw in our Turkish Flight TV monitor a news that says,


"D-8,$3.7Trillion powerhouse, marks 20" as reported by Dilara Zongin from Ankara, Turkey...On JUne 15, 2017, the D-8 was launched after Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan proposed a creation of an economic group consisting of 8 emerging economies from the Muslim world. Alongside with Turkey, Indonesia, Bangaladesh, Egypt, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria and Pakistan created an organization based in Istanbul. today it has acombined GDP of $3.7-Trillion and includes more than 1 billion people - around 15% of the world's population. Two of its meebrs - Turkey and Indonesia - are amog the group of the 20 biggest economies in the world."



The creation of "D-8" was surprisingly the very day when we prayed at the ruins of 7th A.D. St. John's Church in Ephesus, Turkey from 12:30 P.M. fronting Eisa Bay Mosque (Jesus us Lord Mosque).



What is the relation of the so-called "D-8" which was recently organized Muslim Group in this former 7th-18th Century Ottoman Empire that raised up the world's fastest religious Islamic faith covering nearly all over the earth from Asia Minor, Europe and Africa that caused a great set-back and decline to Christianity?


It is worth -noted here that it was during the reign of Sultan Suleimah the Magnificent that displaced the Byzantine Period under its first Christian Roman Emperor Constantine that declared the Christianity as the Roman's official and state religion? Traditions and history tells that during the Ottoman Empire that Christian martyrdom took place in Asia Minor when Constantine was martyred as well as putting into exile, John the Beloved in the island of Patmos in Greece where he received the Revelations of the End-Time Events to the Seven Churches of Asia.

What then is
"D-8" relations with the forthcoming global economies that will soon rise to the coming of the beast in Revelation 3:15-18?


"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. " - Rev. 3:15-18


Geopolitics is not merely about political maneuvering on geographical areas or locations that pertain to governance. How to play the economy of the world is always considered the "bloodbline of nation". Whoever controls the purse,controls the world including the religion and the faith-based systems globally that may raise up the beast as the Scriptures have foretold.


It is a matter of understanding how we face the fierce challenges that beset us as a Church and as Christians... As John the Beloved warns, "He who have ears, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches."




God bless the Philippines and the whole world whom Christ has redeemed by His most precious blood.



Guns, goons and gold

By Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:30:00 02/16/2009


BEFORE elections, there’s a noticeable increase in bank robberies and an escalation in instances of general mayhem, from snatchings to drug deals gone sour.


The lifeblood of politics being money, which serves as the great leveler (all obstacles can be overcome by piling on the cash), and the traditional source of campaign contributions, businessmen, being in short supply, candidates have to find alternative sources of funding for their campaigns. Essentially, as Filipino businessmen have discovered they can go on vacation during the campaign season, and thus avoid having to donate money to politicians, the more enterprising among our politicians have taken to raising campaign funds by means of robberies or accepting funds from gambling lords and drug dealers.

This was explained to me by professor (and administration acolyte) Alex Magno, who told me in 2007 that the reason businessmen can afford to ignore and actually evade the politicians



Temple of Trajan

Turkish Archaeological News dated February 28, 2017


The Temple of Trajan, also called Trajaneum, is one of the most spectacular structures in Pergamon's Upper Acropolis area. It is also the only Roman monument in this location.

The construction of the temple was initiated under the Roman emperor Trajan (hence its name) and completed by his successor Hadrian. The purpose of the temple was to provide a venue for the religious cult of both rulers as well as Zeus. Since Hellenistic times, the worship of rulers as gods had become customary in Asia Minor. As the monument of Roman domination, the Trajaneum's purpose was to strengthen the bonds of Pergamon with Rome and with the Imperial family. The Trajaneum's position, dominating the summit, was a propaganda statement concerning who was the ruler of the city and the province. The Temple of Trajan was the fourth imperial cult temple to be built in the province of Asia.

C. E.Fant: Trajan

According to Clyde E. Fant, the Temple of Trajan or Trajaneum is a reconstructed remains you can see from the arsenals and it is the only truly Roman building on the acropolis.


The temple of Trajan was begun during the reign off Trajan (r/ 98-117_) and completed during the reign of Hadrian (r.117-138). Both of the emperors were worshipped in the temple, as is evidence by remains (heads, fragments of other body parts) of colossal statues of the two emperors that excavators found in the ruins of the temple.


The temple was also dedicated to Zeus and contained a large seated statue fo Zeus.




In the beginning of the contest with Britain when were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for Divine protections. Our prayers, Sir, were heard … I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth, ‘That God governs the affairs of man….I therefore beg leave to move that, henceforth, prayers imploring the assistance of Heaven and its blessing on our deliberation be held in this assembly every morning – before we proceed to business – Benjamin Franklin, 1709-1790, last spoken message to the Constitutional Convention directing his comments to George Washington.


The use of a device for self-government which I myself have used, with the blessings of God – B. Franklin


God’s plan was never for one man to rule another, but to serve one another, to love another – B. Franklin


People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people, - Movie, “Vendetta”


The pre-requisite of a republic is a people who, individually, can govern themselves. My project, The Society of the Free and Easy… the first requirement of membership in the secret society : That there is one God, who made all things. That he governs the world by His providence. That He ought to be worshiped by adoration, prayer and thanksgiving. But that the most acceptable service of God is doing good to others. That the soul is immoral. And that God will certainly reward and punish the vice, either here or hereafter – B. Franklin speech read by James Wilson, Philadelphia, March 1790.


I’m just not qualified. You’re mistaking celebrity for credibility,” said actor Martin Sheen when he was approached by Democratic Party to run for US senator slate when he left the role of US president in TV series West Wing, New York Times reported. 4/26/06


My one consuming desire is to see the country return to a state or normalcy where all can live a morally upright life, and one does not have to be a part of a power structure to the respect he deserves – Kit Tatad letter to Erap dated Jan 15, 2007 published by Star dated 1-29-07


The essentials are sufficient food, sufficient troops and the confidence of the people – Confucius


The power of the government is the power to get things done – Pres. Theodore Roosevelt


Politics in this country is family business – Bobit Avila, Star, 1-31-07


It is impossible to govern, to any people or government should ever prosper, where men render not unto God, that which of God’s – William Penn, drafter, 1st Constitution, Pennsylvania


People should not be afraid to their governments, governments should be afraid of their people – Movie, Vendetta”


We must not kill democracy under the pretext of protecting the state … I acknowledge the right of the state to defend itself, but we should also remember that the state exists to defend the rights of the individuals – Sen. Loren Legarda on review of HAS/ Star/ 8-05-07


I would rather run the Philippines like hell rather than run by the Americans as heaven. - Manuel L. Quezon


Governments are considered the mirror of a nation – Lucca Fazzi, University of Trent, Nov. 3-4, 2007, Movement for Unity in Politics International Congress; Loppiano, Italty





Governing is a moral task – Vice Gov. Marlyn Primicias -Agabas, VFCI Annual Assembly, Saigon Restaurant, Urdaneta, 6-17-09



The Filipinos cannot govern the country without the support of some strong nation … And they would certainly abuse such a privilege (self-government) – Anti- Imperialist League


See History


Being in government is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game ad stupid enough to think it’s important – Eugene Mac Carthy



Tartarus in the Bible

2 Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.”


The word “hell” in Greek is :”tartaroo” i.e. the name of the suybterranean region, doleful and dark, regarded by the ancient Greeks as the abode of the wicked dead, where they suffer punishment for their evil; deeds; it answers to Gehenna to the Jews; to thruist down to Tartaruss’ to hold captive in Tartarus. Strong define tartartos as the abyss or Hades; to incarcerate in eternal torment; cast down to hell.



Why CIA Created the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines



.But mostly, the country’s gold bullion were kept in secret locations which some of them later on were lent by the Maharlikan Royal Family to the Western established “republic” for the creation of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and to the British Crown. During the bullion delivery to the British Crown, a member of the Maharlikan Royal Family was assassinated via poison cup. The British oligarchy also infiltrated the Maharlikan Royalty through marriage with an Overbeck.


When American Special Forces “kidnapped” deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and forcibly exiled in Hawaii via Guam, the Marcos family was carrying with them at least 22 large crates of “currency.”



Philippines Sues To Get Cash Crates From Marcos Luggage

March 04, 1986|By Anne Keegan, Chicago Tribune.

HONOLULU — The new Philippine government filed suit Monday for the return of 22 crates brought to Hawaii by deposed President Ferdinand Marcos, which U.S. officials admit contain Philippine currency.


The crates were flown to Honolulu on a U.S. C-141 cargo plane soon after Marcos and his entourage fled the country.


Attorney C. Michael Hare, representing the Philippine Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Philippines, filed suit against Marcos Monday in federal District Court here seeking the return of the contents of the crates. He also asked for a temporary injunction preventing Marcos and anyone in his party from having access to the crates or their contents. He contended the cargo was illegally taken out of the Philippines when Marcos fled.


Until now, this 22 crates of “currency” weren’t returned to the Philippine government after several formal requests of succeeding governments. In fact, the 720,000 metric tons of pure gold kept in our Central Bank are not there anymore. It’s been sent to the Vatican for “safekeeping,” during the time of the CIA-Vatican installed 1st Aquino presidency in 1986.


Since then, CIA agents assigned in Southern Philippines were posing as “treasure hunters” when caught and suspected by authorities as the ones planting bombs. The authorities might not have realized that these CIA agents were both terrorists and treasure hunters all at the same time. They were using terror bombings to justify the US military presence in the target area, where they could operate and maneuver for gold extractions later on. The same technique is also used during US military “humanitarian” search and rescue operations after “natural disasters” were inflicted in to the country.



Weather Weapons are Real, They Have a Treaty to Regulate Them



U.S. Attacked the Philippines with HAARP

Just recently, we have seen how this country’s sovereign gold bullion were smuggled out systematically with the cooperation of the conscripted Liberal Party stalwarts, and notice how the mainstream media is deafeningly silent about the whole issue. Are they all insensitive to the poverty of many Maharlikans in this country?



3,500 Ton Philippine Gold Bars Unlawfully Shipped Out, But for Whose Benefit?

Or, are they all afraid of the possible reprisal from the oldest group of assassins in history?


Jesuits Are Satanic Templar Knights of Babylon

The Rothschilds are Jesuits

All in all, the US government has yet to return both the Chinese historical gold, and that of the Philippines, too. What is very interesting as far as the Philippine gold is concerned is that, every time it moves, some portions of it just disappear through the cracks until the remaining 400,000 tons could not be accounted for properly.



View this document on Scribd

So, when China’s Xi Jinping told Duterte about the unpaid debt of the West, the former was not just talking about the dollar denominated bonds, which China is holding right now, but the much bigger bulk of the Global Collateral Accounts being lent to the West some 80 years ago.


The United States is, of course, under the control of the Nazis who created the CIA, and the Nazis, in turn, are organized by the Jesuits controlling the Vatican church and bank, and the British Crown.



hitler and catholic papal nuncio

Hitler and Catholic Papal Nuncio


Hitler and Cardinal


Heil, Hitler!

Duterte and China’s leadership must never be allowed to peacefully engage with one another.

But they already are, and both Xi Jinping and Rodrigo Duterte are enjoying fresh mandates from their peoples, which means that they will have plenty of time to share notes in the foreseeable future. Surely, Xi’s standing invitation for Duterte to attend the One Belt, One Road Summit in May 2017 is not just about administrative geopolitics.


This is the real reason why, after prodding Duterte to run for the presidency, former president, CIA Amboy Ramos is now writing anti-Duterte articles in one of the Manila broadsheets, without taking into account the massive changes that his presidency has already brought to the fore in just a short span of time.


Instead, the godfather of all 5th Columnists in this country is focusing mainly on Duterte’s foul mouth which is objectively producing tangible results in the realm of his war on narcopolitics, countryside economy, government corruptions, and even in the geopolitical spectrum — some things that he himself was not able to do during his stolen presidential term [from the late Sen. Miriam Santiago].


Ramos wrongfully thought that he could control Duterte to just focus more on domestic criminality alone. Well, it looks like Duterte is the one teaching the retiree how to govern properly.





Former president Fidel V. Ramos flanked by Sen. Cayetano and President Duterte

The local 5th Columnists are taking their cue from the Western Deep State that is wielding great power over the CIA, US State Department, the unelected EU parliamentarians, the corporate Criminal Courts, e.g. ICC, ICJ, and the mainstream media.


There must a parallel effort to get rid of unsolicited influence and deliberate interference into our domestic affairs by non-state actors, as well as those coming from these deeply embedded 5th Columnists in the country today.


The next five and a half years should be very dangerously exciting for the two camps, i.e. Dutertes’s PDP and Manila Oligarchy’s Liberal Party.


This is not to mention the possibility that, should Hillary Clinton win the election in November, the US destabilization efforts in Asia will increase substantially.


According to the former Secretary of State “the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.”


The ‘Pivot to Asia’ should be understood within this backdrop. One by one, Asia Pacific nations are seeing no economic value in being allied to the United States, and they are opting out of the US geo-economic and geopolitical orbits. The Philippines — once penciled as a military anchor of the US pivot — has peremptorily aligned itself with China despite the lingering maritime disputes between them,” the researcher explained.